Sunday, January 30, 2011

Uneventful mostly

Ryan is a turd. He went to do laundry today at the laundry mat. We have a fucking washer and dryer. what the fuck? Well... it's forgivable since he brought us all Starbucks coffees home.

Also amusement ensuded. Apparntly Taben only ever gets texts messges whn there's an emergency. Taben's on the pot and in comes a text message. he yells at Ry to give him the phone. Then upon checkin the phone he begins to spaz out. We all spazz cause we think something's really bad. then the phone rings. Taben throws the phone at Ry who answers it. He tells the caller to call back in a few minutes. shortly after Taben comes barrling out grabbing the phone from Ry his pants barely pulled up:: "YOURE NOT GONNA BELIEVE WHAT MATTY SENT ME!!"

Well.. here's what Matty sent him. Apparently he only lives like 2 hours from this place. One was sent via the text today. the other with the symbol was sent a little bit ago via IM. Taben's spazzing and wanting to go and see that place now. I'm just... really wondering about him. One moment he's spazzing cause Slendy's 'after' his son ( I still don't think that's the case), the next he's wanting to explore more get closer check things out and learn. Dude's bi-polar or something...

Well without futher adue, the pics.

In other news, nothing to report. another nice relaxing day. I can get used to these. They nice :3

Saturday, January 29, 2011


It was a nice, enjoyable and uneventful day.

It's been a while since I've had one, and was really nice to have. Taben made awesome noms for dinner. And we started making plans for the birthday bash weekend of a life time.

Miss Bran we need to find a way to get you up here for the awesome fun we will have! There will be lots of cake, Sushi/Sashimi and fun! Fun is always a grand thing to have. And maybe you can rub Ryan's face in this whole Slender Man business. Or punch him. Or something. Maybe by then he'll be seeing him to. I just hate that he's always out of the house or out of the room when Slender's around. Ah well.

I'm looking forward to a nice evening and some good sleep. Well, when I go to bed anyways.

Edit: Thought I'd come in and report something Taben just told me. Our friend Mat, who is down in Georgia has seen Slender Man lurking around. And I quote from th IM log Taben gave me "I caught a glimpse of what looked like a person in a thicket of trees the other day. I had to stare at it for a few seconds before I was convinced it wasn't" I IMed him myself and was told that yes, yes he had thought it was Slender Man. He's pushing it off as his imagination. I simply told him "Wait till you come up here" I think he's a bit creeped out now.

Oh boy...

This is gonna be fun.

So lastnight over the awesome dinner that Taben made, we all sat at the dinner table and had a nice long conversation. Here's how it went.

Taben: "So.... uhm... I was having some friends come visit me for my birthday.... Is... it alright if they still visit?" He's playing in his food looking at myself and Brennon
Ryan: "Why wouldn't it be?" He says this dismisively. He's still annoyed from the sudden uprooting and moving. Brennon and I are just looking at each other. We wonder if this is a good idea.
Taben: "Well with all the incidnents and all. I mean one, she's got her plane ticket already. She's the main one I'm concerned about."
Ryan: "You're not still going on about that Slender Man crap, are you?"
Taben: "If you'd open your eyes and look outseif you'd know that YES I'm going on about that Slender Man 'crap'" Taben wildly gestures to the back door that looks out over hte porch and woods. Brennon and I both look. And Spaz. He's right there looking in at us.
Ryan: Shakes his head groaning and doesn't look. "Whatever, have fun with your fantasy" He finished his meal and took his plate to the sink and went off to his room. Taben's livid, his face is turning red. then he starts yelling at Slendy.
Taben: "Star showing yourself to my husband! You're gonna fukin' kill my relationship! Show yourself to him so he doesn't think I'm fucking insane!"
Allen: "Don't yell at my Slendy Man!"
Taben: "Sorry... he's making mommy mad." Brennon and I are kinda beside ourselves uncerstain what to do. we change the subject back.
Me: "So who's going to be coming? Just one friend?"
Taben: "No, there's two. you kinda know Matty, I don't think you know Rizzy though."
Me: "Matty's already infected, right? What about Rizzy?"
Taben: "She's kinda like Ry on it. She doesn't believe in it and thinks its silly. I can't get her to watch the things onlie. She does help feed my obsession though."
Brennon: "We'll work it out, not like we don't have the room. Tell them they can still come. We'll have a big biurthday bash.  it'll be fun." I'm not so sure about this
Me: "Uhm... is that a good idea? the last thing we need is for others to be dealing with our uninvited guest." I gesture to Slendy and he jut kinda tilts is head. He knows we're talking about him.
Brennon: "Well if Matt's already kinda infected he'll be fine. If the other one is anything like Ry, she'll be fine. Beside. I haven't had a party for my birthday in a while. It'll be fun."

At this point we're distracted and a bit freaked out as Slendy starts tapping/knocking on the glass of the door and Allen wants to go out and play with him and yeah...

So... it looks like in a few weeks here we'll be having a couple of guests in our home and will be having some awesome birthday fun. They'll be coming in February 17 and staying through the weekend. This will be interesting. I know Matty vicariously through Taben. Remember that platapus post I made a bit back? Yeah, that was Matty. It'll be nice to meet him finally.

Anyways in other news... there's not much more to say. Gonna get the last couple things from Taben's place, then get a moving truck and take the left over stuff to the local goodwill. Then it's cleaning and they're done. Taben will just have to return the keys on Monday.  I feel a bit sorry for Taben though. He came over here expecting to be safer. We thought he'd be safer. He said before bed lastnight that he's seen Slendy more here than he ever did at their place.

Bad move? Good move? I don't even know. I guess time will tell.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let me tell you...

About my wonderfully eventful evening! I have time to kill before we leave for classes so I'm just going to sit here and tell you about the AWESOME that happened lastnight.

And by AWESOME I mean of course NOT SO AWESOME!

So we got home from our last load of boxes for moving. Brenno had come and helped us. He showed up and was obviously really upset but didn't want to talk about it. So we load up the vehicles and bring the loads back. At this time Taben announces he and Ry are gonna go get food. It's decided Pizza. And so we can save a buck he's gonna go pick it up. Gotta love Pizza Pan. Buy one pizza get two free with pick up. So Ry and Taben call, order and leav to go get the food stuff.

In the meantime, Allen asks to go outside. I decide what the hell, help the kid into his snow gear and go sit on the back porch and let him have at it. he starts making a snowman and i tell him to stay there i have to pee. So I go to do this. This is where the AWESOME turns into NOT SO AWESOME! I go and empty my bladder and then return. Allen's missing. I look around and see littel foot prints leadng off to the woods. Oh, did I tell you? We have a large woods in the back yard. This is perfect.... NOT! I spazzed. I fucking spazzed I got Brenno and screamed that He had taken Allen. Brennon goes and gets his stuff and we grab a flashlight (it's starting to get dark and all; damned winter darkness). We get ready and come down off the porch and there He is. WITH Allen. He's got Allen by the hand and is walking him down the path and out of the woods. Allen is a bit sullen like he's upset or you know that look that a kid has on his face when he's caught being bad? He gets this pouty face and looks up at Slendy. Slendy looked back at him and pushed him towards us. Allen fussed, he wanted to play in the woods. He shook his head no and pointed at us. (By the way it's REALLY fucking creepy seeing those long arms and that pale hand pointing at you) Allen obdiently came over to me and just started crying saying ":I'm sorry I'm sorry I want to see the woods" I look at Slendy. He just looks back at me. I'm fucking confused. Confused as fuck. He tilted his head to the side looking at me. I swear I pissed my pants. That's the freakiest fucking thing ever. I guess it's cause in the movies they worked it out to coincide with the whole "Imma gonna kill you thing" But I dunno. I didn't get that from him. It was more... curious? I looked back to Brenno. I'd never seen him so pale or with such a blank expression. (I think he believes us now Bran). He seemed to start and I looked back. Slendy was right fucking thre. I was a bit startled and just looked up at the giant. He looked back at me. Then Taben burst through the back door screaming his head off. Slendy looked at Taben then turned to start leaving. Pretty quickly. I dunno why. Taben took off after Slendy, he jumped on Slendy and started punching the crap out of him. Then those tentacle things... those fucking tentacle things are pretty creepy, this was the first time i saw them. They just kinda snaked themelves out grabbed Taben, picked him off of him and dropped him to the ground. Then Slendy turned around and walked into the woods.

Taben's alright. He's bruised to fuckig hell and back, it's like everywhere he punched Slendy, he himself became bruised. Gotta love what a mother bear does for it's young. Though really. I don't think Slendy wants to hurt Allen. I don't even know to be honest. I'm still trying to figure this shit out.

What the fuck is going on? Slendy takes kids, right? Is he 'hallowing' out Allen? Allen doesn't even seem fazed like a hallowed would be though. I want to belive that Slendy's being a bastard and trying to use Allen against us.... But there's just... something deep in me that says that's not the case. He seemed more curious and... and friendly than anything... which is kinda... weird... I mean after everything I've heard and read and all. I don't even know what to make of this junk. I'm so confused.

Anyways need to get my ass moving. Taben needs me to drive, his ankle's acting upfrom when he got dropped. And, well he's brued and beaten to hell. I guess it serves him right. Hell he got me into this whole Slender Man shit. Sometimes I hate him for it, really. But yeah he knows how Slendy works. Why try and beat the crap out of Him? Then again. A mom's gonna do anything they can for thier kid. I just wish I could explain that Slendy likely saved Allen's life. Allen could have gotten lost in those woods, all a lone.

Dude, I'm supposed to fuckin' hate Slender Man, right? Why the fuck am I feeling this way? I'm feeling greatful towards the dum fuck?! God dammit...

I'm out. See ya all later...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a quickie..

I've been busy so I've been unable to post much.

1) There's college. It's been.. challenging. Not because of the work being hard, but because I need to keep Taben in check and from spazzing out. It's hard to assure him that everything will be fine, that Allen will come home. He's doing better than he was initially. At least he's taking care and all and he's being really careful. I might slink out of this shell and see about asking someone that knows Slender Man. this is kinda hard to do though, for me anyays. Cause it means I'm admitting to having this creepy ass problem when really I'd just rather.... ignore it and love my life?

2) We're moving. No not us but we're helping move Ry and Taben into the house with us. We finally managed to convince them to move in with us. I wish the circumstances were better but, meh. Whatever. They're moving in, we're happy and content. Ry's been wanting to move out of the place they were in. It's a matter of just figureing out what's going to happen to all of their furniture and stuff. I mean there's some that will come but we don't need another couch, or table or ET center. We're working on a plan to make the basement a Studio/computer/gaming area thing though so the second ET center may be nice for that.  It's been a lot to go over though. And when we're not in school we're at Taben's place helping them get stuff packed up and moved out over here. So it's been for us. Go to class, go and move stuf. slee. go move stuf. come hoime sleep. get ups go to class, go move stuff... yeah pretty boring there. But it's moving along. Will be happy to be done with it all. But my GODS Taben has a lot of shit. Ah, the life of an artist... makes moving so much harder :p

3) The girl that I reported/got pissed at a few journals back hasn't been coming aroud... that or I've been so busy I've not noticed her. But there's nothing to report there.

4) Allen's doing fine. We've been giving him lego sets to keep him occipied. He's not asked of Slender Man though he keeps that creepy push close. There's been no siting of our tall friend but I'm sure it's a matter of time. Again maybe he's been there we've just been too busy to notice. I'm just trying to keep calm, keep Taben calm and just get us all situated and happy. It's nice to have more people in the house so it's not so empty. I think Taben likes this too. Ry's still nervous, but I understand. He and Taben have been burned so many times by others. It's only natural for them to be hesitant.

Anyways that's my quickie... which wasn't so quick but oh well. I'm gonna head on over to Taben's place. He's already there and expecting me. He had to go over there and get Allen off onto the bus and stuff. They're still working on getting all of that changed around and stuff.  Ok.. for real this time, I'm going. Talk to ya all later.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Park...

Yeah... sounds like some sort of action adventure movie. No... were this a movie I'd throw it in the same Genere as The Ring or The Grudge. You know those movies that aren't gorey but they creap the shit out of you cause they totally mind fuck you? Yeah, that's what "The Park" would be.... if it were a movie.... hell maybe someone will come alont and buy the rights to this from us and make us filfthy rich in the process. Hey that'd be nice, right?

Anywyas. Taben came over and got me and we headed to the park. I told him I was going to be shooting again and I wanted to get some mom/son shots in everthing. He shrugged and said alright. Allen's a camera whore so it'd work out.

We arrived and the whole first part was just.... this was the Taben I'm used to. happy, cheerful laid back. He was keeping close to Allen and keeping an eye on the kid, but that's normal parent stuff. Maybe he was a bit more attached than usual now that I look back at it. As I came to find he had good reason to be.

We get a bit into the park and i tell them to stop and i start shooting. get a picture of Allen who's trying to make snow balls with the dry powdery snow. I get a picture of the two of them together. pictures of the surroundsings. We keep moving and Allen just queals with pure delight and Allen takes off ahead of us. She stops and points at something behind us and we turn to look nd when we turn aroun he's far off down the trail. Taben screeched bloody murder for Allen to stop and taks off after him screaming for him to wait and not get too far ahead. One wouldn't think anything of it at first, but then keep in mind. I've come to the park with them plenty of times. Taben often encourages Allen to run ahead to find things and identify things and enjoy himself. He's NEVER this clingy to the kid. I manage to run up ahead and Allen was just being quiet and looking down knowing he'd scared his mom half to death. I managed to lighten the mood by pointing out there were some birds coming down for food. Taben being Mr. Naturalist man pulled out his bad of sunflower seeds and we began to feed the birds.

We do this for a bit then decide to move on. As we do Alen squeals and runs off again. Taben runs after him. I sigh and just take pictures along the way and what not and stop. we're at an intersction like thing in the path where the path Vs off to a small clearing in te woods that just goes to a place were they dump dirt and gravel in the spring/summer monthes when they're regraveling the paths. llen's running down this way, Taben's frozen at the end of the path screaming for Allen to come back. His eyes are wide as saucers and despite his face being nearly frozen he's pale and scared looking. I get over there and take pictures. I see nothing for Taben to be screming ot spazzing about. Allen's stnding at the clearing looking back at us. I just click away taking pictures. Nothing's showing in the previews. So yeah. Tben's just spazzing about nothing as far as I can tell. Allen just turned and stared seemingly in a trance for a but longer then nodded waved and came back. Ok... that was weird but I think nothing of it. Allen comes back and the birds had followed us so we're feeding birds again. Taben's staring down this little path there's a growl in his throat and I swear he'd have been hissing if he wasn't trying to not scare the birds. He helped Allen feed the birds. I kept getting pictures. Taben was distraced horribly looking doen the path towards the clearing almost constantly.

Finally Allen proclaims he's cold. Taben says it's time to go. So we get up and start to go. Taben gets up (he's been kneeling behind Allen holding onto him) As he turns to look back down the path he's just starts and yowls and then starts hissing and standing in this extremely defensive posture. He yells at me to take Allen to the car and throws the car keys at me. I just do as I was asked and start going. Allen's yelling for Taben to follow but Taben just stands there staring, growling, hissing and being defensive. I'm effectively creeped out by this time and grab the keys and haul Allen to the car. I look over my shoulder now and then and Taben's still standing there, same posture and all.  I get Allen back to the car get us in. Allen's calling for Taben, complaining cause he didn't get a map of the park and just, well being a seven year obsessive compuslive austistic child (which he is this isn't mean trying to be insulting by laying adjetives that don't belong).

It's about 15 minutes later when Taben finally comes into view. he's moving pretty fast looking over his shoulder constantly. He gets in the car takes the keyes without a sound and starts the car and drives off. He pulls into my drive to drop me off. I move to get out and ask him to come in. He just shakes his head and says
"No time." I tell him I'll see him later ask him to go tomorrow we can go to the park. He says he'll think on it. I try and ask what's the matter and what's going on but I'm interupted and he looks at me with this serious look on his face and says
 "Don't look at those pictures if you can help it. If you do, delete them right after. Don't show them to anyone. Please. Just listen to me and do as I say. Promise me you will." I'm a bit flabbergasted by this but agree and again try and ask him what's wrong. He just shakes his head and says maybe tomorrow. I tell him alright. That I'm holding him to it. I got to close the door and he stops me calling to me.
"Aiden, I love you. I really care about you. You're a great guy. Don't forget that. I love you." I'm taken back by this and simly nod and say "I love you too." I close the door and come into the house and just go to relax. Do a few house chores and then here I am resting at the computer.

And then I saw thes photos.... and I really want to show you guys these photos... but I don't want to break my promise to Taben. There is something going on. There is something going on. Allen seems to be a key to this. There.. there are pictures in this card where HE IS RIGHT FUCKING THERE!

Where Allen ran down that path? He's there.. standing right in the middle. Allen's holding his fucking 'hand' and smiling up at him ans talking to him. Allen's wavings... he's waving back as Allen runs to Taben. He's standing right behind Allen and Taben as Taben helps Allen feed the birds. HE'S RIGHT FUCKING THERE IN ALMOST ALL THE FINAL PICTURES! I can't deny this shit anymore. I can't deny anythin anymore. He's after Allen, and Taben. Allen knows he's there. Allen talks to them touches him. And just...

I have no words right now. I want to fucking scream and cry. Why did Taben not fucking tell me?! Brennon can't argue that there's nothing in these, or that it's a trick of the light anymore. My fcking Gods. My good fucking Gods. I can't believe it. I know the paranormal.I've seens spirits. I've spoken with them and helped them before. Hell we have a couple that live in our house... but this... something like this is just... I don't even... I really don't even.

All I know is... I'm not giving up. I'm not abandoning my friends. I'm not abandoning my life. I'm going to live my life to the fucking fullest. I'm going to continue to go to college. I'm going to marry Brennon. I'm going to hang out with Taben and Allen and my friends. I'm not going to let this bastard scare me and run my life.  This is my life. And what I do is my choice. If the mother fucking Slender Man is going to come and fucking take me, then he's going to have to come and take me. I'm not coming to him and I'm not stopping my life for him. I'm not giving up on my family. So all I can say right now is fuck you Slender Man. Fuck you and your tentacles hands up your ass.


So I showed these pics to Brennon that have me spazzing. He says they're trcks of the light and shit... and.. well maybe. but the pavillion has no lights in it as of yet. So.. yeah... I'm going to try and run an experiment.

See we went to the park the other day, Taben and I. Taben spazzed out before we really got deeper into it and wanted to go. there were a few pictures, he fed the birds a bit. it was all cool. then he spazzed and said let' go. so we left and run around and stuff.

Brenno spurprised me with a whole lot of everything so i decided against getting the pictures off the camera. So I waited and got them off in the mornin as i was getting ready for school. Two of he pictures have me a bit shakey. Brennon says it's a trick of the light yadda yadd. I dunno... So... I'm gonna run an experiment. I'm trying to get Taben to go to the park again either today or tomorrow.  I'm going to take pictures like mad. We'll see if more creepy pops up.

Oh by the way. Taben wasn't in classes yesterday. He said the car doors froze shut. Which, could be the case... but before I heard him hang up he was yelling at Ry to get away from the window that it just 'teases' him. I heard Ry being dismissive and just, well Ry. When I tried to get Taben to talk to me and figure out what was going on he said "Don't worry about it, see ya." and hung up.

Something's going on here... and I plan on figureing out what it is. If this thing's really happening, having the support of a friend and a 'beiliever' is the best, right? t least... I'm starting to fit that category. I'm wondering if I just fucked myself by admitting that.

Anyways I'll keep ya all updated.

Quick Edit: I was on the phone before I even finished. Convinced Taben to go to the park. Allen's gonna be there too. So yeah gonna go and feed the birds. We'll see how this goes... wonder if there will be any differnt effects with Allen being there

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I... I don't even...

I don't even know what to think or say or anything. Going to talk to Taben today...

I don't even... what the fuck... seriously....

Bran? Have you explored those woods yet? I'm curious... really curious.

Gonna be leaving for class soon. I need to start carpooling with Taben. I think I'm on his way anyways.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

nice day

Nice day out with Taben. Have some pictures but not a lot... Taben got really... weird and all before we could get very far into the park nad just kinda turned and started back to the car... kinda sucked but eh... wasn't gonna puh him. Just wish he'd have told me what was going on and all.

We did some running around hangoing out and having a good time. then he brought me home, dropped me off and I found Brennon had come home early... and there was a very sweet romantic candle light dinner waiting for me. A very very nice tstey dinner and then a movie. I'm about ready to head to bed. I'll pull pics off my camera tomorrow and post a few.

Anyways, it's bed time for me now. I'll catch ya all later.

Sleep calms me

Brennon said he's going to make a post today on what happened with the girl yesterday.. stupid bitch chick. Sorry... but lame excuses like that don't make me any more trusting of her. Grr.

So yeah... after all that happened and I made my last post and fumed... it was decided that I need to escape the house today while Brennon does his school/work thing. This is his last semester so he's really crunching. Good thing is he can go into an even better paid jobe at the newspaper after this her graduates. The pay jump from now to what he'll get when he's hired after college is.. well it's phenominal. He's really pleased with the prospect and is all over it. Keeps tlling me I can stop college. No, no thanks. I'm going to go after this art degree that I've always wanted. :p

Anywyas... uhm. Yesterday was first day of classes for me. Taben was nice enough to let me use his notes so I could get everything that I've missed.  and the teachers were pretty lenient and understanding. I guess showing them hospital discharge papers show how bad that it was for me. Heh. So yay for having that on my side.

Kinda worried about Taben. He seemed pretty distant yesterday didn't talk much and kept his head in his drawing and stuff. I just let it go after a while and caught up with reading. We have a couple hour break between Art History and Writing class, we just go to a table in the downstairs break room/study room and just sit there. we get from the vending machines and sit there relax and chatter, draw, do homework, whatever. Like I said, Taben was pretty silent. I'm guessing he's just upset cause he and Ry got into some argument or he's just silently spazzing over some home problems. With the little one being special needs and all, I know that Taben's got his mind on those kind of things a lot. I'm hoping to have gotten through to him. I told him to stop by my place and we'll go to the park together. He seems to cheer up a bit and said he'd like that. So. We'll see. he's supposed to be here at 9am and we're going to go together. We've decided since we're doing the same major we're going to try and keep the same classes and get ourselves scheduled together. I'm a few classes ahead of him but that's fine. I'll just slow down and stuff. Feel sorry for the poor guy. Between his depression and his social anxiety I'm sure he's got a lot on his mind and just really needs this support. He's a great guy though so I'm more than happy to help.

Anyways, that's it for now I guess. I'm gonna go get my breakfast, and finish reading this bit. There's talk about watching this documentary that the Art History teacher suggested together. Taben's doing his research paper on Stonehenge and, wel being pagan and all, I want to see what they have to say as well. I know Brenno will like it as well. Anywyas. Gonna go, for really this time.

I'll see ya all later.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rawrgrawrrawrgrawr!!! >:K EAT PEOPLE!!

All I can do is growl and bitch and scream and stamp and hiss and growl and stamp some more.

WTF PEOPLE?! WTF?!?! I will KILL YOU! I'm protective. I'm a very protective mother fucker. You start hitting on my mand and asking him out even AFTER he tells you he's taken/engage and gay? You better believe I'm going to get pissy and be a bastard towards you.

I don't totally believe her though. If you are curious? Come to the dor knock and ask. Don't stand in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STREET AND STARE AT OUR HOUSE!

Stupid fucking cunt. HOW DISRESPECTFUL DO YOU HAVE TO BE?!?!



(real update when I calm down... seriously)

Hi.. and stuff...

I was going to make this huge long post....

but then I noticed the time.

Well... fuck. I've gotta leave for classes shortly. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back but it'll be nice to have some semblance of normality to look forward to. And hell I can keep Taben company so he doesn't go insane. He claims he's been going insnae with the 2 hour break and not havig anyone to socialize with. My reall thoughts and comment? Taben? When the fuck have you ever been social man? :p Seriously? Lawl.

Ok. so... yeah... I'll write a long and in depth thing about what I'm going to write about. Cause.. you know.... people just standing outside in the street are creepy as fuck. No, it's not Slender Man. Just.. some chick. ...Dammit. I said I'd explain tonight. I'll post tonight when I get home so hole your panties on till then.

Brennon thinks I'm going nuts. I'm gonna point it out if it happens again tonight.

Anyways, off I go. See ya all later.

Friday, January 14, 2011

icon thing

Brennon has mentioned it to me the night before that I need an icon. He says my blank human/facebookesque one is old and boring. Thing is, I dunno what to use for an icon. Should I draw something? Use my own art? Use my photography? What should I do.

Yeah I'm making an entry just discussing what to use for my icon, so sue me. I'm not sure what to use. So... bleh.

That is all. I have a monster headache, and I'm hungry. So I'm going to eat now. Still giggling madly evertime I think about lastnight's post. lol.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I love my fiancee

So I'm sitting here talking to a friend on AIM. I tell him I'm about to fall asleep ath the keyboard. He links me to this lovely little song. I was so pissed at first because everytime I hear that song play it's stuck in my head for a frakkin' MONTH. I got to bitch about it to Brennon but all I see is him making the Slender Man plush dance around with the song.

I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing. I told said friend what Brennon was doing. Then he said this...

and this is the beat all win all picture in my head: *imagines Slendy with the platypus puppet doing the song*

I lost it even more.

So my lovely nonexsistant viewers (And Bran) I leav you with that mental image, that I am SO going to have to try and draw now. If I can get up the ability to. For now, I slink off with Brennon to cuddle and find the sandman.. and dream dreams of Slenderman being a puppeteer. :p

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No, Slender Man didn't get me...

...sorry to disappoint :p

Been scarce because a) I've been to tiered and weak to get to my computer, and b) Brenno stole the laptop away from me. Seems someone gave him the idea of taking it away from me *coughBrancough*. I'm feeling better... since I couldn't get out of the bed for a few days and had nothing else to do, I just... well slept. It sucks that I have to be quarentined out like this. Suuuuuuck. Though I dun think I'd be able to do anything if I wanted to. I'm barely able to sit here at my computer and type this.

Really, just thought I should give everyone (well Bran) and update on what's going on. Sucks I've missed my firt week od college because of this. At least the professors ar understanding, I've sent them e-mails and they pretyt much told me to stay away from them until I'm better :p

Anywyas, I'm going to shower and see if I can start getting my strength back. I finally feel well enough to be able to eat something solid and, well I'm sick of just laying in bed.

Anyways gonna go, eat and then see if I can't find something productive to do. Maybe get my assignments and get to work on any homework that may have already been handed out. Anywyas, see ya all later (by all I of course mean Bran, since she's the only one that reads this :p )

Saturday, January 8, 2011


So a few posts back I was pissed at Taben. I commented on that post and explaned but figured I should repost. and since I can't sleep cause I've been sleeping all day, I figured that I'd just go ahead and post it here.

So, Taben thought it'd be cute to make me a Slender plushie and give it to me. I wasn't happy with it. See he put it in a box and randomly dropped it off at out house. He made it look like I had a crazy stalker person. I was really friggin' creeped when I got it. Then he called and aked about if I had gotten my 'present' said that he had sent it and I was piiiiiiisssssed and wanted to growl and beat him >:[

But I've forgiven him. Kinda actually grown fond of the plush. I feel a bit... safer with it? I guess? It's weird. I'm a grown man, and I'm sleeping with a plush. Well he's sitting on the bedisde table on my side of the bed but.. yeah >->;;


Nice long nap, now I'm up and wide awake. I don't think I'll have a problem getting back to sleep though. Still feeling tiered... but really hungry as well. So I need to get something to noms, and Brennon has made his wonderfully nomlicious chicken soup. he makes it all from scratch. Nom nom nom. And he made his dumplings in it as well. I'm in heaven. This man spoils me more than I deserve.

So yeah, let's not do the hospital stuff again. I got home and was greeted with a simply wonderful fact. Brennon's finally gotten a journal. I'll have to prod him to keep it updated. Oh, my friend Taben? He has one too, though he's yet to post to it. Bloody bastard >:[

Can't think of anything else to say. Bleh. I'm hoping to be feeling better tomorrow. I really wanna go to the park and do some photography... the snow's so gorgeous and wonderful.

Oh yay! Brennon's said the soup's done! I'll see ya all later.


Tiered as all hells, but home. That was just... something else...

Brennon's making me some soup then I'm going to lay down and sleep. Just wanted all my non exsistant readers to know I'm home. Not 100% yet, but soon. With luck I'll be going back to classes like I'm supposed to. yay. Taben and I arranged classes so we're in these ones together. Will be fun to have someone I know there with me instead of just being lost and confused in a crowd of strangers.

Oh... there's my chicken soup... gonna slurp it down and crawl into bed to sleep.

Monday, January 3, 2011

That's just.... great...

I've gotten so little sleep/ slept so poorly latly that I'm now frackin' hallucinating. WTF mate... WTF... I may need to see about purchasing a sleep aide so I can sleep. I need sleep so this crap stops.... this is just... sucking.

Also, Taben sucks. I'm not happy with the damned bastard right now. Maybe it'll change but right now. Just... not happy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Chemical Romance- S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

Fffffff  the embed codes don't work on Blogger? Fail! ;-;

Anyways link.

Friend showed this to me. I felt the need to share.
Fitting song for people obsessed with Slender Man, no? :3


so, damned tiered.

I slept like the proverbial shit lastnight.... it sucked. sucked so bad and terrible. Also the warmth we had for a while is gone and now my body's reacting. my cough's getting pretty nasty. I'll have hacking attacks. It's sad that most times they make me paranoid.

Brennon keeps teasing me and poking fun that I'm so worked up after all those videos. I'm glad to say I enjoyed myself though. throughly. I'm just still bothered by the whole doll thing. Taben came and got the damnable thing. He's about as much of a clue as I do as to how it got back here. we're guessing we mistook that Allen had it on the way home. Ah well.

Mreh I'm really grouchy and on edge from lack of sleep. I can't draw and that makes me more grumpy. Grr grr grr. I think it's going to be early to bed for me tonight. This suuuucks. I'll be happy when everything fades to the back of my mind....  then again... I just used Holiday money to get some books for myself. House of Leaves  and Scary Story Treasurey. So... well maybe I will have it for a few days till it gets here. Found out my mom had tossed my scary story books so we no longer had those. So I needed to replace them. Then I was reading through some Slender Man creepy pasta and heard tell that Slender Man was inspired bu House of Leaves. I also remember the book being mentioned in EverymanHYBRID. I like me a good creepy story so I figured why not. I'll just loose more sleep. Right..? ...Right?

Ok... now I'm going to... well I'm just gonna go. I have a couple books to finish up here before I get engrossed in new reading. Warriors: Omen of the Stars book 3 and Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The First Collier. Yeah, I get reading ADHD, I'll read one book then start another as well. Happens a lot. just like projects. I'll start on one then begin another. It's an ongoing battle for me. Ah well. Anyways, gonna go and... do something... or maybe just space out. Or hell maybe even read. Something like that. Ah well.

See ya all later. (I keep saying that even though Bran's the only one that reads... oh and Taben but I dun think he relly pays much attention).

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me.

I just can't sleep. On a lot of differnt account and reasons. One, I just can't sleep. I'm still creeped out and unnerved by the whole Slender Marathon we had lastnight. I usually do NOT get creeped out this bad. But yeah, here it is. Make matters worse, Taben's son forgot his plush. I was kinda pissed off to go into the room Bran had stayed in to tidy up and once again found that fucking doll placed on the pillow as though it were expecting her to come in and see it.

I'm sorry but I'm still pissed off and wondering how that happened. Did Allen do it and just meant it all friendly like? But then how the hell did he get it out of our closet without us hearing? Brenno sleeps like a back of rocks but I'm a really light sleeper, the smallest things wake me up. The cats will be downstairs eating from their food dishes just a bit too loud and it wakes me up.  I sleep *that* lightly. So hoe can someone get into the closet. RIGHT beside our bed and move that doll in with Bran? I'm still incredibly upset about that. See, Bran's awesome and sweet and she has this fear of the paranormal. Feel sorry for her cause she also loves the good bit of creepypasta. It's a lose/lose situation there.

Blah this has me so flustered. Well... everyone had a good time here lastnight. And after Bran left I gave the guys a good ol run of the mill interrogation of what happened. I've never had anyone be able to look me in the eye and lie to me without me catching on it's a lie. I don't believe anyone lied to me. Ryan wants nothing to do with anything Slender related so I completely believe him there. Brenno knows of her fear and wouldn't do that to her. Well okay maybe the first time he would have, but after a reaction he wouldn't do it again. But he swears up and down it wasn't him. And I believe him. Taben doesn't believe in scaring anyone in that way. He's the kind that will hide behind something and jump out. he doesn't use a fear he knows you have against you. He's had too many bad run ins with his fears and getting injured from.. well trying to run from them. He'd never do anything to scare someone to the point of tears. I've seen some of Taben's dealing with clowns, which are a big fear he has/had (he's working on getting over it) so yeah I know he wouldn't do that to someone. And I know he and Bran were talking about paranormal stuff for a while there because Taben has a lot of interest in it (other than the Slenderman thing, like the real things and all).

And I'm rambling. .. anyways the last person to talk to was Allen, and all we could get from him was his temper tantrum because someone had taken his Slender Man plushie and he wanted it back. Which brings me to another train of thought....

That kid was clinging to that plush for dear life when he left here today. I remember seeing him make sure he had it and sitting it beside him in the car when they loaded up to head out.... so... how the fuck did this thing get back here?

Bleh, I'm getting too into thoughtfullness shit right now and it's eating at me. I think I'm going to cuddle with Brennon and see if he can help me get to sleep. Maybe I'll trade sides of the bed with him. Bleh. just realized. jst got a little more than a week before I start back to classes. I've got a college writing course and an art history course. Just two this semester. Wanted to go a bit easier on myself since I'll also be doing a summer course if I can manage to do so. I want to get all this college stuff done and over with and get the papers that say I'm golden :3

Ok. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. yay. I think I'm gonna draw tomorrow. Or go and photograph... or something... something fun to clear my mind off all the creepy pasta stuff.

anywyas till then may all you invisible readers rest well.

Happy Nude Deer!

I really shoulda posted before bed lastnight but we were all kind of on edge after the marathon of creepy. Well. I should say Bran, Taben and I were. Ry and Brenno stayed in the game room geeking out their games and haveing som gaming time together. Ry refused to watch it and while I had Brenno pretty much in the bag to watch it with us, Ry convinced Brenno to come and game with him. So it's fine really. They enjoyed themselves.

It took us just over four and a half hours to watch Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID. The three of us were just sitting kinda spacing and creeped out and debating if we should go for Tribe Twelve and Johns Club.  Taben finally convinced Bran and me us to start with Jonclubs113When the litle kiddo who we had though was asleep jumped out of hiding screaming "Slender Man will get you!" throwing the creepy slender doll towards us. I think we all screamed and Taben chased after his son. By then it was the New Years and we chittered and just hung ut for a bit. Allen's little scare had us worked up and the guys came down from their gaming haven to share in the new years festivities with us. It was nice. At about 1am the guys went up to go to bed. Taben did a double check to be sure that the kid really was in bed and we took the Slender Man plush and hid it for good measure. Then decided to go with Tribe Twelve. that lasted a whole hour and thirty-five minutes of creepiness.... the visuals are very very creeptastic in that series. Finally we finished it off with Jonclubs113. A tad over an hour later we finished... but the final video made us really wondering if we'd be able to sleep.  It's about 4 in the morning and we're all tiered at this point and afraid to sleep.  We finally said screw it and went to our respective rooms/designated sleep areas.  Bran was given the second guest room while Taben and Ryan and the kiddo took the smaller guest room. I was cleaning up in the bathroom when Branwen stormed from her room screaming and totally pissed off.

I can't understand her and she's almost in tears. I go to check and see that someone had taken the Slender Plsh from hiding and sat it every so carefully sitting on her pillow in her room. I couldn't help but chuckle cuase damned that was a pretty good one but still... poor Bran. I took the plush and put it in mine and Brenno's closet and help her get to sleep.  Poor thing I feel for her.

Especially since she just woke up a few moments ago annd came into the room screaming and throwing the plush at me.  Brenno and I just woke up ourselves so how the plush got in her room and "in her arms" as she said leaves us stumped. I know I didn't do it. I'll question Taben when he wakes up. For now I'm gonna get off here and go get breakfast started and make sure Bran's alright. Not too happy with people fuckig with my friends when we're already a bit creeped out from the scary videos we were up watching till the butt crack of dawn, but that's our fault right? We got hooked, we watched, we got the shit scared out of us :p Needless to say, I don't think any of us will be sleeping well the next few days. The fact that Taben watched this all ahead of us and is still creeped out is not much consolation... heh.

Anyways, I'm out for breakfast. Hope everyone had a new years even and has a great new years day! And a wonderful and prosperous new year!