Monday, February 28, 2011

I think my rage is out.

I got back at him. I asked Taben what to draw. Taven said to draw him some fan art. I told him I was in a Slender Man mood. Taben said to draw Slender man and one of teh Delura characters meeting.

So I did. Not, this is after we've had some vodka in our systems. So maybe it's funnier to us than it may be to you.

Delura charactr Doc and Slender Man meat. Note, normally Doc i some sort of spider like creature with a shell and all. But when he comes out of his shell he's all tentacly and stuff.

So first Doc meats Slendy and falls in love....

 Then Slendy gives Doc Head. And everyone is hapy.

That's what you get Slender Man. You joke about tentacle raping my man I have a fictional tentacle creature tentacle rape your... head... yeah....

Gods I'm so damned drunk....

We had an interview, all be it short, with Slendy tonight. Oh fuck my typing's off. I'll post interview tomorrow after classes. I'm hitting the sack. I'm so frucking loose right now...

Dammit... took me like 30 minutes to get all th typos found.
Ok... that just broke my brain so hard. It better be a god damned joke. I swear to Gods it had better or I will kill you so hard Slender Man. I swear to fucking Gods!

I'll post when my rage is gone.

Fuck You Ohio.

How the hell can you be almost 60 with beautiful wonderful thunderstorms at 4am then suddenly be at 33 dgrees with chances of snow by 1pm? I hate you. I want to go back to Texas. It was so warm and pretty.

Yeah, so I'm home... in Ohio. Slendy was oh so kind enough to bring me home when I finally turned into a pleading and begging mass at his feet. It's like... he was trying to teach me some lesson and now I learned it? I don't know what the lesson was supposed to be though.

I hadn't posted because I'm very childish and was oh so amused that I was at 69 posts. I didn't want to break that pretty little number. but I figured I should post. So people knew I was alive and alright.... just... tired. I slept all day yesterday and through most the night.... I could sleep more but I figured I should begin resembling a living human and not some zombie thing.

Slendy is very in and out of the house. He scared the ver living crap out of Brennon yesterday and this morning. I'm not sure if I'm flattering myself by sayin this but I think he's... worried about me? I don't know. I don't want to speak out of turn or anything. Oh, and interviews have been a now go so far. When I try and talk to Slendy he either waves and leaves or just stands there and stares. It's confusing.

I guess that's all I have to say. I'm gonna go study for this test thing I have tomorrow.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I have the weirdest thoughts when I get ready to lay down to sleep.

Tonight's thought?

I still need to find an icon for myself to put up here.

Then I briefly wondered... well no... I won't say that >-> that may be a bit too personal.

Really. Gonna go to bed now. I really think my mind is over stressed if it when *THAT* out of whack in thoughts.

Hopefully I can sleep. I miss Brennon :(

I don't even....

...know where to begin...

So I come back from food and checking the surrounding area out and stuff. I get back to my room and there's the laptop, the sketchbook and this... what I can only describe as a list waiting for me.

So I went back out, found a small drug store that sold thos small crappy digital cameras and got the pictures from the mem card and onto the lappy. here's what I have.

So I can get online. Jump on AIM and have been talking to Taben and Brennon.

Taben is swearing up and down it's something he made up that he was going to do a while ago. The webpage he made has been sitting there since he got into the whole Slender man thing last August/September. He just never started on it. He links me to his site. Sure enough, there it is. exact same thing.

Kinda creapy. You know what makes it even crepier? HE knows nothing of the whole Slender Man shit that Bran's been dealig with. Namely th proxies. And the poem. But take a moment and look at the first few there.

So... when Slendy shows up in 20 minutes or so, He's gonna have some major explaining. Wonder if He can use a computer... I don't have any sort of note book... and i'm hesitant to do anything with the sketchbook.... Taben said he wants to abandon this project now. (He kinda already did anyways). I guess it's call a 100 theme challenge. Take a character and draw it with 100 themes. just to work on your ability.

I want to do this. At the same time I'm afraid what may happen to me. On the other hand I'm curious.

Hopefully I can get Slendy to take me home. Brennon says if Slendy doesn't bring me home h's going to come down to me. We've been wanting to give Taben and Ry the house to themselves anyways. Their anniversary is Monday. We'll see how things go.

Anywyas I'll take notes from the interview in a word doc. Then I'll post it in the morning. I'm really flippin tiered. So much god damned stress... and walking.. lots of fucking walking...

Wish me luck.
Stay safe yall. Eyes open.


Hello from Carnegie Library in Houton, Texas. Now can someone please explain what the fuck I'm doin here?

I woke up about two hours ago.  In a hoetel room. didn't know where the hell I was. Had my wallet and my cell phone on the bedstand beside me. I get up. look around. realize I've no clue where I am and the last think I rmember doing is getting ready to go out and get food.

And now, here I am... in Texas. I'm really wanting to beat Slendy right now... I'm sure he's to blame. least it's warm here? though I'm trying to figure how the hell to get home.

I can't call. I call out and everythings fuzzy. this is the only thing that's worked. I've not seen Slendy anywhere but I'm certain he's the one that brought me here. I'm... really a bit concerned. Isn't this where there's a 'turf war' going on? Yeah a bit paranoid... just a bit.

I'm ready to go home now. I'm gonna go explore more. Maybe get a differnt hotel that's closer to here. it was a good long walk for me and wasn't a very safe one either. Just... ugh.

Gonna go check things out... I'll try and report back later.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fuck. You.

Ironic? I just read Zeke's latest entry. He was drunk. Well when it took place. I've been drunk the last couple days.

People are fucking attacking someone that may as well be my sister, and I can't do anything about it.

I'm a helplss pile of fucking mush. All becaue I'm afraid. I'm afraid of the gay haters that may wish Slender Man to kill me. Afraid of the gay haters that wish death on my friends and my loved ones. Afraid of the gay haters that will turn gainst Bran. she's getting help from others. I don't want that to happen. I don't want them to turn against her because she supports gays.

I want to run far away and just get away. leave everyone so they're safe without me... byt time I get half a mind to do it I'm so damned drunk tht all I can do is pass out.

Fuck, I'm getting married on the 19th of next month. Full moon of Ostara. A very pleasant day it'll be. And here... hre I'm just... blrh.

I want to tell all the gay hatrs ight now. Fuck. You.

Also a Fuck you to Blogger for eating my comments and marking me as spam all the fucking time. I'm sick of it.

God dammit I have classes today... I have a really bad fucking hang over. And I'm still scared. I'm scared of teh gay haters. Scared of so many fuck wadded people.

Fuck you gay haters. I don't give a flying fuck if you thinkit's 'gross' or 'against god'. Fuck you. I think marriage and a relationship are about LOVE. Not about religion, not about God. Not about how gross it is to express your love. I can express my love to Brennon by holding his hand. Or giving him a kiss or just telling him I love him. So no one has any fucking right to tell me if I love him or can really truly marry him.

I love Brennon.... and in a month. We'll be married. It'll be the best day in my life.

I love you Brenno.

Bran you better be there girl. Bring your whole cre if you have to.

I think we'e going to come your way this weekend. I want to kill me some proxies before they hurt you any worse.

While I'm at it, fuck proxies too.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wow... again...

Lots of updated going on yesterday while I was out with my fiancee celebrating his birthday. It'll be a bit before I can really take a moment to go over them. I'm tired and I think there was another zoo trip planned so Rizzy can see the Akron Zoo... or something. I don't know. I'm tiered.

Bran are things alright for all of you out there?

I haven't seen Slendy around which is odd since he's almost constantly here. Guess he had other business? just... hope that's not business that involves death. Though he did say that he doesn't kill.... he just makes people disappear. And it's ///It/// (or so I asume that's who he means by the "Dark One") that rips people to shreds.

I don't feel I have a reason to not believe. He's been straight forward with us most the time but, yeah. I dunno.
I'm so confused. At the same time though. Sandra's seen this Slendy rip people to shreds.... so I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm so confused..

I'm also tired. Another night of staying up late and celebrating.I'll try and read tomorrow or something. I dunno. Confused Aiden is confused.... and tired.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well... crap.

Apologies for m horrid typing lastnight/thismorning. I was so freaking tired. I could hardly see straight.

Ayways, now that Matty, Bran and Seth are on their way home and Rizzy's still sound asleep I feel I have time to go through and write this all out. I took notes and wrote it all down lastnight as it happened. (yeah I couldn't remember it all I have a bad short term memory, always have, I always write it down besides the whiteboard's only so big and we have to erase it after so many questions anyways)

Anywyas. We went to a furmeet with some of th local fluffs, had good food and lots of fun. Came home. and enter the house to see Slendy sitting and waiting for us at the table. He's got the whiteboard in front of thim and his arms crossed the marker in his hand. He's just sitting there watching the door as though waiting for us. I got a sense of being annoyed.

Matty and Seth spazz out and we have to calm him down. And I walked foward and took a seat across from him and simply asked "So you're ready to answer our questions now?" He simply nodded. Taben grabbed my notebook and pen and gave it to me as he sat beside me. Brennon sat on the other side and Bran and Seth sat beside Brennon tnat Rizzy and Matty sat beside Tabe. Kinda weird the egregation that was there but not noticable unless you knew how the sides wer all connected and all. Anyways. Here's how the converation went.

Slendy: Sotheteameshaveunitedandbecomeone.Itisalwaysgoodtoseeunity.Youshoulddoatotalgathering.Itwouldbepleasant.

Aiden: I hate when you write like that.

Slendy: Icouldnotwiteatallifyouprefer.

Taben: No, no. We have questions and we want answers.

Slendy: Youdonotneedtobesodefensive.Iamnotheretoharmyou.Ihavediscussedthiswithyoubefore.

Taben: I'll continue to be defensive as long as you're stalking my son. I do not trust you when you say you are keeping him safe.

Slendy: Iunderstandparentshavethatsenseofnottrustinganyone.PleaseunderstandthatIamkeepinghimsafe.

Bran: Wait, so you're familiar with ///It///? That's what you're referring to right? He's after Allen? What about the rest of us. You said you weren't stalking us.

Slendy: Idonotstalk.Stalkingisforcreepers.Iamnotacreeper.

Aiden: That opinion changes from person to person. You are pretty creepy and do seem like a stalker. That was not the question though. Why not answe the question.


Aiden:Why? I mean Why watch over us? And yet you chase others and try and take them? Or even kill them?

Slendy: Whydoesadogbitesomeandnotothers?Whydoesitbarkatsomeandnotothers?Whydowolveskilltheirprey?Whydoesachildcrywhenpunished?

Aiden: it's just... natural? Or are you like.. the Grim Reaper? Take those who's time it is.

Slendy: Yes.Idonotharm.Isimplytake.TheDarkOnehowerverleafvespeopletosuffer.Theydonotdyinstantly.Itissureofthat.Itwouldbelestfunforit.

Seth: So You're not stalking me and You say this Dark One is? Is this the same thing as ///It///?

Slendy: Iamwatchingyoubutwishyounoharm.TheDarkOnefollows.Hemeansharmtoall.Itwantstheworldforitself.

Seth: So... what do I do the? And how do I know you are not lying?

Slendy: Ihavenoreasontolie.YoumaybelievewhatyouwantbutIswearuponYggdrasil'sCorethatIamnottryingtoharmyou.

Bran: Wait so you're familiar with Yggdrasil's Core? What's a 'hatchling'?

Slendy looks to Bran he has an air of confusion about him and just looks at her for a long moment.


Aiden: You're avoiding the answers.

Slendy: Youwillfindoutdetailswhenitistime.

Bran: Have you killed M? If not, where is he?

Slendy: Safe.Itiscoldandherunsfastandfar.

Bran seemed relieved at this. She looks up to him for some odd reason. But at least she seemed relieved. Still worried but I think that answer helped her feel better.

Bran: So... what's up with Sandra?

Slendy seemed really adgitated by this question looking between all of us and seemingly defeated.


Aiden: You said you'd answer our questions.

Slendy: IhavetherighttonotanswerquestionsifIdonotwishto.

Brennon: don't even know... do you.?

Slendy paused and looked at Brennon long and hard seemingly concerned? Maybe thoughtful? I couldn't help myself.

Aiden: Heh... So... did you tentacle rape him in his sleep when he was in Texas?

Brennon: Aiden!

Slendy looked taken aback and just looked between us. I never thought i'd be able to surprise Slendy. This seemed to do it.

Slendy: WhileIhavenopeoblemwithsamesexrelationsIamnotinterestedinthem.Oranythingsexualforthatmatter.

Taben: So are you really male? I mean we never had proof.... You gonna show us proof?

Slendy seemed... confused and just stared at Taben thoughtfully.

Rizzy: Taben has a hard on for you Slendy. *giggle*

Slendy face palmed. Frighteningly enough Taben was really really blushing a deep red.

Aiden: Wow.. really Taben? Damn...

Bran: Who are Fox, Crow and Rat?

Slendy: Hallowed.

Bran: ...that's all you're going to give me?

Slendy: Yes.

Bran: So who's chasing Jack and Stephanie? Is it the same thing that's going after us?

Slendy: Perhaps.Itseemsthereareseveralentitiessimilartomethatothershaveseen.Iamnotstupidasyousee.Iamveryintelligentandtocomparethedopplegangerstomeisinstulting.

Seth: What do we do then? Does the salt work?

Slendy: Yousimplywaiteandstayconcentratedandsafe.Idonotknowifthesaltwillwork.

Bran: What's going on with Celeste and what is a witness.

Slendy: Awitnessissomeonethatseesacrimeoractinprogress.Icananswernottheotherquestion.Itisnotaboutyounorisityourbusiness.

Mateo: So... I see you with tentacles most the time. What's with that? Why are there no tentacles?

Slendy conjures forth his tentacls and everyone aside from Rizzy spazzes and jumps away from the table.

Slendy: Andnowyouhaveyouranswer.Theyaresomethingthatcausesfear.Idoittoscare.OrwhenIamangry.

Slendy's tentacles would stack back into his back and we'd all sit back down. There was a long almst uncomfortable silence before Rizzy speaks up.

Rizzy: ....Why are you so noodly?

Slendy looks at her and gets up shaking his head seemingly annoyed at the question.

Slendy: Iamleavingnow.Goodeveningtoyouall.Brnnonahappybirthdaytoyou.AidenandTabenkeeptheyoungonesafe.

Bran: Wait one last question. What *really* happened to Damien O'Connor?

Slendy paused and looked to her thoughtfully then to the rest of us.

Slendy: Theydidnotwanthimtosayanymore.TheDarkOneholdspoweroverthem.

With that he just turned and left. Matty just looked around blinking and said "Why doesn't he decide to start moving faster? Does he only have one speed setting?" We all chuckle then say our goodnights.

And here I am finishing this and finally really awake enough to start taking in what was said. And I'm so confused and so deep in thought...

Stay safe, eyes open.

Well... that was enlightning...


Damn you Rizzy, seriously. Damn you. You made him leave. Brat.

Yeah another lat nigh. Went to a small get togethr then came home. I think Slendy was upset. He was sitting on one of the chairs at the kitchen table with His arms crossed. It was amusing... kinda. I'd go on to tell you about the whole thing but we finally just got done and I'm so tired I'm about to face plant the keyboard.

I've not been sleeping a lot... but mostly because of all the people and excitement. I think I almost got Brennon pissed at me because of my one question. I think I know how I can make it up to him though ;3

Anyways to bed for us. Four hours of hard grilling and actually a bit of... merriment with Slendy. But damn you Rzzy for asking that one question that made Him not answer any questions afterwards and decide it was time to leave.

I'll post it in the morning. It's hard to forget and I have a lot to think about.

Also, a quick happy birthday to my wonderful lovely man. Love you, babe. I'll be sure you get to celebrate real good tomorrow ;p

Friday, February 18, 2011


Slendy shows up as we're caching. We decided to take them to some of the ones we got and one we didn't get.

So. Slendy. He just appears there out of nowhere. Mateo? Poor Mateo I think he nearly pissed his pants. He just started and freaked and shook and started back to the car.

Rizzy? She... she did pretty well. She stared at Him, watched Him and went up and just poked him. "It's a noodle man!" she says. "Those wavy arm flailing noodle men!" (ie this)

And we would never look at Slendy the same fater that.... nor will we ever look at the arm flailing windbag/noodles guys. It was epic.

We're waiting for Slendy to show up at the house. We went out for dinner at a chinese/japanese place. Then came home and had cake... and Rizzy randomly wipes frosting on Taben's face. Fun ad sillineass was had. It was all of get fun. Slendy never showed. Tomorrow we're going to go up to Cleveland Zoo. And then more caching, then relaxing at home. Other than the park.

Oh and Bran got her cookies when we returned.

She wanted sugar cookies. So she got some sugar cookies. I think she's a tad miffed with us. But at the same time I was highly amused as she started by biting off the heads and looking menacingly towards the door where I had mentioned Slendy usually stand. Sad really. I think she wants Him to come XP

Cinnamon rolls, coffee and happies for lunch tomorrow. Gonna be another good day. Will be a bit colder but still not gonna snow or anything.

Ok, I really need to get to bed. been up too late. See ya all laters.
Stay safe and eyes open


...Waiting for Bran and Seth to arrive, then heading to the zoo.

Gorgeous day here. Already in the 50s. Think it's going to get warmer than predicted.

Taben's still spazzing excitedly over his presents from Matty.
"They're just peices of wood" I say.
He just squeals "I know... but they're from the TOWER!! THE Tower!"
"But Marble Hornets is said to be fake." I counter
"I don't give a damn! It's what infected me so it's real. It's one of the biggest piece of Slendy's history.!" He defends. "We'll ask Slendy if it was real or not. If he knows the tower."

I'm wondering how Matty will react when he sees Slendy for the first time. He's still not come around. We figure it's just a matter of time.

Anywyas, off we go. Will update later, likely before bed.
Stay safe and eyes open.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I want to face palm so hard right now.

I can still hear an excited Taben sqealing excitedly from his room over the gifts he recieved from Mateo.

Amongst them were a superior Slender Man Lego critter. A disc containing all the pictures Mateo took while at the tower. And a small envelop of sevral peices of wood from the tower itself. I swear, you'd think that Taben had found the most epic things of epicness by the way he's carryig on. Well... I guess we're  beat on the 'who got Taben the best present' deal. Heh. At least he's happy.

Slendy hasn't been around since Matty got here. Figured he's giving hm time to adjust first and all. He'll show up tomorrow more than likely. I'll record Mateo's reaction when it comes. Also Seth and Bran will be arriving tomorrow. After they arrive we'll be going to the Akron Zoo then be going for some geocaching around here. Should be fun for all. Looking forward to a nice day out with friends and away from all of this madness.

Ok. Gonna try and get to bed now over the excited squealing and giggling of the the school boy Taben.

Good times will be had this weekend. Good times.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm so tiered.

I think we're all to the point of being overwhelmed by everything.

Tabn totally snapped today over silly little things. He's tiered, spent all evening working on cupcakes for Allen's school Valentine's Day party. Slendy came in and Taben just turned on him and started rattling off a string of curses, finishd taking pictures of the cakes and then stomped off to his room. Poor Slendy (did I really just say that o-O?) was so lost and confused. I told him we were all tiered and on edge and it has been a busy day and the weekend would be the same. Why did I explan it to him? I know he knows.

I feel so.... I don't know... I'm the black sheep once again it seems. Everyone else has trouble with Him and here I am feeling sympathy for him. What. The,. Fuck. Seriously.

I can't compute any of this in my head anymore. I'm going to bed.

I'll post at... some point this weekend... gonna be busy with Matty and Rizzy comig in tomorrow then Bran and Seth coming up Friday. I really need to get to know this Seth better. He's the one having the biggest problem with Him? Meh. I'm so lost and confused.

Where's my Goddamned road map to life? I could really use it right now.

Breakfast with Slendy

Seems we have a new breakfast buddy. I'd cheer but I don't know if I should. Apparently cheering or thinking things are cool gets you berated and nagged at. So instead of just being me, I hav to be... someone else...? Does. Not. Compute.

Anyways we're all sitting down to breakfast and what not. There's a click as the back door unlocks and we look at it opens and our dear friend Slendy enters and then moved to a spare seat and sits down. I just raise a brow at this and everyone else is spazzing and freaking out. Taben's the coolest acting one so I have him get the white board and a marker. he does and sets it in front of Slendy. Slendy looks at it, looks at us and seems to sigh but picks up the marker pops it open and gets ready to start writing.

I stop him. "No, no funny bullshit this time, dude. I have questions, I want answers."

He looks at me long and hard as though debating on if he should give in.
Then he turns and writes quickly and seeming annoyed. "Fine"

This is how the rest of the conversation went.

Aiden: "Oh, so... first off... What. Is. Your. Deal?!"

Slendy: "Ithoughtyouknewthat?"

Aiden: "Ugh don't tell me you're going to write like that here too. dammit. How am I supposed to know? You never say anything you pull bulshit prank ideas on us. You obviously aren't going to kill any of us. So what's the point? Why are you stalking us? What's your beef?"

Slendy: He seems to be thinking long and hard on this. "DespitepopularbeliefIprefercowactually"

Brennon: Snorts and busts up laughing.
Taben: Has that amused smirk on his face.
Ryan: finishes his food and disappears to the room.

Aiden: "Smart ass."

Slendy: "IbelieveIamverysmartbutitdoesnotcomefrommyass.Ihaveabraininmyhead."

Aiden: " what's up. Are you going to kill any of us?"

Slendy: "Thatwouldbecounterproductivedon'tyouthink?"

Taben: "Counter productive?"

Slendy: "Ilikethelittleone.Heiskindandhasalargeimagination.Iwanthimsafe.IfIharmanyofyouhewillnotlikemeandwillnotfeelsafe.

Taben: "Well if you tell me what he thinks then that'd be a huge help. He has issues with---"

Slendy: abruptly cuts Taben off "Iamawareofhisspecialneedsandhisissues.Theyhidehistruepotentialfromtheworld.
Heiswisebeyondhisyears.Hewillgrowtobethesmartestwemayeverknow." He pauses a long while "Asidefromme,anyways.NooneissmarterthanIam."

Aiden: "Ok... well... what about out guests who are coming? You're not going to hurt them are you? Or do anything to them? Your torturing them and making thm go out of their mind."

Slendy: "Itisnotme.Ihavenothingtodowiththem.Ihaveseenethembuttheyoungonelikesthegirl.IwillnotharmherIonlywishhersafe."

Aiden: "What about her friend? Seth? He's coming as well. You're not going to cause porblems are you? I swear to the Gods above that if you harm anyone here or ruin Brenon or Taben's birthday weekend I will find a way to KILL you if I have to find the Yggdrasil myslle and beat you with it's branches till it destroys you!"

Slendy: Gets up quickly and defensively almost and seems to... glare down at me as he writes. "Iwilldonosuchthing.Iwillcausenoharmtoanywhocomeshere.You willallbesafeundermyprotection.Theoneswhofollowherarenotofme.Ihavenothingtodowiththem.Iwillkillthemiftheyget

Aiden: "....I never mentioned them to anyone. I keep that stuff quiet. I don't need people here getting paranoid...."

Slendy: "Iapologizeforspllingthebeansasyourkindsospectacularlyputsit."

Aiden: "yeah ok.. well..either way I... I trust you... as odd as I feel saying that."

Brennon: "His intentiosns do seem pure. At least... I think. You know how I am with reading people."

Taben: "How do ou read something of the paranormal? I always get kind of freaked out around them"

Slendy: "Areyoufreakedoutnow?"

Taben: "Well... no... I mean... not really. I'm curious."

Slendy: "Andnowyouknowwhatprotectsyouall."

Aiden: "So it's our curiosity? Kinda like you won't hurt Sandra because of the way she's not afraid of you?"

Slendy: He seemed to hesitated and looked between us like there was something he wasn't going to say. Then he writes. "Imustgo.Iwillbebacktonightandyoucanquestionmethen."

Aiden: "As long as we can hold you to that."

Slendy: He moves to leave then pauses and comes back picking up the marker and he looked to us almost... pleadingly I'd say. He seemed so.. innocent... and hopeful as he jotted it down. "AmIinvitedtothebirtdayparty?"

We all couldn't help but laugh at that. Taben simply nodded and he seemed pleased with our amusemnt and joy and left.

So.... yeah. I don't know why... I just.... feel like I'm cheating here or something. I should die and be hunted like everyone else... but I'm not. How is that fair? Will it change? I guess we'll see in time. I'm so confused right now. Also, why did he hesitate and seem uncomfortable when we brought up Sandra? Ugh It's all confusin and a bit bothersome. A bit scary and just all.... well there's a lot of questions being asked in my head. Why me. Why? There must be more to it than just Allen's well being.

Ok... I'm done. I'm going to go out caching with Taben for a bit. I'll see ya all later.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am okay

I'm fine, had to sit through another day of classes.

Brennon's spazzing out thinking I'm oh so bad off.

No, I'm not. I. Am. Fine.

He gets pissed everytime I say it like it is.

It was really cool and awesome and... yeah.

Maybe if Slendy comes tonight (part of me hopes he doesn't cause Brenno's pissed at Him), We'll try and have another chat. Oh and Brennon's trying to convince us not to accept gifts from Him anymore. Right. Because pigging out on chocolate He gave me is exactly the reason that he took me for a ride to college. He showed up, out of nowhere. I asked how he did that. He grabbed me and we were gone. Next thing I know I'm at the college.

Brennon gets pissed everytime I say it was cool. But really... it was really cool. You know how much we'd save on gas if he could do that for Taben and I every day? ah well. If only. heh

Monday, February 14, 2011

Slendy says Happy Valentine's Day

No seriusly. We invited Him in, handed Him the fucking whiteboard. Asked him to sit down and we started an interrogation. Myself, Brenno and Taben. One thing after another after another. What he wants, is he friend or foe, is he going to hurt Allen, is he going to hurt any of us. What's he doing to our friends. What did he do to Bran's friend Seth? On and on and on. He sat there quietly (duh) holding the white board and the dry erase marker we hadthrust upon him and looking to each of us in turn as we asked our questions.

He looked at the marker, at hte board then started writing, got up and set the whiteboard down and handed me the marker. The board read "Happy Valentine's Day"

Taben looked at the board then at Slendy and screeched "You are *not* SPLENDOR MAN!!!" Allen suddenly made an appearance downstairs and ran over and hugged Slendy and Slendy summons forth his tentacles and gave Allen a box of chocolates and a little plush tiger. Pat his head then lets himself out.

I wonder where the hell these came from... but...

I have chocolate now. Allen doesn't like choicolates and he gave them to me. And we're all sharing. nommy chocolates are nommy. I'll forgive Slendy this once... maybe...

Taben's still fuming. Brennon's amused... and trying to steal my chocolate. I told him to go get his own.

In lue of everything... I guess... well... Happy Valentine's Day. Easily the best I've had in a while :3


Am I the only one who's NOT single that hates Valentine's Day? I hate the stupid consumerist holiday and the way it makes people without partners to feel like total shit.

Oh, let's also add in that they have yet to make gay friendly valentines.

Screw you v-day. Screw you and your bull poop.

Just had to rant a bit. Sorry.

Taben and I are going caching now. See yall later.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

WTF.... seriously Taben? Seriously?

So we're working on cleaning up today and all. Ry leaves to go get Allen, Taben has problems on his computer and asks me to check it out. So... I come nto his room and do so... and I'm looking and I'm perplexed. Nothing's wrong at all.... then... then I see it. I wasn't sure what to think of it. I went to my room grabbed my camera and.. well here it is.

I take some pics and go and ask Taben WTH? He starts laughing and giggling. Yes, you see it right. He took some of Allen's legos and made a lego Slender Man. As if it weren't bad enough we're being stalked by the real thing. Though, let's add in the fact that we've got a plush in each room. Allen has one, Taben has one then there's the one Taben made me. So now there are four small Slender Mans running around in the house... or rather standing. I dunno. It's weird.

Yeah, life's been pretty uneventful. No sightings of Him. Free day tomorrow is going to start with some geocaching and then a frap and then lounging around the house. Bits of cleaning and working around the house through the day. Thursday's the day. the out of towners come in and then Friday Eve/Saturday morning Bran comes in, possiby with a friend. Let us know when you know for sure Bran. We want to be sure to get enough food supplies and a large enough cake for everyone we'd have here. Also get in touch with me in reguards to rooming aranrangements. I'm trying to figure out how to do the rooms and all. someone's gonna have to share as since Taben and co moved in we've only got three spare rooms. And we've got two out of town guests coming.

Ok, that's it for now. Now to lay on the bed, veg out and read. I like uneventful relaxing weekends. Especially when it involves such nomtastic foods.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well... fuck....

Some reason I had really fucking hoped that what Damien had written about was just his little thing.... his imagination.. him going crazy...

Fuck... just... fuck.

Be careful Mr. Zeke.

As for me? I'm going Slender hunting. It's time talk skinny faceless got the whiteboard and pen and answered some questions for me.

Oh and Taben's going crazy. His mom took Allen for the night so we could work on cleaning this place up for company that comes next Thursday. Taben just broke down crying and started screaming he had to go get allen he couldn't let Allen die. Apparently Taben's been dealing with dreams of Allen's death almost constantly lately. The thing that gets me? It's not Slendy that kills Allen. Allen dies by gun shot wounds. I'm pretty certain this isn't going to come true and all.. but Taben's beside himself with worry. Allen seemed really happy to get out of here and to his grandparents though. So.. I dunno.

Mreh, Taben's calm now but he's... nervous, he's not Taben. I'm hoping to get some cleaning done then force him out of the house, he and I can go do some geocaching or something. I dunno. All I do know is Taben needs a break and he's so paranoid he's not willing to let himself have one right now :\

Anywyas yeah... everyone be careful. This new development is just... yeah scary shit.

P.S. Have I ever mentioned how I hate that Blogger things my comments are spam? :(

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A post...

...where I rant....

I was going to make a post about today.

But for now I'm going to rant.

Why the HELL does this goddmaned place seem to think I'm sort of spaming animal?! Why doe my comments to other blogs get sucked into spam? How the hell do I stop it?!

Ugh. Ok. Rant done. Sorry just had to get it out. I'm gonna go to bed now. See ya all later.

Oh, also Just a couple Slender sightings today. I'll count it as a good thing. Maybe.  Just makes me more concerened about what's going on over on the H(a)unting Blog with Sandra and Co. If he's been hanging around here, then who's been over there?

Stay safe everyone.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quizzes and papers...

Got a quizz in art history, a paper due in writing.. so i can't skip and spend time with Brennon to work shit out. Pisses me off.. at the same time he has to go in to work and get hounded and what not about the whole incident of not getting the story they wanted... even though they sent like five people and have connections with others. Bastards. If Brennon hadn't been sent down there this wouldn't have happened... none of it.

I'm just so pissed. Meh. I need to go. I just needed to vent a little before I did.

At least Slendy's taken his concentrations off of Allen...? Though kinda creeped out that they're suddenly focused on me. Allen could handle him, I'm not so sure I can.

Ok, ok, Taben's bitching about going so we can study. We're gonna be visiting one of his friends after classes today. We need to escape from the bullshit that's been going on... well I do anyways. Taben and Ry still don't know. Not sure if we should tell them, Taben might get pissed at Brennon.... just.. mreh.

Ok ok, going now. see ya all later.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Update in which I freak out and go all suicidal.

Things have been... busy here... kinda hectic kinda not.

I just don't know. Mreh I don't really care anymore either.

I think I lost it... Taben, Ry and Allen went to Taben's parent's place yestrday for SuperBowl fuckery and stuff. I was invited but... after all the shit I just wanted to stay home. I noticed Mr. No Face looking in the window at me and... I think I kinda lost it...

I went out side and found him and just started screaming at him. Scremng if he wants me to just fucking take me, that my life is fucking falling apart. I don't want to deal with it and to just make it easier on me by just removing me from everything. He just stared at me. So I went up... and kicked him. ::he looked at his leg and looked at me. He wasn't angry, I didn't feel any anger from him. No... Ithink he was more.... sorry? I felt... pity from him. And.. I lost it... and tried to beat the shit out of Slender Man. like, all out beat the shit out of him. picked up a stick had a go at him punched, kicked, bit (omg that taste... never wanna taste that again...) just everything in the book that was within my reach I just started at him with. rocks and snow balls included. When I was tiered I just fell to the ground crying. I think that's what I needed. After all this shit I just needed a chance to break down that I didn't get.

You know what happened then? He picked me up and brough me inside pat my head and left. The bastard's been able to cross our protections this whole time... this whole fucking time. I dunno if he was 'respecting' our boundaries or what. But he can cross them. He brough me inside. put me on the couch and left. Well kinda. he went back outside and just stood there and watched like he always does. He was curious, confused and... worried?

I'm so fucking confused right now... so damned confused...

I haven't told Taben or Ryan any of this. I think Taben's happy to believe that Slendy's not wanting to cross barriers. I'm just.. really confused... Dos this mean he's not malicious? Does this mean the barriers don't work? What the fuck does this mean? Meh... I need to go. I gotta pick up Brennon from the airport soon. I guess he changed his ticket to do an overnight flight home cause of some fuckery with tickets for the game.

Bran, I saw your comment on his blog, and we'll let you know what's going on when we're ready. I haven't even told Taben and Ryan yet. It's just.. a lot of fuckery. I have no clue what to make of it or how to react. After my freakout lastnight I just feel... blank... and numb. And confused of course.

So.. is Slendy my friend or my enemy? I don't know what to make of him.

I want him to be my friend though. That'd be cool.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Everything is fine and dandy here... still. We're trying to keep ourselves busy. Taben got into this thing called Geocaching. It takes our minds off our possible impending doom and is kinda fun. Well.. when we find stuff anyways.

Just not been anything to report really. He's here. He's always here He seems to be a constant. The only time He's not here is when Allen is at school. But when Allen's home there He is. The way he stands by the back door, it's like he's just waiting to be invited in.

I was thinking though... maybe he is; waiting to be invited in, I mean. Every year on Samhein we put a new ring of protection around out house. I've noticed that he doesn't past the point where the ring is. Like... ever....

For any that is not familiar with pagan rituals, placing a ring of protection around a house, room or dwelling is basically a ritual whre we set up a barrier that evil/angry/malicious spirits can't pass over unless they are invited by the person or people that perform and set the spell. In this case, Brennon and I.

At the same time this concerns me. It tells me that Mr Slendy is indeed evil/malicious/angry or what have you. Because he hasn't attempted to cross the line. He always stays those two or three inches from the door sides of the house where the herbs and salt were laid. I don't like the idea that this likely proves he's evil and wants to hurt us.... I've been trying to bring myself to believe he's a nice talk faceless man that is just curious and wants to make sure we're safe. I really wish I hadn't thought about that. Now I'm sorta kinda creeped out :\

It's all Bran's fault.

In other more amusing news, Brennon was telling me about this dream/nightmare that he had lastnight.
Slendy tentacle raped him. Yes, apparently Slendy likes himself some gay males. And Brennon now clames that Slendy is a, and I quote "Well equipped male with manly junk". I can't stop laughing... but at the same time I'm really hoping it *was* just a dream. Brennon's out of town on assignment. So... he wasn't here and safe with us lastnight. I dunno though... just... ugh now I got myself thinking about that now. >:[ If I find out Slendy's raping my mand I'm gonna be pissed >:[

Anyways gonna go off here. We're gonna be getting up early and see abut doing some Geochaching and getting out of the house for a bit.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Omg I can't stop laughing.

I'm sorry for the double post today but I was just looking around youtube and I found this... and HAD to post it. I think I busted my gut from laughing so hard.

Enjoy XD

Also, yeah, he's here and with us currently... well not with us.. but standing patiently outside the dor or just out the window. depends on where we are in the house. He really needs to find a better past time.

Good morning everyone...

Really, I should be sleeping still since our morning classes were canceled, but... here's the reason I'm not. The Schools around here are close. This equals to a very excited 7 year old being up and running around the house. I feel sorry for Taben, I hear him trying to keep the kiddo quite, and it works, for about fice minutes. Ah, the wonders of an autistic child that has no idea or means of understanding how the word around him works. I'm glad that we're all understanding individuals here, and that Ryan can sleep through anything and everything.

Speaking of, I have a really funny story for you. To put it simply, I think Ryan believes us now. The long part of the story? Is why I was up at 3am yrsterday morning and unable to get back to sleep and was so horribly tiered all day. So I'm sleeping, quite nicely. I've not slept as well as I did yesterday in a long time. Then there was this high pitched girly scream. I thought it was Taben. Brennon and I both wake up and scramble out of bed to make sure everything's alright. We're scared to death thinking it's th eend of the line. Slendy's taken Allen and we're all next. So we barge into Allen's room Allen's asleep. No the sound's coming form the next room over. We barge into Taben and Ry's room. This is where the funny part happens. Ry's standing on the bed squealing and screaming and pointing at the window. Taben's yelling at Ryan to lay the fuck down and give him the blankets back. In the midst of all this. Slendy's standing there looking in the window. I swear to god He's amused as he's just watching all the chaos he's just brought to our house at this early hour of the morning. Taben finally pulls Ry down on the bed and he kisses him. It works.... weird but it works. Ry's calm. I've never seen anything like this in my life. No, seriously. Any other case Taben would be the one spazzing out while Ry's trying to calm him down. Or Taben would be spazzing as well. No, none of that. None of that at all. Taben's completely calm and managed to calm Ry down. Ry is now extremely guilt ridden and clinging to Taben. Taben grumbles and tries to convince him to go back to bed. We all try to go back to bed. An hour later all of us, minus Allen, are gathered downstairs at the kitchen table convinced we aren't getting back to sleep. Taben's started on breakfast and we just started discussing the events and what not. The whole time Slendy is now at the back door watching us.

So yeah, Ry believes us now... though this brings up another question. Can Slendy grow? I was under the impression that he could only make his arms grow. Or maybe he was standing on hiis arms at this time? See,the bedrooms are all on the second floor. Though, now that I think about it there are a lot of cases where people are stumped because he's looking into a second floor window... and then the next moment he's standing right outside our door just looking like an extremley tall, faceless, gentleman. Is he a gentleman though? Is he? There are so many stories of him stalking people, driving them crazy, causing them to commit suicide or just ripping their guts out. But this Slendy seems curious, interested. He seems to protect Allen, he seems to be interested in who we are and what we do. When Taben was beating the crap out of him he could have easily turned on Taben and killed him right there, but no he simple moved Taben from him. The only wounds Taben recieved were the ones that he had inflicted on Slendy, and even then they were only bruises and there weren't many of them.

Maybe I'm entering risky territory here by doing this... but... maybe this is a chance for me to just kind of... study Him and get to know Him, see how He works. Figure Him out. Yeah, maybe it's a suicidal mission but I'm curious. I mean how many others have actually done this? I know people have studied him and experimented from afar, but not up close. Other than Sandra, I know of no one else that is this close to Him and still alive. And yet here we are, five of us living togetehr in this house and we're all find and dandy. I mean, seriously? What give? I'm greatful to be allowed to live but what makes me and everyone else here so different? The fact we're not completely scared? The fact that Allen's attatched to us? I'm also curious to see what will happen when Slendy meets Rizzy and Matt. Will he attack or hurt them? Will he leave them alone? I'm kinda worried and at the same time curious.... and I feel extremely fuckin' guilty for feeling that way.

Oh yeah, I want to beat Taben oo. apparently he's infected Rizzy and her mom. And he's proud of himself. I want to beat him for being proud, but that'd be too easy. I want to push him outside and feed him to Slendy. Dunno what Slendy would do, but yeah as far as I can tell, Slendy's still not happy with him for the way Taben beat him.

My brain just derailed and I forget anything else I might have wanted to say. So I'm gonna stop this here. Will be an intereting day with a kiddo off. Maybe I'll skip my class since my morning class was canceled and I really dun wanna go in just for one class. That's a waste of gas D: