Thursday, June 23, 2011

People piss me off....

Sorry for the silence. There's not been much to say. As stated a few days back. Things are quiet. Really, terribly quiet. Well until this morning anyways.

Allen woke up and came in to Taben. He had neck spasms that were causing all kind of pain to him. Ry and Taben had had a fight the night before. Ry wasn't there. We're assuming that he just left for a while till things calmed down or something. So it was me that Taben woke up to take Allen to the hospital. Taben is beyond pissed with Ry now. End point. Most everything's alright. They did a lot of blood work and x-rays on Allen.  They all came back fine. They say he just had a neck spasm. He's supposed to take it easy and rest and just sit back and get better. How much of tha he'll do, we have no clue. Taben went to him mom's and explained what was going on and she offered to watch Allen for the day and let Ry and Taben work things out. Now it's just a matter of figureing out where the hell Ry got to. The car is here. So he didn't drive anywhere. We're thinking maybe someone he knows from college got him and took him, as Ry's books and such and college supplies are missing. We're assuming/hoping he'll be here after his normal school hour this evening. That'll give Taben time to calm down as well. I've seen Taben pissed, but he's pretty upset.

In other news we're still working out trying to help out Todd/Alex with everything that's going on for them. Also We've got Chas and Mal here still of course. Er... I think Chas is still here anywyas. I've not check in on them yet, we only just got back from dropping Allen off. We're trying to figure what to do with our day now. I want to get Taben out of the house but he wants to sleep.

Slendy and It have been stalking around a lot more than usual. I dunno what it is they're doing but well it can't be good. Something's up. I've no idea what, but if it involves them, it can't be good..

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  1. Chas is still knocked out and I'm thinking slendy is making him that way :-/ I'm going to rip that skinny abomination's head off