Monday, May 2, 2011


Forgot to add this in... so I worked to get in here again while I had time. Not gonna say where I am or I'd have people come hunting for me. But Frap? If you're reading this, and you're still at the house, do what you can to keep everyone under control. I'll be fine. They need to trust that. Maybe you can smack 'em around a bit and keep them in line. I'll be back in a day or two. Swear it. Sorry to be asking it of you, I know we don't know one another all too well but I do appreciate you being there for our special day... even if it went to hell in a handbasket. But it really meant a lot that you were there. I think you can keep a better control on your emotions so that's why I ask you this. Brennon's pretty good at being stable. He's got a good head on his shoulders. He's smart, it's Taben I'm worried about. He'll kill me for saying this but he's still emotionally all female. So he looses it quicker. Gods know I knove him to bits but he's the least table minded of us all. So.. yeah. Tie him down if you have to.

Anyways. That's all. Really going to get back to work. Da says night time is better for practice. So... let's see how tonight's training goes.


  1. You're asking ME to keep everyone stable?

    Yeah, I'll make sure everyone's alright. Stay safe, Aiden, don't go crazy.

  2. Trust me. Brennon's gonna end up needing your help with Sam, Dean and Taben. Not sure who else is still there...

    Also, I suggest you convince Taben to start getting his videos uploaded. Especially his latest one. He's gonna loose it.

  3. Be careful with the training, Aiden. I know you have quite a bit you want to learn, but don't overlode yourself.


  4. Eh... apparently Taben was a dope and deleted his update. Ass. I love him though, really I do.

    No worries though. I learned what I needed. Tehre's a lot more I wanted to learn but... whatever. I can at least go into public now without people pointing and screaming 'freak'