Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's been quiet. Today's been slow. Taben, Allen and Ry are over at Taben's parents for the father's day thing. Sam, Dean and I just kinda sat around together talking. I'm not sure if Chastin's still asleep. I've not heard anything differnt from Mal so I'm assuming sleeping beauty is still passed out.

I came to a conclusion today. We have the winchesters. And now we have Captain Mal. This is awesome. We're getting our own little mix of cosplay characters here. ....yeah trying to think positive. It and Slendy have been absent all day today. It's... weird. It's erie how quiet it's been. How boring. I'm not used to being bored. Makes me wonder. What's going to happen that will knock us for a loop and get us on our feet again.

Todd's been here. It's nice to have him back. He's been quiet. I think he's been thinkng things over a lot. I've jus been letting everyone have their quiet time. I dunno why, but I've felt akward with trying to approach anyone. I mean, I feel I've possibly caused a rift between Chas and Mal cause I tied Chas to a chair.  I just hope when he wakes up he can understand why and see out reasoning and all. We really just want to help.

Which means I have to keep that inner demon inside. I hope I'll be able to do that. I've felt it comin to the surface a lot lately. epecially when It's around. I hate the damned Thing. It's only ever fucked with me to piss me off and fuck up my mental stability. And when I get hurt or pissed, in turn Slendy gets pissed. ...But Slendy's been absent... h e was pissed the firt time and chased It off... then he's been gone. And today It's gone as well. I just hope this doesn't mean something bad is coming.

I hate that I loose my train of thught when typing here anymore. I know it happens to Taben as well. Maybe it happens to Taben because it happens to me. It's nice to have my bond/link with Todd established again. I guess Taben's gonna be working with Alex to learn. Gonna be weird. I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'm crashing early tonght. I'm pooped.


  1. Nah, you haven't caused a rift between us. We didn't really have a choice but to tie him up.

  2. Hopefully he'll see it that way when he wakes up. I don't trust It or Slendy right now in the case of Chas running off. Hopefully he's not really stubborn like you expect him to be :\


  3. If he tried to run away once he'll do it again. Hell, he just tried earlier this morning and he ended up knocked out again. Maybe I should be thanking slendy for keeping him from hurting himself, but in the end I know that Chastin needs to work this whole thing surrounding his brother's death out for himself before we can help him with slendy.