Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well... fuck...

So first off. Blogger is a piece of booling shit and will not let me fucking comment and it's pissing me off.

Second of all. Taben's missing. Ry said he went into the woods this morning for a video shoot and never cam back. He's walked back in the woods looking for him but didn't find anything, and it was so muddy it was hard to tell with footprints and shit. We're trying to fight with the airlines to get back home ASAP. I feel like shit for leaving him alone. I just had a bad feeling but... ugh Gods be damned.

Chastin. You think leaving Malkin is the right choice? You think it'll make things better? Think again. Look what happened to Taben! I left him and thought things would be alright, even better for him. It didn't work. Get your macho ass back to Malkin and apologize. Kiss and make up or whatever the fuck you need to do. Do NOT leave him now. He needs you. He needs you right now more than ever.

Malkin. Hang in man. You're not alone and we're here rooting for you. It'll get better. And helll. If we ever meet up I'm sure as hell gonna punch Chas in the face. He really deserves and needs it right now. He also needs to learn th difference between worry and being whiny. Bastard. Hw's got a bop coming from bot Brennon and I. Seriously.

Taben. You better fucking b alright or I'll beat you. I told youto take someone with you when you go in the woods. I hope to fucking GODS you're alright. I love you babe, be safe. Brennoon and I are on our way home. As soon as the Airlines cooperate. Damned airlines...

Finally. Bran. Hope you're alright. Call me if you need to.I'm sorry Blogger's still being an ass to you. I say we all should plan a hostle take over and beat the people till they fix things and we get an apology. It'll be alridght... I hope. Stay safe and take care. Let me know if you've heard fomr ANYONE I don't care if it's fuck nutted Rat I just need to freakin' know!

Anywyas we're ogg. Apparently Brennon's gotten somethign worked out with the airline. I'll see ya all on the flip side. Taben, you've better be alright. Dammit.

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  1. :|
    I don't think you understand, it's not that simple.
    It might be on your end, but right now somethings need to be left alone, and Malkin is one of them.