Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gone and back

Brennon's in the hospital. He's relatively alright. We just got back, they're keeping him there and asked us to leave. Again the bullshit about not being 'legally married' because were same sex. That just peeves me the fuck off. So, in addition to the broken leg and busted ribs he'd had, he now has a shit load of stitches and bandages, he also has rope burns around his wrists and one wrist is sprained. His legs and feet have have third degree burns on them. They're keeping in him the hospital under observation. Brennon's parents came in to see him so of course the doctor's told me I had to leave since I'm not 'family'. Fuck it. I'm so pissed and yet so relieved. Pissed at Taben (and the doctors), relieve to have Brennon home. I feel bad that I'm going to be so bothered that I won't be able to spend as much time with Branwen and the others before they leave. I wish I could keep them here. I don't want them to go where they can be hunted. No one deserves to be hunted.

I made a report to the cops. They're going to be keeping their eyes open for Taben now. I hate doing it to him, part of me feels he has to be saved, that he's saveable. Then the other part of me just... doesn't know. He's lost. I can't forgive him, not after this. I almost lost Brennon. I can't let this happen again. I'm so fucking confused.

Alex, thank you. Thank you so so much. I know I've told you a million times in person but thank you. Thank you a million times over. Now to try and forget about this shit hole of a 24 hours and not be pissed and want to beat the crap out of the doctors. Ugh. I'll be heading back a bit later to check on him. I'm hoping to be able to sneak in and overnight with him. I don't think they'll allow it though.

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