Sunday, August 14, 2011

Freedom is Mine

I have a friend who has made a promise, a promise of death, that I need to seek out. Death will be mine, this endless torture, Gone. All gone. I want it gone forever. But first, first perhaps I should explain to you how I came upon this wonderful freedom.

You see, I snuck out of my room when I was certain that one named Malkin was out and resting with his precious little Chastin. Sleeping, I could hear him snoozing away. I was blocking that connection. He didn’t feel or hear a single thought of what I had planned. I’m certain that he did not. So, I went downstairs. And then into the garage. We kept the gasoline there for the lawn mower. And then it was time to bathe every single little bit. I didn’t want to think of this anymore. Never again. I lost him. I lost Brennon. I lost myself. I’m nothing anymore. Nothing, nothing. Gone. Boom. Bang. Bleck. The gas, the wonderful smell. Oh that foul little creature that I still watched for the overgrown feline that stalked and wished to kill me. I wetted down his feline with that gas. Raven was her name. a fat black cat. I made sure I got the stairs being quiet as possible. And then, as I moved to leave, Raven she tried to follow me. I couldn’t allow that. I locked all the doors all the windows shut them all. Oh this was going to be glorious. Beautiful. Gorgeous.  Raven tried to get out as I left. Nope nope. She won’t. I lit a match and threw it on her. She exploded into a fire ball of fur and yowled, screamed, and shot around the house. Lighting the gas as she ran. I saw her go up the steps before I closed the door and locked it. Then for good measure I put stuff in the way and made sure the door would not be able to slide open. I didn’t do it with the front door. Maybe I should have, but the stairs were on fire, so they’d have no way to escape. Malkin wouldn’t let me kill Chastin, so I’ll kill them both! I ran away to the forest. I hid in the woods. I watched and watched, and then that’s when I thought would be the best time to do it. I broke that bond we shared. Broke broke broke. Don’t need that anymore. I’ll show him. Show him good. Oh yes, I heard the screaming, and I left.

I went away, far far away into the woods and away from that burning shack of nothing. No more putrid memories breaking their way through. I emptied our bank account and made my way by bus. I’m here at the airport now. I’m on my way to the west coast. I’ve never been to the west coast, but I’m free now. I’m free to wander and go where I want. But I’m just going to go, and I’m going to let my dear friend Kelsey end it all for me, and leave her this wad of money and this beaten old laptop as a thank you. Death is a release, not a punishment.

Oh and there is my flight! Tata! I’ll see you all on the other side!


  1. Aiden, you need to get a hold of your self. you're going down a very bad path.

  2. I don't know what your talking about, Mr. Hatter. He seems to be going down a quite pleasant path to me. I say if he's enjoying himself, let him enjoy himself.

  3. ......WHAT THE FUCK???? Aiden, I swear to fucking GOD, if you've killed Malkin and Chastin, I'll....ugh. Whatever. Just don't come near me and Derek. You won't find us, anyway. My address and phone number are unlisted.

  4. That poor cat...I should break your arm for doing that to her.

  5. Oh no Aiden, not you too...

    This is the only thing I can say...
    If your roles were reversed and Brennen were in your shoes - would you want him to be doing what you're doing now?

  6. Good news Everybody!

    Apparently Malkin is NOT dead! I mean, that is good news... right?

    Also! I'm now far across the country in good ol' Oregon! I just got into my hotel room and I'm going to rest here shortly. I've got a log busy day ahead of me tomorrow! Lots of tracking and searching. I'm sure I can overturn SOMETHING to find what I need to find! This is so exciting! I'll be reunited with Brennon before I know it! I can't wait! I'm coming Brennon! I love you and I'll be there soon! Meet me in the Summer Land!