Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beautiful, but sick

The holidays were beautiful. Our parents are thrilled about our engagementand there was already loads of babbling and planning together. It's great really. Our two families were already like one big happy family. It's like we're taking another step to ensure the happiness of everyone and that things stay that way.

Brennon pampered and took care of me and has been pampering and taking care of me. Remember how I'd ben saying I was getting sick? Well Christmas Eve whatever this is took full hold. I was a lump on a log Christmas morning and all through Christmas. I got to partake in the roasted meat dinner that was ever so lovely and tastey. I felt a bit better after that and could make the drive back to the house. We got home and both of us passed out by 7:30pm. I tossed and turned all night. This morning I took my temperature an it was at 102. I'm happy to say that it's down to a normal temperature. This is after sleeping most the day away, though. I'm hoping this will be gone by this weekend. I don't want to have to cancel the party that I finally convinced my Brennon to have D:

So far the guest list for the party is our friends Taben, Ryan and their son and our dear friend Branwen. Perfect little group if you ask me. Dunno if Bran is familiar with Taben or noth. But he's awesome :3 He's a fellow furry and a fine person. Though he's old and graying ;p (he'd beat me if he ever saw me post that here, but thankfully he does't read my blog so I'm safe! XP)

Anyways, I think that's it. Gonna veg out and snuggle with Brennon for a bit. I still can't convince him to make a blog. The jerk. He tells me to make one but doesn't himself? >:[


  1. Awww, get better! D:

    I'd love to meet Taben!

  2. Brenno's taking care of me. I'm feeling slowly better. I'm afraid he'll get sick bu he was the smart one the got the vaccines. I was the one that kept telling him I'd hold off till I had the extra cash. lol that'll learn me XP

    Taben and his family are awesome sauce :3 They're confirmed for the party, so if you're gonna make it You'll meet him.