Friday, May 6, 2011


Amazing is the fact the ship has internet hook-up. We only get 24 hours. And... yeah. I'm using Brennon's laptop that he brough even though he wasn't supposed to. but he needs it because his work is mean and nasty and he has to send in a few reports while we're out.

I realized yesterday tha Taben, when moveing and deleting messages from my journal deleted his lated one. I lol at him. Goof.

Anyways, Taben's going to be posting to his journal from now on. He's removed and transfered his posts to his journal.. I figured he needed some love is all.

I'm getting angry eyes from Brennon. He shouldn't have brought the lappy. ;p

Oh, and asking the crew to alert me when we enter the Bermuda Triangle? I think that was the most amusing and shocked looked I had ever seen on anyone's face. "Don't tell other passengers' they said. Apparently people spaz when they know. At least they are kind enough to alert me. I just need to not be caught tossing bottles over the side of the ship now. Brennon, being the wonderful loving husband he is, prepped everything while I was out with Da. It's great really. Time to relax and attemtpt to forget everything. You probably won't see me for a few weeks. I'll check in when I've dropped the bottles but otherwise. See ya all in a few weeks!


  1. See ya! Have fun!

    ~ Casey & Branwen

  2. Is gonna be so quiet here now D:

  3. If you're ship sinks leave Aiden, okay Brennon? Self Preservation.