Sunday, May 22, 2011

We're alright

We're alive and well. We're considering going home early. They keep throwing workloads at Brennon. It's really starting to piss me off. This is supposed to be our honeymoon get away.

I've been worried about Branwen and Taben as well. I finally talked to Taben and he's been working his ass off in keeping busy and getting his work done. Miss him like hell but this time alone with Brenno has been amazing. I love him so much. We've decided that when we get a chance we're gonna bring Taben, Ry and Allen down here. Allen would love it. I guess th break has been really nice and all. But. I dunno. I miss home. I'm worried abour Sam and Dean. And Taben, and Allen and Bran.

Branwen. Her absense hasn't been in vain. I guess Blogger's all fucked to hell for her and she can't get on and post. Add into it she's in her last week of her senior year of high school and has graduation and all of that. Todd? I have no freakin' clue. I can't contact him or anything. It's got me worried. He's strong though. He's strong.

Oh and I see Taben posted the first video. Well he didn't post the second one. The second one happened later the same evening. It's taken his lazy ass so long to get this posted it's just. Frustrating. Maybe he's embarassed to admit he was really freakin' stupid. I dunno. Anywyas, here's the second video for viewing pleasure.

And I'm gonna let Brennon have his computer back and we'll start talking about plans to go home.

Catch you all later, stay safe, eyes open.

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