Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're all okay...

...well... I guess that depends on your definition of okay.

Taben says I must explain that he is alright or he'll punch me in the balls for making people worry. I think everyone else here wants to puch me anyways for making people worry. No. Taben did not have a gunshot. I admit. I made a mountain of a molehill there but... well I'll just say it. My boyfriend was hurt. I was worried. There. I said it.

So what really happened. When Slender Derpage threw us put the other side Taben fell and hurt his leg a pretty big cut, nothing that needed stitches just yeah. I'm sorry to those that I worried.

So. Yeah, we're fine. We... kept getting lost when we were trying to... transport ourselves. I think Slendy was laughing at us, then he just got annoyed. Now I think he's a little pissed. It's like.. he's wondering why we're here. I think Chastin's kinda going a little insane right now because it's like all his nightmares are real... or something. We have him tied to a chair... and gagged. I feel bad for it but otherwise there's a damned gun pointed at us. I'm kinda like afraid for my safety. So. We're gonna wait for him to calm down. Then we're gonna... I dunno. We're gonna take it as it comes. Yay for internets though. Give Taben and I the chance to withdraw from our classes so we aren't majorly screwed for lack of attendance.

I wanna seriously punch myself right now.... I'm here with people going insane, Slender Man practically breathing down my neck. People seething at me for making something bigger than it was... and... and... here I am worried about classes and college....

Seriously... What the FUCK is wrong with me?!


  1. I swear I'm going to murder that man :-/ but I guess I can't really blame him. Its all slendy's fault he's like that. God...I'm so sorry guys. You shouldn't have to deal with all this trouble for us D:

  2. By the way, since we're all frantically trying to work things out I'm going to say this here and hope you see it. Thanks for coming to save us. I don't know how to repay you...I'm happy to be here with you guys and I have hope that we can save Chastin now that we've gotten him subdued.

  3. I just read this. But are you kidding me? SERIOUSLY guys?! You tied him to a chair and didn't expect this to happen?! What the hell were you thinking?! Aiden sometimes you are so brainless. What the hell. You don't tie someone up, you talk to them and work through it. I'm trying so damned hard no to face desk right now while reading this. Guys. Just. Get the hell home. Please.