Monday, August 1, 2011


Shit man. It's like so fucking awesome and stuff. Seems lik drunkeness is really fucking heightened like this. Man I feel toasted. I've yet to sleep. Haha ha maybe I should keep drinking and keep staying up. See how long I can go with being no sleeps stuffs. And stuff. I don't know. Rawr! Taben wants to kill me and Brennon and shit. It's fucking sad i mean fuck man. just kill me now. I'm a mouse hear me squeak lol like a mouse can do anything to a tiger. Fuck man... I feel so fucking waisted. I love mead.... meeeeeead. lol meeeaaad. Fuck me. I wabnt more mead fuck mead lol getting me dome tastey mead. cause I can't do anything fucking else but ruin people's lives. My husband hates me because I'm a monster, my boyfriend hates me because I got his husband and son killed and Malkin and chastin are scared and wanting to pull away cause of all the fucking drama that surrounds me. Something tells me that Slendy kept his word, but fuck i'm so fucking drunk maybe it's the Mead talkin to me me. Makin me talk. I dunno. lololololol fuck man i'm gonna get more. Everh ad mead? it's sweet and honeyey and addicting. Fuck yeah. moar mead. Heaven, Mother fuckin heaven

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