Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well... Fuck...

So, after I saw Taben's post, I went into the bedroom and tried to get him to talk. It took me two hours to finally get him to unlock the door. He had just finally come back after a day of disappearing while looking for Ry. He came home and just went to his room and closed the door. I heard it lock. Figured he was just tiered and wanted to sleep uninterrupted. Then I saw the post. Then I tempted to feel at his mind. And... my gods. The grief, remorse, guilt... so much. After a couple hours of persuading he unlocked the door and let me in. He just broke down crying. I then saw he'd changed clothes. I saw all the blood and grime and just... the smell, the stench the reek. Of death. I smelled death. Once he calmed down he told me how hoe had followed a trail that seemed to purposeful. And followed it. And at the end.. he found Ry. Or what was left of him. He said that he had found him gutted and just lain out in plain site. hanging like a freshly hunted deer from a low branch of a tree. He went on t expain everything in complete gory detail. How It had shown up and practically.... laughed. How Slendy had appeared and went berserk leading to a huge showdown between It and Slendy. Taben missed it all though. He just heard it. The rest of the time he was crying over the body of his husband.

I don't even know what to do. All I know is that It needs to be dead. It has to die. We have to ind a way to kill It. I don't even know what to think or do. I... as soon as he was finished telling me he kicked me out and locked himself back in the room. I... I don't even.

I honestly expected all of us to go before Ry. Ry never believed. Ry never cared, he was never truly infected or affected... only through Taben.

I don't know how I'd ever live through loosing Brennon. I'm so worried about Taben. He's hurting. He's so much in pain. And there's nothing I can do for him. Nothing. I feel lost and helpless and scared and uncertain and just.. I don't know. I tried to call Slendy in. He showed up, he was pissed, angry. vengeful so much hate and anger.

I asked him what we could do for Taben.

"There is nothing we can do for her, she must mourn, let her mourn."

I was pissed. Of everything that I was consulting him about I hated and was so pissed for Him to refer to Taben as his birth gender. That, in my eyes was adding insult to what Taben was already suffering through. I... I launched myself at Slendy screaming. I apparently grabbed some of my craft scissors from my desk when I did it and stabbed him as I started screaming at him to show Taben respect. Next thing I know I'm against the wall and my shoulder was bleeding. The same shoulder where scissors were now embedded in Slender's shoulder. I just gritted my teeth and growled and scowled. I was surprised when Slender just looked at me. pulled the scissors from his shoulder and healed my wound.

"I am sorry. I forget the importance of that to those raised as you were. You will learn that gender does not matter. I am not happy with these events and I will make the Dark One pay. For now. You tend to your mate. I will tend to the child and protect him from The Monster. I am not happy. I will KILL It."

And with that he disappeared. So... now I've just been sitting and waiting to hear from Taben. To see him come out. Allen's with his mom. I don't even know how we're gonna break it to the little guy. I don't even know what to do, where to go. How to handle this. I'm so confused. Lost. Scared. I've never felt this scared in a long time. It's an odd feeling.... I don't even know what to do anymore.

I don't want to loose my family. I can NOT loose my family. They are all I have. I refuse. I WILL NOT LOOSE THEM!

All bets are off. Next time It shoes it's pale ugly no faced Head I will kill the mother fucker!


  1. Oh gods, I'm so sorry! Poor sweet Ryan. Poor sweet Taben! =(

    I'll help you in any way I can to end the bastard that caused this.


  2. I'm able to use my sister's phone here. I...told everyone what happened. We're stunned and confused and...we wish we knew what to say or do. God guys...I'm so sorry...I mean we lost friends and that hurts but a husband or a boyfriend...

    And Allen...

    This might not be the time to say this and I don't know if it will help him or if he'll want to go, but my graduation party is this Saturday. If being around people might help...

    - Branwen