Saturday, July 30, 2011

I don't know what to say. I honestly didn't want to post anything. At all. But I feel the need too.

Everything was going great. Taben was there and I was nervous but we hung out and... it was like nothing had ever happened. It was normal. I had my boyfriend back, my friend and we were happy. Eventually he moved around with the group visiting those he knew and I took Malkin into the woods to practice and learn. He did pretty well and learned quickly. As a test I had him follow Taben when he snuck off with his friend Mark to hike one of the trails. He seemed a bit troubled when he came back but he had done the job very well, I had asked Taben if he'd noticed and he had said no. He felt a bit betrayed about it but was fine otherwise. He seemed really distracted though and wanted to go back into the woods and on the trails. I ran Malkin through some other simple tests ad we did a couple joint things and all went well as can be hoped for.

Then Taben just.. went missing. We couldn't find him anywhere. We searched the trails. We searched the park. We assumed that he just went 'home'  I assume he went into the woods to 'work' or see his boss/master whatever.  I don't know. I'm so confused. All I know is when we finally left our phones were ringing off the hook. Brennon and Chastin trying to call us. Allen was missing. Slender Man took him. Brennon was injured, he's doing alright, just in a lot of pain. He's stuck on bed rest for a few days. And won't be allowed back to the office until his ribs have healed up a bit. They were telling him three weeks and that he had to take it easy. Thank goodness he's at a desk all day and can work from home. Makes it easier. Still worried for him though. At least he's alright.

Oh to make things worse. Taben's turned against us again. He says it's our fault that Slendy took Allen and we're going to die for it. He's denounced Slender Man as his Master and disappeared into the woods. This makes me extremely uneasy.

I'm also very uncertain. Very confused... And I feel like a total failure. I just need to sit and rest. I'm going to sit back, relax and drink some of the mead we have and just... i dunno. I'm just done. I'm a failure. How am I going to help anyone. I just keep making it worse.


  1. Just as Brennon couldn't have stopped slendy from taking Allen, there was nothing we could do either. We had no idea it even happened. In the end it's because we put out faith in the Slender Man. That's the only mistake we made. We thought Allen was special somehow...but he was really just another of Slendy's child victims. He just lasted longer than most, I suppose.

    Poor Taben...he's lost everything...but...if he goes back to It then we're all screwed.

  2. Stop it. You're helping US. You said we could come up there before we left and have no idea how much that helps.

    I know that there is every reason for you to wallow in sadness, but you can't. You have to push like the rest of us. We're not running away. We're leaving to protect everyone else. So push back.

    Casey says to stop drinking all the mead, by the way. She wanted to try it.

    ~ Branwen