Thursday, March 31, 2011


Not posting one of my challenges today. I'm too tired and worn out. Add to this the fact we have It hanging out just outside. He doesn't look too pleased. I think he's considering breaking the truce/safe haven/whatever. I keep calling for Da. I figure it's a matter of time before he shows.

I've given Todd access to post to this blog/edit things where he feels the need to add his own comments in and what have you. Taben also has access to this as well.

I'm also considering getting something that all 13 of us can use to communicate. meaning... crap. there's a butt load of s working together on this end now, aren't there.

Taben, Ryan, Allen, Brennon, Todd, Bran, Sammi, Skyler, Seth, Casey, Ygg, Nill and myself. Did I get everyone? Look like 13 to me. I dunno what use it'd be for a blog like that though. it'd probably become a cluster fuck of activity really quick like. But yeah. And Taben can't get Ry to touch blogs. And Taben' accepted to join in reluctantly. And.. yeah.

Da's here... and... oh gods that sounds again.. they must be fighting again.

I hate hearing those sounds they make when they fight.

Anyways I think that's all. I can't remember if there was anything else. So. Yeah


Ygg was right... not as hard as I made it out to be to do that... but Gods do I ever have a headache now. I think Brennon may be shitting himself with glee. I'm tired headachey and... kinda concerned what will happen when they discover I'm missing from my room....

At the same time I don't give a flying fuck. I'm hope and I'm staying here. Right here in this chari by the computer. I'm a bit pissed. I saw the gorgeous pics Taben got at the park. I missed a nice morning at the park. fuck me six times sideways. I'm gona get him to let me post them.

No, I'm not suicidal. I didn't do that and... I'm not exactly sure what happened. Last think I remembr is being in mental break down mode with everyone cursing at me and being pissed at me. My stister screaming at me over the phone and.. I left. went to the woods to find Da. wanted to do some practicing couldn't find Da. tripped fell got pissed at the root I tripped over. realized I wasn't making foot prints gtot pissed and cursed at that. it got dark  couldn't tell one direction from the other then i noticed i was past the property markers. Then I noticed It.  that's the last thing I really reember.. one of Its arms wrapping aroudnd my neck and picking me up. Next thing I know I'm waking up in the hospital psychward. Great.

Brennon's talking about trying to interview Da. I... really just want to relax...

Oh fuck you Todd what the fuck are you doing here? Nevr allowed to relax am I?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Da, you suck for fucking up my pictures.

This is the only one that came out... but... this is what it looks like... well if you can tell cause it's the fucking tree tops >-<

This is what it looks like today

Fo refernce here's a picture Taben took the other day. this is just a bit down the street by where they used to live.

Sunny, blue sky. Warm. Green grass.

Yeah, that's Ohio for you. Oh and Allen's pitching a fit right now wanting to go play with Slendy. Uhm... no.?

Ugh I should see about getting in contact wit Todd and..... right forgot I could do that.  Kinda cold for him to be out there.... Now if I could just gust get the other two in... Why drop them on the doorstep and not in the house?

Ugh... I swear... kids. There's lots of good nommy food in here you two... come in anytime... doors open.

Oh great what the hell does Da want now. I'm getting sick of this..... I'm also kinda scared how easy it is for me to call Slendy Da....

ugh my back's bothering me again.. gonna have to have Brennon clean and tend my boo-boos tonight when he gets home.

Well... fuck it all...

Yeah, I fucked up again.

I always fuck up. I'm always stupid and compulsive and just fuck!

Ugh this is just all utter bull fucking shit! I can't believe I could be so fuckin stupid!

Oh and you know what? FUCK YOU OHIO!


Someone shoot me now.... please....

10- Devil

And ten for the devil's own sel'.
Micron Pens, Watercolors and Gouache
On Illustration Board
2.5 x 3.5 inches

Pretty self explanatory I'd say. Mr. Jagged tentacles no dick asswipe It Itself.
Fucktard. I hate you.

At least you're one less tentacle right now.... though I'm sure y'all can grow them out when they're removed... I don't know if I ever want to learn how to grow out tentacles. It's kind of a scary thought.

Also another scary thought. It's pretty fucking pointless to lock the doors while Ygg's here. I don't remember anything after my last post. Well I remember my sell ringing and throwing it into one of the boxes in the closet.... so.. sorry sis... I remember waking slightly with Brennon coming home and climbing into bed beside me. I remember Brennon leaving this morning and getting up locking the door then crawling back to bed.

Next thing I know "Aiden? You awake?" And me spazzing the fuck out. Want a quick wake up? Have someone appear at your bedside to wake you up. At least I didn't loose more of my dignity. But I think I either scared him or pissed him off. Sorry bout that man. Next time just... knock?

I have my coffee now... but this headache won't go away. Maybe food. Matter of deciding what to make for breakfast.

No plans for the day. I'm sure Da will come and make some for me. For now I relax and drink my coffee.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

know what?

Fuck that. That was a pain in the god damned ass. At least it's handled now though. Thank the Gods.

And now I'm crashing. I don't think I can stay up any longer. I don't think Ygg heard me come back in so... hiding in the room piling blankets over me and passing out.

night ya'll

9 - Hell

Nine for Hell...
Micron Pens, Watrcolors and Gouache
On Illustration Board.
2.5x 3.5in

Hell. How to define Hell. Oh, I know just the thing.
Last night.

Last night was utter fucking hell. It. Da. It. Da. them fighting. Them getting pissed and growling (that's the only way to explain the sound that i think came from them?) Me wanting the fuck home yadda yadda yadda.

Oh.. hey maybe I should explain what happened. And why I was so pissed. So. We lay down to bed. Brennon's just come home finally. and i'm beat, he's beat. We lay down, cuddle and... well stuff. *ahem* Anyways, as we're... cuddling... I suddenly realize I am quite cold and.... was outside my parent's house. I bang on the door. I'm let in. Candy and Dean are wondering what the hell I'm doing there yadda. Dean lets me use his computer to make the previous post. I tell them to stay the fuck inside and lock the doors when I leave.

I leave. Go to the woods behind their house. I'm shivering. It's like 20 degrees out and.. well remember. I ws cuddling... I'm so fucking humiliated. SO FUCKING HUMILIATED. And there's Slendy standing a bit into the woods.

~I assume this will prove to you that you can not just ignore your lessons? I will bring you to do them when I very well please.~ He says. He looks pretty... well Slendy. But I feel like he's being a pompus ass. He's upset with me. I can tell. I don't care.

"You didn't happen to bring some fucking clothes for me with you, did you?" I spat at him... well as best as I could through chattering teeth. "Or at least send me back. I get your point. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

Instead of sending me back as I was really really hoping. He just holds out some of my clothes. "You should put these on, you might freeze if you do not. We will work on your movement." He drops the clothes and I get dressed.

"One foot in front of the other." I start walking around "See? I'm moving. Can I go home now."

He just stares at me. I know he's glaring. I know he's getting angrier by the second. "Let me see you try."

"I don't even know how." I lean against a tree. I'm not happy. Not happy at all. I'm trying to be ass defiante as possible. I'm not happy. He took me away from time with Brennon. I hadn't had time with Brennon in a while.

"If you continue to act this way I will see to it that you will never reproduce." He said angrily. Of course I'm sitting here staring back at him cause this absolutely makes no sense.

"Did you really just---" He interupts me.

"I'll make it so you cannot use those organs ever again." He crosses his arms and looks at me. He's taken up that stance of a parent that's waiting for a kid to comply to their demands. I sigh.

"Whatever..." I paused... "Kinda brings up the question.... how do you..."

"TRY IT NOW!" That's one thing I never want to hear again. Him screaming at me. Extremly angry raged screaming. So I just take a guess and try. Nothing. It goes on like this for about an hour. Then suddenly It shows up. Out of nowhere. It sees me and starts straight at me like it's going to murder me. I musta done something to piss it off. What I have no idea. Dear ol' Da makes himself useful and intervenes. A... pretty intene fight happens. It's just... there aren't many words for it. It attacks slashes with Its tentackles. Da slashes back. I was just.. reall intense. The whole time there's this god awful screeching/growling/squealing going on that I can only assume is them. Finally It gives out when Slendy pulls off one of It's tendrils. OMG I wish I had died that moment. Ever had a sound make you vomit? Yeah. I did just that when this happened. It just.. disappeared after that.

Ever seen Slendy winded? No? Neither had I... until then. He looked.... hurt. tiered. injured. I... I was actually worried. I approached him as he sat down on one of the fallen trees.

"What was that about?" I'm instinctively circling him trying to see if he has any physical injuries. I'm honest to Gods worried.

"You do not know?" He looked at me questioningly. I just shook my head. "Then we will leave it that way. It is for the best."

"...look..." I say after I see no physical wounds. "Sorry I'm so defiant... I just.... don't want to be like that." I gestured to where It had been during the fight.

"You think that I would want you to be like that one?" He kept his 'gaze' on me. I just rubbed the back og my head. "You need to get to safety. The sun's rising." Next thing I know... I'm at one of the tables outside of college campus.

Then Taben's running up to me and looking me over worried. He tried to send me home but I wouldn't budge. I need to do school and shit. He trid to cnvince me to sleep in the car. I just... no I don't. Right now alll I can think about is the sounds I heard, what I saw... and what the fuck did Da mean by that? What the fuck. What am I to him? To It?

I'm going to pause here. I'll tell you the rest of my day and how it went. I need to take a nap or something. I'm so damned tiered. So mother fucking tiered. Note to yone that may find themelf being mentoered by a paranormal monster. Never ignore them or run off on them when they tell you it's time for class.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Not cool....

You God damned mother fucking asshole this is in now way amusing. I see you standing out there grinning. Well I can't see the fucking grin but I can FEEL it. How fucking fucking DARE YOU! How DARE YOU! YOU ASS!

I'm so fucking pissed right now. Pissed, humiliated and oh my fucking god there are no fucking words EVER AT ALL!!!

And.. thanks to Dean for letting me use his computer...

Take a wild fucking guess what happened.

I'm so fucking pissed. So god damned fucking PISSED!

Asshole. Fucking Mother Fucking ASS!!!

Brennon, if you read this... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Fucking hells.... Well guess I HAVE to obey now eh? Bastard. Fucking bastard.

Yeah, not happy if you can't tell. I'm ranting now. I'm being told to get off before I break the keyboard from mashing the keys in anger.


I have thirteen followers. All be it like six of those are... close to me. but that's besides the point, right?

People are paying attention to me. Gives me a happy emo tear.

That made no sense.

I get to go back to school tomorrow! Yay.

Oh. Right. I'm kinda in school anyways.

I'm still unhappy that Candice and Dean are here now. Big raspberry at them. I try and protect my little siblings and this is what I got. Them getting into this bullshit anyways.

Ugh. I'm really getting sick of Him just appearing in my room and getting me to go out. Mreh. Might as well get more practice in while everyone's occupied. I worry about what'll happen when.... right. I better go. Apparently slapping the back of my head is the only way to get me out of here? How bout asking politely? Bastard.

EDIT: Quickest session EVER. I'm sorry but I'm not going there. No yet, not ever. Just. No.

Well then...

Now that I'm a bit more... informed. And back with a larger headache than I left with...

We went, Taben tagged along wanting to get out of the house while Ry just did his work and crap. So. We made the five minute drive down to Wally World. First thing I see. Ohhh Hoodies! Hoodies are on sale. I love hoodies. can never have enough of 'em.

"Quit being a redlight" Taben says and I'm dragged by him and Ygg away from the clearance rack and to the toy isle and to where these Bey Blade things are. I can't believe I let you talk me into getting one of these... the things I do for friends. I swear. So I grabbed one for myself not really caring what I grab. Oh yeah sure this looks good it's got a dragon on it. I like dragons. I want my hoodies turn to go to my hoodies and let Taben and Ygg peruse and... whack... right into the fucking pole. Who the fuck puts those things in the middle of isles anyways? Seriously? They laughed. Laughed laughed laughed. Bastards. Taben ended up having to drive home. It didn't help my headache. I found me a couple hoodies and they were done picking out their items. I payed we started home. Burger King Drive thru then home. Right? Yeah. So I come up here. My heads' hurting and I'm hoarding my dragon thing because they want to see what one I chose. Put it down my pants cause I doubt either of them will go there.

Now... Now I'm gonna tell you why I have a headache. Dearest Da decided that since I wanted my own proxy he wants me to learn this telepathy and mental shit that I need to communicate with them. So.. fun. I've always been interested in those scifi/fantasy things that have all that telepathy and telekinetic and shit. So yeah this is gonna be fun. We get far into the woods where we can be hidden and work.

Now here's something that you'll only learn from the D&D psionics handbook shit. After you practice and try and work with that shit a bit? It gives you a mother fucking headache like you wouldn't believe! DnD/TSR/Wizards/what have you. they're really onto that shit.  They must have had a secret telepath on their team. or maybe someone that trained under Slendy before or some shit because.. yeah headache. Two hours of that. I don't even know if it works. He wants me to try and make a connection with Fox when he comes around again. I've got an hour and a half break between classes. Taben wants to do the walking path for exercise. I think we can manage this. I'm not doing it without Fox's okay though. I mean from what I've seen with what Slendy showed me when you make that connection you feel/hear their thoughts and everything. And, well yeah. I'm gonna be careful. So yeah. Two hours of me practicing on random birds. "What are they thinking" Most of the birds here are thinking one thing. Sex. Oh did I mention? Yeah, I did. You not only hear you feel. And... Well yeah. I was happy to stop after two hours. He then wanted me to learn about the whole shape shifting aspect. He said I made quick progress with the telepathy. Did I? I don't know. But yeah, the shape shifting? I think I pissed hm off with my inability to understand/concentrate. I mean come on. My head's fucking pounding. He finally just called it quits for the day and left after telling me to practice.

So I came home and then the first part of this happened. And. Yeah. That's about it. I'm tired headachey and I'm gonna scarf down my whopper cause I'm starving too. Brenno said it's a late night for him again. Ugh. Yeah. Maybe I'll put this toy to use and actually learn how this shit works.

Anyways. I'm out. See yas.

Place holder

Place holder for the post that I'll make when we get home and Ygg's sleeping.

Guess I know how to wake up a kid from near sleep. Just say a word that piques his interest.

Ok. I'll update on my lessons when I get back. It was quite... informative....

8- Heaven

Eight is for Heaven...
Micron Pens, Watercolors and Gouache
on Illustration Board
2.5 x 3.5 inches

Heaven. I don't know if it's exactly resting with the Slender Man in the middle of a field. But... well It's better than the alternative. What's the alternative? Hell. You'll see hell tomorrow.

This was done while I felt comfortable with Slendy. I was comfortable, even at ease by him. I guess there was some inkling of an imagination that though, he's benevolent and helpful. he likes us. He's protecting us. No I see why. It all makes fucking sense. So.. yeah. Fuck you Da. I swear upon the roots of Yggdrasil that if you harm any of my friends I WILL find a way to kill you. I don't give a flying fuck if it kills me in the end. At least You'll be fucking dealt with. That goes for you to you crooked tentacled fucking punk! Leave my friends the fuck alone! They're my family! Do NOT TOUCH!

*Ahem* Anyways... I guess I should take a moment to explain how I do these challenge pieces. I'm sure inquiring minds wish to know. I get these pre-cut illustration board pieces sold by Strathmore. They're really handy for this project. Taben's the one that turned me on to them as he does a lot of the Artist Trading Cards. These are handy really. They're small and quick to work with and take a multitude of medias to them. Including my favorite, which is Watercolors (As I'm sure you've seen by now). I use Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolors. They're professional grade, mix nicely and have vivid colors that I want.

I first sketch out the characters and background and scene. I then used a tiny tipped micron pen to do light outlining. then i put a layer of  liquid latex masking over the foreground /subjects then do the background, then remove the mask and do the subjects. I work on multiple cards at a time on and off. I am sometimes inspired by happenings here and sometimes just used what i think of that fits or what I'm 'told'. This here card has been done since Last Wednesday I have up to card #16 done (aside from misfortune, I've not gotten anything to use for that one. I'd rather keep it that way thank you.)  and have the next three in progress of sketching. I'm sure things will slow down for me this week as I got back from college Spring break and work my tail off on class work. Nothing says college student like having four papers that are due within the next month. Bleh.

I'm sorry guys. I'm boring the fuck out of you because I'm a fucking artist nerd that loves talking about his Gods be damned art.

So let's discuss another problem, shall we? It's name is Dean. Dean Joseph Clarke to be exact. My brother. He's found my blog. Who ever fucking showed him the blogs and told us about them this weekend is going to get my foot up their ass. I don't give a flying fuck. This has made this all so much harder than you can ever fucking know. I've got a lot to explain to my siblings. Because you know twins. Close knit. I'm sure it's a matter of time before Candice finds her way over here as well.

I can't hide this from them anymore. I shouldn't have in the first place. We've always been close. But I wanted to protect them. The less they spoke to me the less likely for them to get infected, right? Wrong. Still got infected. Can kids in high schools these days only concentrate on the latest Internet memes? Seriously?

So.. yeah. I'm done ranting and raving. Just needed a chance to vent. And now I've got Dear ol' Da tugging at me. I don't know whee he came from, don't really fucking care. I guess it's time to go out and try and learn... something. I'm gonna be cursed to this existence I might as well put it to used. ....I just got smacked in the back of the head... love you too Da.

I'll catch you all later. Stay safe, eyes open all that crap that doesn't help. ....Got smacked again... maybe some of that stuff does... ouch... ok ok... bye....

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'll be hapy. Happy to get the hell out of here. To start classes again. So restless. I want to get out and just run. Seriously considering walking to the park and just running through the field. It'd be fun.

I feel so helpless... and uncertain. And confused. And restless.

One thing I forgot to mention to Todd. Don't randomly show up at my college in the mask. You might get jumped. or laughed at. You'll fit in well enough with just your hoodie. Alo no appearing in the middle of classes unless it's my first one. Art History is such a load of bull. At lunch breaks Taben and I will walk the loop around the pond. We'll talk to you there. I'll be expecting you to meet up with us.I'm sorry I'm a noob at all f this. I'll get the hang of it just please be patient with me. I hope to be a better... whatevr you'd call me than you had before. Can't bring myself to say master... so don't have to call me that. I'm Aiden. just call me that.

And fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. How do we help Joce. There's got to be a way. Must be a way. Fucking fuck hell Fuck. I want to help. help help help.... How how how. Think think think. FUCK!

I should be able to put to use what I have. I should should should should. But I'm just a helpless thing. A helpless fucking pawn. Fuck fuck fcuk. No I'm not a pawn! I'm me. I'm Aiden.

Thank the Gods next week I start back to classes. I'll have something to do with myself. I'll be able to think. Think think think. Art art art.

What aboyut Ygg? I have to help Yggy. And Bran and Seth. Skyler. She still has Rat stalking her. Can't let Rat get her. Candice and Dean. What about them. Slendy Gods dammit! Gods dammit leave my siblings the fuck out of this!

I want to cry. I want to break down and cry. I want to be normal again. Normal. Normal...

I love you guys. I can't do this. Can't do this. I can't... I want to try and save you all. save save save.


Who's going to save me....?


Ever had a song that... you hear it and it instantly becomes your theme? Yeah, just had one of those moments.

I blame Branwen. She'll instnatly know why when she sees this.

You said if you don't let it out
You're gonna let it eat you away
I'd rather be a cannibal, baby
Animals like me don't talk anyway

Feel like an ambulance
Chase her away
Pray I could replace her
Forget the way her tears taste
Oh, the way her tears taste

Put another 'x' on the calendar
Summer's on it's deathbed
There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends
And I meant everything I said that night
I will come back to life
But only for you
Only for you

Don't wanna call it a second chance
But when I came back, it was more of a relapse
Anticipation's on the other line
And obsession called while you were out
Yeah, it called while you were out

Put another 'x' on the calendar
Summer's on it's deathbed
There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends
And I meant everything I said that night
I will come back to life
But only for you
Only for you

I'll sleep in the hive
I guess all the buzzing got to me
While I'm still alive
At night your body is a symphony
And I'm conducting you

You said if you don't let it out
You're gonna let it eat you away

Put another 'x' on the calendar
Summer's on it's deathbed
There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends
And I meant everything I said that night
I will come back to life
But only for you

Yeah. I'm all jittery and funky and... I'm going for a walk. Something doesn't feel right. something feels wrong. I need out of here for a bit. I'm going for a walk. Yeah. A walk. Walk walk walk walk.


They all left. Well most all of them. I wish they'd have stayed.

Fox, remember your orders. Remember your gods be damned orders man.
Huh... this song kinda fits you too doesn't it. Maybe it's a song for those of us ruled by the Slender family.


Peace out. It's time for me to walk.

And where the fuck did Yggy disappear to? Bastard.

7- Secret

Seven for a Secret, Not to Be told...
Micron Pens and Watercolors
On Illustration Board

Secrets are interesting things. You have them, and you're not supposed to tell them or share them. So I didn't. I held my secret in. Held it in for as long as I could. No one could know. I couldn't tell anyone. No one, no one. Only the crows. The crows know everything.

So, even though my secret is "not to be told" I'm telling you it anyways.

I knew. I knew this was coming. Had an inkling of an idea. Why had Slender turned His interest from Allen to me? Why were It and Slender so interested in me. Then Bran pointed me out to Yggy's blog. And then everything made sense in my mind. I knew.

I knew. But I denied it. Scared, frightened. I couldn't admit to it. I'd loose everyone. I'd loose everyone if I mentioned it. If I told anyone. Then It took me. And Slendy brought me back and all the shit that happened happened. And now. Now I'm happier. I'm more willing to think on this.

When I had the inkling. I started to think on how I could use this to my advantage. What could I do. How could I protect my loved ones and friends. There had to be a way. I've started towards that now.

See, my property is a safe haven. No one can be hurt by Slendy or It while they are here and within our property bounds. Slendy and It can come onto the property, but they cannot hurt anyone. It's a safe haven. So. What if Our home was used to help other Runners. People running from Slendy or It or whatever the fuck is after them. This is a safe haven from that shit.

We have the resources. We could do this. But.. we have to get the word out. How do we spread the word that this is a safe house for runners. Are people going to want to even come here if they know that Slendy still will show up? Do they want to be here even though I'm some amalgamation of the things they fear and are running from?

I want to help. But in the end. People are going to want to kill me. People like Zero. Though right now Zero wants to kill everyone. I'm going to get runners that may use this against me. They'll kill me. I want to help. How can I help? Help me hep the Runners. They need hope. And frankly... as much as I have friends and family coming here... The house always feels full of hope. Look at the people that are here. Bran, Seth Skyler. Ygg, Candy, Dean. Brennon, Taben. Ryan and Allen. All these people are here. And they are happy and they feel safe. These people would not be here if they didn't feel safe.

So.. there it is. Maybe that's all they need to see.

Trick Question

How do you hide seven people?

You don't! Expecially when one of them is extremely curious about what's going on and why Aiden's screaming curse words at the top of his voice.

So Brennon says "Uh... Aiden? Candy and Dean just pulled in."

And I spazzed. After those dreams after all those fucking dreams! I shuld have known should have fucking known!

Anyways here's how it went.

Me: I open the door " this was un expected"

Candy: "You've always said..."
Dean: "...we can drop by any time."

Me: "Yeah, but I said call first."

Candy: "We did"
Dean: "The phone was busy"
Candy: "So we figured you're home"

Me: "Phone was busy...? I haven--"

Candy: "Who's the kid?"
Dean: "You open up an orphanage?"

Me: I turn around and Ygg's there. "He's a... well I finally signed up for that big brothers program thing. Thought it'd be cool to have him over for the party."

Candy: "Party?"
Dean: "Why weren't we invited?"

Me: "I'm sorry I thought you'd be busy."

Candy: "Aiden, what the hell is going on?"
Dean: "You know we're never busy. We've missed you. We hardly hear from you."
Candy: "You haven't been down to visit in weeks."
Dean: "Last we heard was wen Brennon called and told us you were in the hospital."
Candy: "We've all been really worried."
Dean: "And now you're an ass and don't want to invite us to a party?"

Me: I hate when they gang up on me like this. And just for refernce. They're twins. They always take turns talking like this. "Columbus is pretty far away it's a long drive."

Candy: "You're our brother."
Dean: "Yeah, we miss you. Can we stay?"

Me: I sigh. I can't say no. "Yeah, yeah that's fine. Guess I should make introductions to everyone." I look at Ygg and tell him to get everyone upstairs. It's late, I'm amazed that people are so up and excited and active still. I get through the list of introductions. Then get to Fox. "This... this is... uh... Fox."

Candy: "...why is he wearing that silly mask? It's so cute!"
Dean: "Oh! is he one of your furry friends and stuff? Sweet! Are you guys having a sex party...
Candy: "Yiff party.."
Dean: "Right! tThat's what it's called!"

Me: "What the fuck?!" I scream. "What the hell you asses, you know that We're not that bad.. Fuckers. Don't even joke about that." Yeah, I'm pretty pissd, even thouh I know they're just teasing. I am NOT into that crap.

They joke get aquainted with everyone and I sit at the table to work on my challenge stuff. That's all I've been inspired to do lately. We chatter n for a bit. I'm still very uneasy that they're here with all that's going on. As far as I know they're not 'infected'  And I don't want them to be. I eventually realized working on the challenge peices in front of them wouldn't help so I hid them. We just relaxed chattered. people got tiered I showed people to their rooms or places to sleep. Then... then th shit hits the fan. Well. Kinda. Allen comes down woken by the commotion. Not anything different than what would normally happen. Except clutched in his arms is his Slender Plush.

Allen: "I'm thirsty." I'm trying not to panic hoping they ask no questions aboyut the doll and go and get Allen his drink. I come back out and see Dean's pale as can be and watching Allen

Me: "You alright, bro? You're all white."

Dean: "The doll...."
Candy: "Ignore him. He's been paranid since he watched these videos with some monster thing that looks similar. Says he's been seeing it standing out in the woods watching.
Dean: "Shut up Candice! I tell you I've been seeing Him. I know what I've seen. The Slender Man." Not... what I wanted to hear. But I try and put it off.

Me: "Videos? Slender Man?"

Allen: "Slender Man's my friend!" He must have heard us and come from the dining area and holds up the doll "See? He's my friend!" My turn to go pale. Dean looks to Allen then to me. Candice looks completly confused and uncertain.

Me: "Allen go up to bed please." I know things are going to get... prickly. I don't even know what the hell to say to them. I just look at Dean and he seems to make the connection.

Candy: "What.. what's wrong? You guys are creeping me..." And then she screams. screams bloody murder. I don't know what it is but then see the look on Deans face and turn around. There's Slendy. Standing in the doorway.

Dean: "That's a pretty sick costume, looks like the--"

Me: "Gods dammit! Get the fuck out of here!" I'm screaming at Slendy now. "Leave them alone! Gods dammit please just--"

Candy: She's stopped screaming and is just staring now.
Dean: ...."Is that.. really... Him..."

Slendy nods. Then summons out his tendrils as though to prove he's real. Dean jumps. Candice gasps. I hadn't realized everyone had come downstairs/upstairs at the screams and now everyone's kinda making noises and spooking out a bit because. You know. Slendy's in the house. ...that just sounded so corny and makes
me giggle at the same time. Takes away from the tension and spookiness of what was really going on.

I just sigh at this point. "Remembr the agreement" Is all I said to him and looked at evryone else. "We've made an agrement. Our house is a safe haven. Slendy and It cannot harm anyone while inside this houe or within it's property lines."

Dean: "It? You mean there's more than one of these things?"

Me: "Yeah... Slendy here's the nicer of them. You don't want to meet It."

Candy: She starts blaberig and sobbing and apologizing to Dean. Bran, Gods bless her soul comes over to try and calm her down.

Dean: "So... everyone in this house... is someone that's going to die from them... it's a runner's party." He seemed to take this in and then looks at me and puches my arm "Now I'm even more pissed you didn't invite me!"

And.. somehow.. after that I knew it was all gonna be alright.

I hope that gut instinc is right.

Anyways time to feed the mobs. Full course breakfast meal go!
Eggs, Bacon, sausage, pancakes, oatmeal, sereal fruit what hav you. I don't know much about Lent but I tried to include stuff I thought Bran could eat. I don't know what she gave up. I just know nothing about that holiday. I'm sorry.

Ok. breakfast time! See ya'll later!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can't sleep.... something will eat me...

Like nightmares.. from stuffing myself with so much pizza.

Hope you're alright Frap and Astrid. We want to help. We want to send Fox in, but I don't want to do so until we get the go ahead. He seems... confident. I honestly think he kinda wants to show everyone else he's trustable as well. After all the hell he's put them through and stuff.

He's a likable guy. He needs to eat though ::glares in Fox's direction::

I forget what I was saying. Sorry guys I'm so out of it. Not used to being up this late. haven't remained up this late since new years even when we had that marathon of youtube and... and...

wow... back to our roots there, eh? To think it went from that to this. In just three months. Funny how things change and.. and...

....well shit... my brother and sister just showed up... this is... this is gonna be.... well... fuck.

fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. Yeah this is going to be fun.

Did I say fuck? Because god damned FUCK!

My good deed for.. like forever.

So remember that run in I had with the Dark One this morning? Yeah, I had hoped to see him cause.. well I had plans. I wanted this to be a completely surprise for Branwen so. Yeah. Here's how this morning went.

Me: I step outside close the door behind me and  move to the side where I can't be seen/heard by anyone inside. "We'll talk over here if you don't mind."

It: Follows me seemingly reluctantly but does so. "I want the hatchling."

Me: "How about... no? He's in my house under my protection right now. Keep your grubby jagged tendrils off of him. Oh and keep in mind if you ignore my wishes Slendy *will* be after you, as I, in turn am under His protection." I don't know how I managed to keep so calm and collected through this but I did. It's amazing really.

It: He just stared at me his tendrils creaking and waving behind him wildly. I could feel he was really fucking pissed at me. "I will get him."

Me: "Maybe but if you want to keep me as one of your kind who wishes to learn and obey you'll listen and leave him alone."

It: Takes a step towards me "I should kill you for your insolence."

Slendy: He appears and crosses his arms. "You do that and I may have to kill you. My pup will receive no harm while in my protection, from you or no one. And anyone under his protection will be safe from you as well. And thus safe from me.  He may prove helpful in training. The Hatchling is young, ambitious, impatient. Aiden is aged, and wise and willing. I think the two of them will benefit from each other nicely."

It: His tentacles are flailing, he seems to be considering his options looking towards the house, towards Slendy and towards me.

Me: "Oh while I have you both here. I need someone that can help me out. I need my own proxy."

It: Oh man he's really pissed now. I just hear the creaking of his tentacles as they whip around in a blur. "You're too young! You're inexperienced! You have not even found your tendrils yet.You will have to learn to make your own.

Me: "I'll learn. I'm sure Yggy will help teach me. He knows how to use his, and he knows how to teleport. Why not just give me Rat. He's avoiding the other two anyways unless he's beating up Fox. He'll be even further away if he's up here reeking havoc."

It: "NO!" Even Slendy jumped at this it was so loud and screeching. I think I piddled a bit even.

Slendy: "Then let him have Fox. You complain about that one as it is."

It: "NO!" Again with the screech. Slendy was prepared I still jumped. probably piddled a bit more even.

Me: "I could just... you know... let Yggy go or something.  I can turn him over to a Redlight and get him protected from your. Have his mind washed. Have him be a normal kid again. Let him live the-" I'm cut off at this point. I've being lifted up off the ground I feel a tentacle around my neck and I'm in excruciating pain. I don't know what's going on. I just know the pain. I suddenly hit the ground pretty hard and I see Slendy bent over It. He doesn't look happy in the slightest.

Slendy: Menacingly as he glares at It. "I think it can be arranged.... Aiden." He looked at me. "You will have Fox. I think this can be your first learning experience. Do *not* make me regret it."

Me: I nodded  "Very well." I pause and look at them like they're about to go at each other's throat. "Well... I'll be on my way. Oh and.. can I like have it so that you know, my house is a safe haven? You both can come and go as you please, but no one can be harmed, or driven mad within my property.

It: "Most certainly NOT! How can you even-" It's cut off by Slendy.

Slendy: "Yes, that is fair. In turn though you will have to tend to Kelly and make sure that he does not act up and will do as I had told him before. You both have a lot to learn."

Me: "Right... well.. thanks Da. I really need to get in. It's cold. Company's coming and all. I'll see ya around.. and stuff."

And at that point I came into the house and made the post locking everyone out cause they wanted to know what had happened. Well.. now you all know.

And that's how we got Fox onto our side. I'm going to have to take him aside and have a long chat with him later. The way he appeared was quite amusing and well Bran was scared then she learned why he was there and then he was pissed and.. well you saw her post.

Hopefully in time people will learnt to give him the trust he deserves. I understand the hesitation but well my understanding is that they know who they take orders from. At least I think that's how it works.

Either way I'm happy. Most everyone else is happy and the pizza we ordered just got here so yeah there's lots of happies to have! If Bran wants to I'll give her Brennon's laptop and she can tell the whole harrowing tale of how we met up with Fox at the creepy park. :3

Poor Seth.

Everyone's stealing his lappy to post.

Including me. At least I was polite enough to ask.

So we're going caching. It's going to be... interesting to say the least.

Brennon and Ry are staying hre. So it's me Ygg and Taben in one car. And the rouwdy group in the other. and then we're going to Boettler park and doing some caching.

And they're gonna get a surprise >:3

I'll post a full story when we get back. I'm guessing about an hour maybe more. It'll be fuuuunnnnn!

Excited as a kid at their birthday party

Seriously. Really seriously am. I like having people over. This house gets too big and quiet without people here.

Poor Yggy was bored. I sent him to the basement. Where our full sized rec room is. Along with all our vidoe game systems.

Meanwhile I continue working on the thrme challenge cards that ar coming and wait on Bran and them to get here. I'm wondering how good of an idea cacheing really is today though. A group of giggly playful 'kids' trying to do something that requires 'stealth' Heh. Maybe I'll just take them to the metro park. We'll walk and maybe do cacheing tomorrow before they have to head home.

Weekends are too short. Ah well. Off I go to get back to work and wait impatiently. :3

So I pissed off the Devil.

Everyone in the house is pretty much banging on the locked door. Trying to demand what the hell just happened.

It came. I told everyone to stay inside while I conversed with it.

Slendy showed up and stuff.

I'm not goig to go into more details right now. Things are handled and that is that.

Slendy keeps telling me that Yggy and I will be 'good for each other'

What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?

...right... forgot Yggy could do that. Bastard being able to bypass doors.

Fuck this shit I'll detail it out later. I need time to think and muddle it over in my own head. I'm going to work on some art shit till Bran and Co gets here, then we're going to have a caravan to Boettler park and getting the fuck out of the house for a while.

Also, Ygg was right. It's voice? Pretty fucking bad shit to hear. Nails on chaklboards and styprofoam squeakage has nothing on it.

Going and working on some art shit now.

Catch you all later.

5 & 6 - Silver and Gold

Five for Silver, Six for Gold...
Watercolors, micron pens
on illustration board

"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold"
Were you ever in girl scouts/ boy scouts an learned that song? It really holds true to me today. And seems even more fitting for the post. the cards were made to fit together so I'm posting them together.

It's funny how fitting they were when I made them. For our wedding bands, mine is silver, Brennon's is gold. But friends. Friends are like silver and gold too.

I've made a new friend. A friend of silver that will become gold. Yggy/Kelly/Hellfire. Whatever you want to call him.I personally like Ygg or Yggy :3 He's our guest right now. And we've given him the permission to stay as lon as he wishes to. We have the rooms. Imagine that. Cookies lured in a new friend. New family. Shows that cookies are awesome for everything, right? He seems a bit uncomfortable still but, I think that's because he's been on his own for a bit. Or something. I'm not sure. It was pretty much silence othr than Brennon standing over us with his arms crossed scowling.

Me: "I invited him to stay, that's alright with you, isn't it?" I said this matter of factly as I frosted another cookie to add onto the plate.

Brennon: "He's the one the caused tension between us! He almost ruined everything!" He flailed his arms dramatically at this and gestured at Ygg.

Me: "No... we did that ourselves. We weren't up front and honest with each other. He just helped us to see that."

Brennon: He just staired and got a seeming look of realization on his face "Oh... yeah... well.. uh... thanks... you two have fun, it was a long day at work I need to hit the sack." And he left.

It was just me frosting cookies for the rest of the night and silence between us for the most part. It's kinda nice really. to not need to talk with someone to get aquainted.

I need to go get breakfast started. Or at least help Taben with it if he's gotten it started. They didn't get home till this morning and they don't know Yggy's here yet. So need to give warning.

Also I think Bran's on her way. I don't know if she realizes Ygg's here or not. She seemed to be the most pissed off and angry than all of us with him. Hopefully there's not tensions. Or she's not left yet and gets on and sees this.

Ygg will be bowwoing the gifted laptop I got from Slendy a month or so back. So he can still give you his turn of events here.

Things are moving so fast, but really. I'm enjoying this. It's something to do. I like that :3

See ya all later! I'll try and keep updates coming as they go. Something tells me the guys will disappear ingto the game room while the 'girls' jabber and gossip and talk and play.

Oh! caching! There must be caching as well!

Ok. really going to go now. Mmm I smell cinnamon rolls!

Friday, March 25, 2011

So quiet.

Just got back from another walk at the park. The woods are really soothing. More so than I ever really noticed.

I'm wondering where everyone is. It's completely quiet in the house this evening. I know Ry and Taben are taking Allen to his grandparent's place where he'll be staying the weekend. Brennon called a bit earlier saying that they asked him to work over.

Bran, where are you? It's quiet and lonely. I think ya'll were coming up still... weren't you? Hope you're all okay. Even though I was a pretty big ass yesterday...

I'll make you cookies if you come :3

Or... I could always test.... things.... and come down and visit you.

Hmm. Desicions desicions.

Slendy's not even here. Bother bother bother. Bored Aiden is bored.


I forgive you Brennon. I understand now. I love you.

We'll make this work. I promise.

We went to the park. I love walking in the park. It's so soothing. The crows. they were there. and they were beautiful. I heard their voices. They had voices. In my mind. they had names. I heard them.

Slender said that they were our friends. distant relatives? Something like that. We walked just in the woods. in the woods. The woods are gorgeous.

then he looked at me.

Slender: "You do realize that humans are intrusive species"

Me: "But.. I'm a human"

Slender: "You're not, you're special."

Me: "Oh... okay... I'm afraid. I don't want to kill. I'm confused."

Slender: "As would be expected. Brennon does have deep feelings for you and worry." H pauses and looks at me and I just feel this... odd feeling in my mind. Like I can feel and sense and hear Brennon's thoughts and feelings. I'm nearly sent realing. One of those tendrils wrap around my arm and keep me from falling in the river.

Me: "These... are Brennon's thoughts? My Gods. I'm a monster."

Slender: "In the end it is your choice. forgive and forget and move on. He worries for you, youngling. He worries."

Me: "Yeah... I can understand. I feel so wretched now."

Slender: He just watches me as I sit don on a fallen tree and silence surrounds us. "I can teach you. I can teach you much. Much about yourself. And our kin. I can teach you more than you culd ever hope to know."

Me: "...what about Brennon...? Bran? I love them. They're my friends. I need them."

Slender: "What about me?"

Me: "....I... need you too... but I can't leave my friends."

Slender: "You would rather watch them age and die?"

Me: "Yes... That's the thing. I may be special. But I'm still mostly human. I still form attatchments."

Slender: "Very well. I will... make allowances. For you. I like you. You are strong willed and understanding. You are valuable. All of our kin our valuable. It will be alright. I will protect you. You are mine... my little pup."

Me: "Wait.. what? the messages were from you?!?" I'm a bit angry at this point.

Slender: "No... No they weren't. They were from the Dark One. He wanted to claim you. I won't let him. You are mine. I just like the name little pup." I felt amusement emanating from him at this point in time it faded quickly to concern. "You are going to freeze. We should go back." I hadn't eve noticed th cold.

Me: "Oh... right ok. See? still a bit human, right?" We start back down the trail from the park that leads to our house. "...If my friends come and visit. If we have this party this weekend. They'll be safe right? You won't hurt them?"

Slender: "It will bother you. I will not harm your friends. I keep you safe. I protect you, I teach you. I will not harm you. You deserve to celebrate. Birthdays are always something to celebrate."

I got home just a bit ago. It's cold as a witches tit outside. I didn't realize how cold it was. I think I was being partially protected. He left. presumably to hunt or whatever he does. I... feel better now than I have since it all started. My back's fucking killing me though.

I look at that bloody mark I drew on the door and just feel bad. I tried to clean it off. Blood staines wood so woell though.

I'm sorry Brennon. I'm sorry Bran. I love you both. I look forward to our party this weekend. It will be fun. Something joyous to look forward to, right?

4- Birth

Four for a Birth
Micron Pens, Watercolors
On Illustration board.
2.5 x 3.5 in

What a wonderful birth that would be. They care about me. They care about what happens to me. Unlike the sack of crap that claims to be my fiancee. They don't go behind my back and fuck with me. Slendy's always there. Always helping. Always beside me. It, I don't know. But It is the ring leader. The Dark One, the Dark Master. He frightens me. scares me. He's void of color. black and white. Jagged tendrils and seem to suck up the light. There's this fear that eminates from him. You know he's powerful.

I wonder what it's like to kill. I asked Slendy while we were at the park. Again. He looked at me. He seemed concerned. He watched me a long moment. Then the Dark Master appeared. He hovered over me. Those tenacles crackled and flailed and birds just... fell from the trees all around. It was an amazng sight. I'm ready now. Ready for it all. Ready to witness ready to kill. Why am I drawn towards killing. Why? I don't know.

I remember waking up this morning as Brennon's alarm went off. Brennon got up. He called in to work. He got pissed off. He told me he has to go in. He's sorry. He can't loose his job.

His job is more important than me.

Everything is more important than me.

I'm so lost.

So confused.

I don't know what to do. I feel empty. Dead almost.

It frightens me. And it empowers me.

Which path do I take?

I love him but I don't. He loves me. But he doesn't. I'm so confused.

So uncertain.

We're going to the woods. The woods means safety.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


3- Wedding

Three for a Wedding....
Micron Pens, Water Colors
on Illustration Board

Wedding. Yeah. I've got nothing right now.

You think there will be one? I'm feeling doubtful.

What does the Dictionary say about a wedding?
Here's it's definition:
1. the act or ceremony of marrying; marriage; nuptials.
2. the anniversary of a marriage, or its celebration: They invited guests to their silver wedding.
3. the act or an instance of blending or joining, especially opposite or contrasting elements: a perfect wedding of conservatism and liberalism.
4.  Business Slang. a merger.
5. of or pertaining to a wedding: the wedding ceremony; a wedding dress.
Let's go on to look at Marriage then?
1.    a. the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.
         b. a similar institution involving partners of the same gender: gay marriage.
2. the state, condition, or relationship of being married; wedlock: a happy marriage.
3. the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple, including the accompanying social festivities: to officiate at a marriage.
4. a relationship in which two people have pledged themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife, without legal sanction: trial marriage.
5. any close or intimate association or union: the marriage of words and music in a hit song.
6. a formal agreement between two companies or enterprises to combine operations, resources, etc., for mutual benefit; merger.
7. a blending or matching of different elements or components: The new lipstick is a beautiful marriage of fragrance and texture.
8. Cards. a meld of the king and queen of a suit, as in pinochle. Compare royal marriage.
9. a piece of antique furniture assembled from components of two or more authentic pieces.
10. Obsolete. the formal declaration or contract by which act a man and a woman join in wedlock.
Now let's define love, shall we?
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.
4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
5. (used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?
6. a love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.
7. sexual intercourse; copulation.
8. (initial capital letter) a personification of sexual affection, as Eros or Cupid.
9. affectionate concern for the well-being of others: the love of one's neighbor.
10. strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything: her love of books.
11. the object or thing so liked: The theater was her great love.
12. the benevolent affection of god for His creatures, or the reverent affection due from them to God.
13. Chiefly Tennis. a score of zero; nothing.
14. a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter L.
–verb (used with object)
15. to have love or affection for: All her pupils love her.
16. to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person).
17. to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in: to love music.
18. to need or require; benefit greatly from: Plants love sunlight.
19. to embrace and kiss (someone), as a lover.
20. to have sexual intercourse with.
–verb (used without object)
21. to have love or affection for another person; be in love.
22. love up, to hug and cuddle: She loves him up every chance she gets.
23. for love,
       a. out of affection or liking; for pleasure.
       b. without compensation; gratuitously: He took care of the poor for love.
24. for the love of, in consideration of; for the sake of: For the love of mercy, stop that noise.
25. in love, infused with or feeling deep affection or passion: a youth always in love.
26. in love with, feeling deep affection or passion for (a person, idea, occupation, etc.); enamored of: in love with the girl next door; in love with one's work.
27. make love,
       a. to embrace and kiss as lovers.
       b. to engage in sexual activity.
28. no love lost, dislike; animosity: There was no love lost between the two brothers.
So, love requires trust, does it not. How do you show any sort of trust? Do you show trust by going behind someone's back and telling other people there's something seriously wrong with them? No, no that's not love or trust. At least not in my fucking book. I've had this sketched out and inked for a couple days. I finished it today after I woke up. I slept in long then just dealt with other things. I don't know why It appeared in it. But there It is. Maybe now I know. Maybe... I have no clue. I'm just not happy right now. I'm hurt and angry and well pissed and just. It's not cool. This is not cool at all. 
My back fucking hurts. Like a mother fuck. Slendy knows I'm pissed. He's hovering. I fucking hate when he hovers. We're going to the park. Fuck this bullshit. Fuck it. How fucking dare he not trust me. Who the fuck cheated on who? If anyone shouldn't trust nyone I shouldn't fucking trust you. But even after it I fully did. And now this? What the fucking hell. Fucking. Just. God dammit.
Yeah. Going to the park. I need to go in the woods and hide for a while. I get this bull fucking shit after all those fucking dreams. Bull shit. Bull fucking shit.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wooooooooooo! :3

Just got back from the park. It was so so SO much fun! Brennon's pissed. I never said anything and just left XP

Slendy was a bit upset with me for not saying anything. He kept telling me to tell Brennon ot to call Brennon. Brennon will be find I said.

I never noticed... or heard his voice before. It's really intersting. He has a very well rounded and well learned voice. I like it. :3

There were crows mobbing a hawk. I always feel sorry for the hawks when I see that... but... I don't know. I felt bad. I wanted to join them and help. I mena the crows were just scared. They had a nest near by and just wanted to be sure that the hawk left them alone.

Maybe I should be a crow. I'm solitary when need be but I like my family unit. My colony. Maybe I need to change myself to a Gerbil that's part crow or something. Oh Gryphon! Best of both worlds! :3 :3 :3

Bah, Brennon's yelling again and telling me to come eat. He ordered pizza! Nom nom nom Pizza Hut! Wooo! <3

Okies. I'm out for not. See ya all laterrr! I'm gonna go to the park again tomorrow. I love the park. Park park park prak! Woot! Dive bombing Slendy from trees. I know he knows I'm there but it's still fun. I like it whn he catches me :3

2 - Mirth

Two for Mirth
Micron Pens and Watercolors
on Illustration board.
2.5 x 3.5 in

Ever seen good ol' Slendy laugh? It's a really intersting thing to see. You think he's seizing and dying and stuff, Then you take time and feel at him and feel the amusement and joy. Yeah. It's interesting, different. Even paranormal abombinations can laugh, even if you can't hear it. What do you think it's like to be them? I mean to just wander through the forests and stuff. To hunt, be free, have no sense of must dos and have tos. I'd love to take up hunting. I hear the food's fresher that way and tastier.

Did you know crows hunt? Well they try. maybe. I don't know. Yeah, just disregard that. It's stupid. Two crows apparently equal Mirth. Or so says Branwen's little poem that's been following her around. It's a pretty poem. I don't understand why I haven't heard it before. Ever heard a crow laugh? They can you know. And they know when people are amused. So they'll "kaw ka kaw" with them. I like crows. :3

Anyways in other news. We went to a fun little thing lastnight. Brennon pulled me to the car and forced me to sit there. He told me it was bad to pick the frogs up and eat them. It was hungry :( Slendy was there with us, but he stayed in the woods. I really wanted to go into the woods with him. Ever been in the woods at night? They're full of life believe it or not. The froggies we saw crossing the road lastnight are a perfect example. They didn't taste very good though. I thought they'd taste like Sashimi. They didn't.

I think I might get to go out today. I'm not sure. Taben's going to be going out with his mom or something. I want to go to! I'll see if I can. If not I'll go to the park. Brennon keeps telling me to go to sleep. I'm not tiered. I don't wanna :(

Yay! Slendy said we could go to the park! I'm gonna go now! Buh-byes!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taben said I had to go to this thing with them tonight.

Little Salamanders crossing the road to get to the other side.

Nommy little Salamanders. Hehehehe. I guess it's something though. Right? So much fun :3

I want to go for a night walk. Under the moon. Did you see the super moon? it was so pretty. prety prety preteeeee.

I need to get some nummies in my tummies. :3

Yay for buh-byes!

1- Sorrow

One for Sorrow
Micon Pens and Watercolors
2.5x3.5in Illustration board

 I don't know who died. But isn't sorrow something we all feel when someone dies? As such I thought this would be best to portray a grave. There's good ol' Slendy sitting back and kickin' it with a tree and his crow. Lovely little birds crows are. Did you know they are one of the most intelligent birds? They can be trained. They can recognize individual people. They can learn to mimic human language much like parrots. Look at this nice article for more about them. Also, Did you know? A single crow is a sign of luck? Funny one would think How do Luck and Sorrow go together? Well, they don't. And while I do not condone taking any wild creatures in as pets, crows are one of the best you could have. Beautiful birds. I've seen a lot of the colonies local to here returning.

In other news, well there isn't much other news, is there. Brennon's at work. Taben's working on his papers. Ryan's working on his project and I'm between art, working on my papers and well more art. And then just sitting here watching the critters outside. There's a lot of life. I love spring. Seeing life return to everything. It's so calming and peaceful. I think I'm gonna go for a walk. The woods are lovely this time of the year, and so is the park. Yeah a walk in the park would be great. :3

I'll see ya all later. Take care!
~Ai Ai

Monday, March 21, 2011


Have I ever told you all how much I hate the hospital? Well. I do. Like something fierce. Brennon forced me to go today. So I got checked out. When it was explained I was kidnapped I had to file a police report and all kind of bullshit. Something about having to follow procedure or some shit. I don't give a fucl.

I'm happy to be out of there. though I've takn off most the bandages. The ones all overm y back bothered the fuck out of me. My whole back's been hurting. So I've been sitting and just working on class work that I've missed and art. I've not felt so creative in so long.

So, do you all remember this post? Yeah old news I know. Well, I'm starting in on that whole thing. I've got the first 0-10 sketchesd out. 0 is finished. I'll post them as I finish them and stuff. So yeah here's the first one

0- Introduction

I introduce you all to Slender Man (He's alright with being called Slendy for short [I think I just got glared at for saying that])

Micron Pens and Watercolors

On 2.5 x 3.5

Illustration board.

No I'm not dead. I'll be silent and posting less. I need time to heal and shit. This is a lot of shit to take in and get over. Brennon says we're going to do something this weekend. He's thowing a party. I guess we'll see how far that goes. They'll be wanting him back at work before long.

Anyways, I'm out. I have art to do. I'll post these things as I finish them. At least I've got inspiration to draw back?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blessid Ostara

Wanted to wish it to everyone befor I was pulled off. This one will honestly be one of the most meaningful to me. It's good to be back with those I care about. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers that went out for me. I never thought I'd see any of this again.

I'd write something for Frap adn crew but honestly. I want to get out and be with my family and cherish them. I think the best story I can tell is the one that Brennon himself wrote in his journal. The story of my rescue and return to life. Please, everyone. Take time and cherish what you have before you. You never know when it will be taken away. I'm going to enjoy the day. We're going to get a nice ham and have a good roasted meal in celebration of Ostara.

The moon. I have it all to thank to the moon. Today I celebrate, give thanks and enjoy my time with loved ones.
Tomorrow I start the healing process. I know I'll make it through, becaus I hav Brennon, Tabn, Ryan, Allen and all of you out there in cyber space. I love you all. Thank you all so much. I love you.

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Monday, March 14, 2011



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Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Just gonna tick these off as I'm still trying to recover and get better from my sickness. Being on the computer doesn't really help that.

1) Slender Man's finally stopped hovering over me. Sleep comes easier.

2) Nothing new on that front to post

3) well I kinda lied. but may not. Rizzy's kinda disappeared. Taben hasn't heard from her, nor have any of us that talk to her on a regular basis

4) Allen's been wonky. Tiered, out of it. We're concerned that the Dark One may be trying something with him. We've stressed it to Slendy and he's been staying closer to Allen.

5) People have been totally been pissing me off and being asses with the Japan situation. But I'm not going to get into that.

6) I'm trying to develop a toony way to draw my friends, mainly those that may have a place in this 100 theme challenge. I such at drawig humans so maybe this will give me the chance. Taben keeps saying to draw people as furries but, well I'd not know how to start with that, or how it'd be recieved. Also. Ryan and Brennon aren't furry. Still figuring out what I'm going to do. We shall see.

And I'll leave it at that. I'm tiered. And I'll be loosing an hour tonight. I hate daylight savings time. Grrr you. grrr

Also... Diablo has eaten Branwen's soul. So we may not see updates from her for a while :(

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good News

So there is some good news for today.

M, is alive. That's good to see. As much as I hate saying it and admitting it, I was worried. I... kinda like him. Just because I don't agree with his ways of surviving does not mean that I don't like him.

Glad to see you're alright M. Keep truckin' dude. Stay safe.

Well then....

I was going to post an update.

...then I heard about all the disasters going on in Japan.

...and I've decided I have no reason to complain. There are more important things to worry about than my problems. So I'm staying silent.

Everyone keep the people involved in these tragedies in your thoughts. We might have bad crap going down for us, but at least we're alive and for the most part well.

Lighting a candle and sending warm thoughts and vibes to Japan.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm home.

I'm still stressed. I'm still sick.

But I'm alive.

And Branwen is giving me Oreos? I think that makes up for it all right there.

Though shouldn't I be the one getting her stuff? since I'm like unconciously threatening her life and crap?

Gods Dammit. I'm going in sane. Really fucking insane with all this.

Apparently I'm fine if Slendy's around. He leaves and I'm easy prey for the 'Dark One' or whoever the fuck it is.

I do not like this. I'm so confused. I'm still uncertain how I'm threatening her life. Bren and Bran both find it threatening. I'm still really confused and tired and just.. blech. but I can't sleep. for once I'm stress,ed and not tiered.... and bed ridden. yay for laptops though, yes? maybe I'll get to work on some art. I miss art. I'll be happy when I can art again. Yay art.

the piper

there was a piper that Gave the people a lot of lIttle gifts. one day he gave no one gifts and took them all away. it was a Very sad day an the people all criEd. they became happy again when the piper again UP and gave gifts of happy joys and all was welL wITh The world. then the dark one came and take it aLl away. the pipEr fought the dark one and lost. the Piper was UP and thrown back to the tIme of his creation and had his inTelligence STripped Of him. it was a sad day. pople cried. their prOtector was gone and the dark one began to take reign. no one can fight the dark one. aLl thAT approach him will diE. death TO any that fight him. death to thoSe thAt the piper protects and a VEry deaTH to the pipEr hiMself.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well.... fuck...

So I got two visitors in the hospital today... One is still here. Nurses have finally left me alone thank the Gods above. I've been so annoyed over their worried chittering over me. Still though...
Brennon told me to look at my blog when he was here... Then I saw the entries.

I remember making enries... those are not the entries that I remember though. I remember telling people I was in the hospital and was going to be away for a while... I remember reporting about my seizure episodes and the way I felt like shit,

I honest to Gods threw up when I read those. I'm still sick to my stomach.

Slendy's been keeping watch over me.... it's weird. I feel so wrong to actual feel safe in his presence. I know he's a killer, and he doesn't deny it. But... it's weird, y'know? It's really weird. It's like... I don't even know. I've felt so... in danger since I've been here... and I finally feel safe. He says he'll watch ovr m and keep me saf. He apologized for offending me and upsetting me with his joke that he didn't think I'd react that way since I had joked about it myelf.

He also says he's not the one that brought me home. Which.. probably explains a lot...

He said he caught one of the mortals responsible and ended them.

I don't even...

I need to lay down and try to sleep. They said if I stop seizing (we aren't even sure why I am at all, they come randomly and suddenly) that I can go home but they will have me under close observations.

I miss Brennon. I miss sleeping beside him. I miss him. I miss home. I miss the good food Taben makes for dinner and I miss Allens' games and annoying laughter.

I just want to go home. I never asked for this. By the Gods BRan... I'm so sorry I never meant to do that to you. I'm so sorry. I'm so very very sorry. Please. PLEASE stay safe. I love you sis. Stay safe! Eyes open! Stay safe!



Friday, March 4, 2011






Feeling...  as well as I can hope I suppose. I can't talk. My voice is completely gone. I've got a doctor's appointment. That's gonna be dun. Sorry Slendy, gonna have to borrow your white board for the doc office. Not that you've been using it lately anyways.... ass...

Speaking of Slendy. I've not seen him lately.... at all. I've not really  been out of the room either. I've been weak and feverish and don't want to get anyone else sick so it's just been... me in the room. And Brennon brings me up a meal in the evenings. I swear I feel like I'm in solitary. might as well add a flap to the bottom of my door so that I can chow.

Seems Bran's having an easier time with the proxies following her. They aren't outright attacking her. Which is good. Hope everything's going well over there. Hope she's safe and... yeah. I miss everyone... I know, it's only been like... two days. But I need social interaction to survive!

Dude seriously Bran. Your group and mine has to get together and have a big party. That should keep me socially happy for a good long while. Imagine it... all those people in this house at the same time. That's be one rockin' party. I need another party... maybe we can get Matty and Rizzy to come back too. They were cool. Even if Slendy got easily annoyed with Rizzy.

Ok. I'm feeling tierd again so I'm gonna crash a bit before my doctor's appointment. I know I still have to deal with the mini interview from forever ago. But I'll get it aftr my doc appointment and when I'm certain I'm not dying and stuff. So you may get a double post from me. *gasp* don't die now, I know it's surprising!