Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Posting to say I'm alive. And well. And tired, but having a marvelous time.

I'd not even be posting here if it weren't for... well Da suddenly appeared and just... it was weird. I hadn'ts seen Him for like... more than a week. He wasn't on the plane, he wasn't on the ship anbd he hadn't been here until toda. I could have almost forgotten his exsistence and been fin but he couldn't let that happen. I think Brennon almost pissed himself when he came out of the shower and there was good ol' Slendy. The look on his face as he freaked out and tried to cover himself up and hide his privates from him was amusing.

And now is the time where I attemtpt to pass out and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a fun day and stuff. I've never been to Disney World ever so this is like the best trip ever. I'll see ya guys in a couple weeks. I'll post if something intersting happens. Otherwise don't expect me.

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