Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It took forever, but we finally got the fucking interview we wanted. We were all sitting down to dinner tonight when He appeared. We've grown so accustom to it that we just disregarded it for a moment. That and things are just melding together for me. When I'm not home, I'm at the hospital with Brennon. And really, I'm only home to eat.

Anyways we were sitting down when He showed up. I just didn't want anything to do with Him. He just stood there watching us.

Malkin was pissed, I was just trying to ignore him. Chastin's still uncomfortable with him and left the room. Branwen and the others just kind of remained silent trying to eat and ignore him. Finally Malkin got fed up with it.

"What the fuck are you going to do about Taben?!" He demanded. He was seething. I could feel it coming off him. I tried to mentally calm him. I don't think it worked. Slendy remained quiet and just stared at us. I could tell he wasn't happy with Malkin. He still wasn't happy with me for when I got drunk and tentacle slapped the shit out of him. I didn't care. I was getting even more pissed he wasn't answering. And I was quite ready to begin tentacle slapping the shit out of him once again.

"You go mute or something?" I said not holding back the scathing tone of voice.

"Ungrateful child! I do not answer to any one of you or your ilk. I am not a puppet meant to be controlled." Slender's voice came into my head. I could see every one cringe. He was bespeaking all of us at the same time I assumed. Most hadn't heard his voice. All I could think was that at least they weren't hearing ///It///.

"You broke your truce, you went against your word." I spat. "I think that gives us more than enough reasons for the demands we're making of you. You took Allen, you've caused Taben to go insane. You said no harm would come to any of us!"

"I have not broken any word I have given or any truce I have made." He spoke slowly as though to let us take in every word. "Allen was not on this property when I took him. The truce that I made, the word I gave was that I would not harm anyone on your property. The word I gave to you was that I would not allow the Dark One to cause any harm to you. I still do hold to that."

"You liar!" Malkin and I screeched at the same time. I really hate that our minds are connected sometimes.

"I am incapable of lying," was his response. "Remember, I also said that as long as you learn under me, you are under my protection. You are a defiant child and have proven yourself unworthy of that which I have to teach you. I have tried to show you the path and you continuously turn your back on it. I am simply showing you what the consequences are for rebelling." I clenched my fists and fought to control myself. He continued in a scathing tone. "Even now you are wanting to attack me. It would be unwise, my child. I cannot handle this insubordination any longer. You have one more chance. I have spared you this long, should you defy me yet again, then the consequences would be most severe."

"Is there anything that we can do for Taben, surely you can help him? Do something for him? Give him Allen back? You didn't kill him did you? You just have him hidden from It?" I asked hopefully.

"He is safe. I'll say no more." I think we all breathed some relief but it was short lived when he continued. "The one you call Taben is all but dead, as is such with those that serve the Dark One. It is best you let him leave your life, otherwise you will witness only pain." I couldn't find a reply. I just started going over other questions to ask in my mind. Branwen beat me too it though.

"Are we safe from you, since, we're with Ai?" She seemed hesitant to ask this and I just looked to her worriedly.

"Safe is a relative term. You are as safe from me, as you are from the Dark One." He paused and seemed to regard us a moment. "It is just a matter of time before you know."

With that he simply disappeared. And I got pissed and.. yeah. I'm with Brennon at the hospital now. I've stolen his laptop to post this while he sleeps and everything is still fresh in my mind. He had his grafting procedure done today and they expect it all to take and he'll be better and healed in time. He's still in a lot of pain and they're keeping him on some really strong pain killers. I've been trying to think over things and figure out what to do. I am angry at myself for not trusting Him. He's been fair with us. We could be dead by we're not.  That means something, right? I'm so confused, and uncertain. And tired. Fuck am I tired. I've not actually felt this way for a while. Maybe I'll take this time and spend it with Brennon and snooze. I'll try and figure shit out tomorrow.

Take care every one. Stay safe, eyes open.

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