Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back... I think...

Sorry for my absense. Things have been... hellish lately? well busy is a better term. My computer completely crapped out. I don't think anyone watches my twitter (that can be seen at the top right of my blog) So I didn't bother posting after the final explosion. Taben got back to us. Hoe he got back I have no clue he was just... suddenly on his bed the other day sleeping. The worrying part? He's not woken up. this was three days ago. He is alive. he's breathing, has a pulse and seems fine. He actually sleep walks a lot mainly to feed himself. his eyes are close when he does this so we're assuming he's still asleep. Getting kinda worried. I'm behind on checking stuff out... My laptop's gone missing and I just.. I dunno. I've been out of it since Taben disappeared. When I found out where he reappeared I kinda spazzed. I'm trying to get ahold of Mat to see when Taben disappeared from his place down there. Work and home life must be keping him busy. At least that what I want to believe. I don't want to think of anything else.

Classes for summer session start tomorrow. my class schedule is like a mini hell. It's going to suck ass. I wish I could get off with just a couple classes like Ry and Taben. Oh, yeah. Ry's transfered to our school now. This is awesome and full of win. Now if Taben wakes up it's going to be much more awesome and full of win, because, you know he won't miss any class time and face academic probation. That would suck so bad for him.

I'm gonna stop rambling and head off and get stuff done. the house is a total mess since we've all been worried about work life and Taben. Now that Taben's back I can stop Taben worry and get to work on house cleaning. Cause I'm totally the fuckin' girl and get all the house chores. Should be Taben's job, he's more girly than me.... I'm gonna get punched when he sees that.... it'll be worth it though. At least it means he's awake and pucnhing me, right?

Ok, really, heading out. See ya all later. I'm so behind I have no idea when I'll be able to catch up. I feel so horrible and all as well... since, y'know so many people are counting on me and shit. I'm sorry guys, I really am. I feel like a shitty friend.

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