Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Over Estimated myself.

Heh, I'm dead on my feet... well my butt since i'm sitting at the computer and all... but yeah. I over worked myself. Poor Brenno's been stuck with all the chores and housework since I've been sick and unable to help. So I took up my mantke again and did everythin I usually do. Except the grocery run. We decided no groceries till I'm 100% better. And being as I'm so tiered from just doing dishes making a small easy meal and sweeping up the house.... yeah, I don't think I'm at 100% quite yet.


Apparently Friday we'll be watching this Marble Hornets stuff. This Slender Man stuff is some real nice creepy pasta, especially for something that started as an internet meme. I love seeing the stories people come up with from these things. Awesome.

Ok.. not to try and sleep after the creepy stuff... you know.. this mkes me want to find my old ghost story books and pick them up. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Oh yeah. I had the whole collection. May have to ask my mom about them.


  1. I'll probably be latching onto both you and Brennon while we're watching this. jsyk.

    Did you ever have those books that were just like, "Scary Stories" and they had really creepy illustrations? Feared and was addicted to those things. D:

  2. Those are the ones that I'm speaking of. Loved those things. OMG there was one that scared the crap out of me and creeped me out. My parents houe is compltely surounded by forest (as opposed to the ours which is just partially? XP) and yeah. the story took place with the forest and all.

    And it's alright. Brennon's alread teasing me because I'm a bit creeped out already. tough nut that he is never gets scared of anything :p