Friday, December 31, 2010


Bran's here! Now we're gonna get this party started! ::queue cliche party music:: (Well she's been here a couple hours but we just got done with the delish dinner Taben made. I think the two of them are getting along swimmingly. Bah, gotta love furries. So easy for most of 'em to get along no matter how diverse they are. I guess I shoulda explained that Taben is a pretransitioned transman lol. Bran seemed really confused at first with Allen calling him mommy and... well the whole boobs thing XP. I shoulda told him to wear his binder. Ah well. Everyone's adjusted and being dorky and... well furry. I think Bran's really digging his fursuit as well XP

Okies! Off we go! Gonna start the Slender Man Marathon now.Taben showed me three other shows we could watch after Marble Hornets. So... It's Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, Tribe Twleve then John's Club. It's going to be a long night, but oh so fun!

I'll update before I hit the sack. Tis is going to be a blastin' 21st! XD

Nice way to wake up. :3

Brennon woke me up this morning with the most romantic happy birthday EVER <3 And then.. well it was really enjoyable I'll leave it at that lol! And then I go to breakfast to see that Taben's made me a full lay out of my favorits. bacon, eggs, sausage, backon, hasbrowns and toast and his homemade jam. God I love that guy and the cooking he does. :3

So just sitting around and chattering and hanging out. Watching the kid play games and just enjoying ourselves. I'm still creeped out by that plush. I came down to get something to drink in the middle of the night and the kid had left the plush on the couch. nearly scared the crap outta me. I'll be happy to get this video watching done and over with so that maybe I can be less scared. I somehow doubt it but I can hope, right? :p

Ok. Off to shower and then a quick store trip. Kitty's gonna get gooshy fud for the new year! :3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The count down begins

Tomorrow evening Branwen shows up and we start to party. Can't believe the years' flown by so fast.

I can't believe that tomorrow I turn 21! Wow. My life's flashing before my eyes! lol It's going to be one hell of a birthday to remember though!

Been enjoying the company of Taben, Ryan and the little one. The little guy's always so well behaved and a pleasure to have.... I just wish the creepy ass doll would be put up. Yeah, gona be pretty unerving. I've been looking up some of these pictures and art of the Slender Man. and I'll ad mit. I've watched a couple video from Marble Hornets. It's Taben's fault! He made me do it! I told him to hold off and we'll start over tomorrow when Bran gets here. OMFG! This is some seriously creepy shit....

Hope you're ready Bran... there's... a lot in store for you with these... for both of us... I'm excited to see more though. I have a feeling this will become my new obsession.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The fun begins!

I didn't realize the week was passing so fast!

Taben, Ryan and the kiddo showed up today. We invited them over early so they could get away from the hole in the wall apartment they live in. I wish we could convince them to live with us they'd be the most awesome livin house guest in like EVAR. Anyways there's been much fun being had.

But OMFG! Bran! Allen (Taben's son) is obsessed with Slender Man too. OMFG he has this plush that's the creepiest freakin' thing I've EVER SEEN! Taben said he made it for himself  but Allen hijacked it for himself. OMFG it's creepy as all get out! WTF! I don't even know what to make of it. It's like.. cool but creepy.

I told Tabby about the whole Slender Man thing and Bran telling me about the Marble Hornets and us agreeing to watch it on Friday. Omg I've never seen such an evil villinous look in his eyes before. Some part of this scares me D: What are we getting ourselves into Bran? What are we getting ourselves into?!

Ok. Bed's calling me. The next few days are going to be AWESOME! <3

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Over Estimated myself.

Heh, I'm dead on my feet... well my butt since i'm sitting at the computer and all... but yeah. I over worked myself. Poor Brenno's been stuck with all the chores and housework since I've been sick and unable to help. So I took up my mantke again and did everythin I usually do. Except the grocery run. We decided no groceries till I'm 100% better. And being as I'm so tiered from just doing dishes making a small easy meal and sweeping up the house.... yeah, I don't think I'm at 100% quite yet.


Apparently Friday we'll be watching this Marble Hornets stuff. This Slender Man stuff is some real nice creepy pasta, especially for something that started as an internet meme. I love seeing the stories people come up with from these things. Awesome.

Ok.. not to try and sleep after the creepy stuff... you know.. this mkes me want to find my old ghost story books and pick them up. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Oh yeah. I had the whole collection. May have to ask my mom about them.

All better!

Feeling so much better and rather on top of the world right now. It's a nice feeling.

So, all things are go for this weekend! I'm gonna just be sitting back and planning untill Thursday or Friday when we'll likely be going to the gorcery store to get stuff. I found this awesome recipe for nachos that I'm REALLY wanting to try. It looks so nommy. makes me realize just how much I'm starving D:

Ok that's it for the little update. I'm gonna see about cuddling with Brenno for a bit and then... well more cuddling. It's a sunny day outside, but still, it's cold and i'm just getting over this sickeness thing. Don't need anything bringing it back!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beautiful, but sick

The holidays were beautiful. Our parents are thrilled about our engagementand there was already loads of babbling and planning together. It's great really. Our two families were already like one big happy family. It's like we're taking another step to ensure the happiness of everyone and that things stay that way.

Brennon pampered and took care of me and has been pampering and taking care of me. Remember how I'd ben saying I was getting sick? Well Christmas Eve whatever this is took full hold. I was a lump on a log Christmas morning and all through Christmas. I got to partake in the roasted meat dinner that was ever so lovely and tastey. I felt a bit better after that and could make the drive back to the house. We got home and both of us passed out by 7:30pm. I tossed and turned all night. This morning I took my temperature an it was at 102. I'm happy to say that it's down to a normal temperature. This is after sleeping most the day away, though. I'm hoping this will be gone by this weekend. I don't want to have to cancel the party that I finally convinced my Brennon to have D:

So far the guest list for the party is our friends Taben, Ryan and their son and our dear friend Branwen. Perfect little group if you ask me. Dunno if Bran is familiar with Taben or noth. But he's awesome :3 He's a fellow furry and a fine person. Though he's old and graying ;p (he'd beat me if he ever saw me post that here, but thankfully he does't read my blog so I'm safe! XP)

Anyways, I think that's it. Gonna veg out and snuggle with Brennon for a bit. I still can't convince him to make a blog. The jerk. He tells me to make one but doesn't himself? >:[

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Going to the parents for the Holidays, won't be back till sometime tomorrow evening.

There's so much I could go over and on about. But I feel so much like crap it's not funny. Here's hoping that it doesn't completely ruin my Holiday with the family. We'll also be announcing out engagement to our families. (we always do the Holiday thing together, Christmas eve is just blood relatives)

Anyways I'm off to bake and prep to go to mom's. We'll be seeing you on the 26th!

Hope everyone's Holiday is merry! <3

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blessid Yule!!

To anyone out there that celebrates it a very happy and blessid yuletide to you all! May the longest night of the year find you with someone to keep you warm.

I have a roast in the oven to go with tonight's celebrations. Our friends are still here to celebrate with us.

And I can't hold it back anymore! I'm the happies guy EVER IN THE WORLD!! BRENNON PROPOSED!! He asked me to marry him!! SOOOOO Happy I squealed and was girly and adn OMG!


(I don't care if this makes me even more girlie, I don't even fucking care I'm SO DAMNED HAPPY!!!! [And I did say YES!])

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Omg I'm posting :p

Seriously... this weekend was... great.... we had friends over this weekend. It's been a blast. Lots of hanging out, talking geeking out and just... enjoying ourselves... I'm really really tiered though. Been sleeping terrible lately. Just wanted to post and say I'm alive and I'll give a run down of the weekend's events tomorrow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

No, that was awesome...

Somehow the alarm got flicked on. So the alarm went off and I just started doing my routine and getting ready for class... thing is. I fiished my classes and exams last week! I am so awesome! Ah well, at least I'll be awake and ready for the day. Feeling a lot better as well. just have the cough part left to deal with.

Kinda lonely. Brennon's working today. He's got a part time job thing with the local paper. It's nice. He really enjoys it even if it takes him away sometime. Though really, it's all cool. He's happy so I'm happy. I'm debating seeing about doing some freelance photography stuff for them. Would be nice and would bring a bit extra cash in. Hmm... I'm gonna think this over more. may be something to help pay my way through college... yes?

Okies I'm done for now. I need my coffee. I might go crazy if I don't get it :p

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

before bed tiered as hell post

I'm sick.. Bleh... stuffy coughy sick. Sucks so hard. At least I don't have to worry about missing classes. I'm gonna take some nyquil and head to bed. Guess that's what I get for runnoing out in the 12 degree weather to take pictures XP Damn you Ohio >:[

I'll post pictures tomorrow :)

For now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow there's party planning fun! fwee! XP I'm such a lunatic XD 2 and a half weeks away and already plannning... Brennon thinks I'm weird. I love him though XP Men. Pffft.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So.... New Year's Eve Party, Anyone?

I've been buttering up Brennon, the hermit that he is and finally got him to agree to having a *small* party. I'm thinking just a few people. People he can tolerate (there's not many of them unfortunately). So... Branwen? You wanna be one of those few? Much fun will be had. I've got a couple friends we're going to ask if you want to bring any friends let us know!

I can't wait! Finally! We got this house together two years ago and haven't had anyone over other than the occassional visit from mine or Brennon's family. Will be nice to finally have SOMETHING larger. I'm all kinds of excited! XD I'm such a dork.

I'm going to start making polans. I know it's really early but... I'm really excited! XD


Damned snow storms.... it's so cold and miserable. I'm happy to be in the house with the heater cranked up and blankets wrapped around me.

So I managed to convince my friend Branwen to get her blog made. Yay, go me! No we can work together to prod and poke Brennon into making his. We'll be.. the three musketeers or something like that. I know Branwen from a mutual friend. We started hanging out and it's all been awesome since. We'll likely going to the same college after she graduates so we'll (hopefully) get to fight through some classes together, which is spectacular, really.

Anywyas, I'm going to dive back under the covers and cuddle up to Brennon and try and wake his lazy ass up. We have errands to do... I hate the idea of going out in this crud, especially knowing there are over 400 closings reported. But we need groceried. We've waited out the storm as long as possible we need some of those necessities that people need... like.. you know. Coffee.... and stuff. I need my coffee!

Catch ya all later! Blessid Be,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

And it begins.

The snowstorm's finally moved in. We've been under a winter storm warning all evening... at a bit afternoon it finally started snowing. Sometimes I really hate Ohio. Sometimes I can't help but love it. I'm a person that lieks the rain and the snow and all the crummy weather we get. Then there's all the foreests and parks and just.. it's gorgeous. I love it.

I'm really excited to see what it's going to be like tomorrow. I'm really hoping to be able to get some nice pictures at the park again. I wish I could have gotten some yesterday when we had the bit of a thaw out but I was too lazy and wanted to just lay around and do nothing.

Even right now I just want to lay around and do more nothing, lol. I didn't sleep well lastnight.. and I was up early this morning yet again. I really wish I knew what was messing with my sleep so much lately. Ah well. I'll get it figured out in time. Maybe I just need a good bout in the sack lol. I suppose that's something I can try for. I guess we'll have to see. Heh.

Ok.. going to head out now and laze about more.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Introduction

So, Brennon told me I should post something about myself here. Since he's the one that told me to make this stupid thing in the first place I figure why not.  I'll listen to him and moan about my pathetic life. Not like anyone's reading anyways. Heh, Brennon smacked me on the back of the head. Jerk. He said what I said isn't true.

Really. It's not.

My name is Aiden. I live in Ohio. I'm a college student. I follow a Pagan path and I'm gay.

That enough? Brennon says no. lol I lov him. I really do.

Ok. so where to start? I'm gay. I've been out of the proverbial closet since I was about 12 years old. I knew what I liked, I knew what I wanted and I was pleased and happy to proclaim it. There was never any questioning, I just knew. I've been best friends with Brennon for as long as I can remember. My parents and his parents knew each other and so we grew up together. Childhood Sweetheart? Ever heard of those? Yeah, that's what Brennon is for me. We've been dating since middle school when he finally came out of the closet. His first boryfriend really hurt him and I was there and helped pick up the pieces. We've been inseperable ever since.  That was about seven years ago.

I'm almost 21. Gonna be it in a few weeks actually. I'm a new years eve baby. Go me. I remember my mom always bitching at me when I was younger that I had to come out so soon and took away her chance at her 15 minutes of fame. lol my parents always provided for me and treated me the besst they could while I was growing up. I was raised in a Pagan household with my mother and father actively practicing. When I came of age, I too began to follow the path. I've been very happy and have always been accepted by my parents and family. I have two siblings. A Younger brother and sister; Candice and Dean who are twins. They just turned 17 last month and are the stereotypical inseperable twins. They're always there for each other. When they can't be there for each other, I can be there for both of them. I've always been close to them and it's a great feeling honestly. I honestly couldn't be happier.

After I graduated from high school I decided I wanted to take up the role and be the 'house wife' (Hell, I'm the girly one anyways, or so I'm told). It was all cool. I stayed home tended to things and did freelance art and writing on the side. Finally the bug started biting me to get out nad go to school and try and make a crer of it. Brennon has pushed me that way and nudge me evry chance he gets. He's going to be finishing up his degree in journalism in the next coupl of years. So he pushed me that way. So this past fall I started. I'm going into Computer animation and gaming design. I always wanted to do something art related. I'm debating if this is what I'll keep following though. I've always felt more at home with traditional means. Paints, inks. pencils and paper and canvas or clay. So I guess it's just a matter of figureing out waht to do. I'd not mind doing something photography related either. I really enjoy taking my camera and shooting pictures. I also like sweing and making and designing things... so maybe fashion or design? I'm not sure. I'm just in my first year, it'll all come to me eventually, just eed to get the hell over my dreaded math classes. Dammit I hate math.

So, yeah, that's a bit about me. I ran out of things to ramble about and probably over rambled. Sorry about that. I need to poke and prod Brennon. He convinced me to do this. I need to get him to do the same. lazy imbecilic prat. lol. No, really, I love him. He's my rock. I just have to tease him now and then. It keeps him o his toes.

Anyways I'll leave at this for now. I'll catch you all later. Blessid Be.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Nice Day

My first day away from classes until the spring semester starts in January. Unfortunately, I'm so used to the early wake up time that my internal alarmclock woke me up at the sam 6am as usual. I tried to get back to sleep but just tossed and turned. Bennon got pissy cause I was bothering the hell out of him so we eventually just said screw it and showered and got ready to start the day. Went to the grocery store for some food stuffs and then came home. It started to *really* snow. I loved it, so we decided to go to the park. I brought my camera along. It was very nice. I lov the park as it is.. but there was something so nice and serene about the snow falling and teh quietness that surrounded us as we walked. Just been a picture perfect day really. We were the only ones in the park... so that was a real treat. It's rare that we can go out and do something like that and be completely alone. It was really nice.

Afterwards we were freezing our asses off so we ran to the car and went home and i've just been lazing about all day. I'm still getting over the whole end of semester exams stress. I've been tiered and grumpy. Brennon's been really great about it. Really understanding. He'd do wonderful. Blah. I'm getting all sappy and girlie sounding. Hate when I do that.

Maybe I'll finally get an introduction in tomorrow. Something more about myself than being tiered and cranky. Will be nice to have the weekend just Bren and I without me slaving over school work. Maybe we'll do something nice. I guess we'll see.

Anyways, g'night for now Bloggers. Aiden out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hi nobody! lol

Holy shit I'm so damned tiered. But Brennon's making me post here despite the fact I just had to fight through my last fucking finals today. But thank the Gods I'm FREE! Well until January.

Even so, I'm really glad he talked me into going to college.

I'm so tired, I don't even know where the hell to start. Fuck it. I'm going to bed.
Sorry Brenno (he hates when I call him that), I'll post later when I'm not so damned tiered. You know better than anyone the shit I've gone through the past few days with studying and cramming for exams. You still have a problem with it? Well, fine. Not gonna change my desicion, babe. :p