Thursday, December 30, 2010

The count down begins

Tomorrow evening Branwen shows up and we start to party. Can't believe the years' flown by so fast.

I can't believe that tomorrow I turn 21! Wow. My life's flashing before my eyes! lol It's going to be one hell of a birthday to remember though!

Been enjoying the company of Taben, Ryan and the little one. The little guy's always so well behaved and a pleasure to have.... I just wish the creepy ass doll would be put up. Yeah, gona be pretty unerving. I've been looking up some of these pictures and art of the Slender Man. and I'll ad mit. I've watched a couple video from Marble Hornets. It's Taben's fault! He made me do it! I told him to hold off and we'll start over tomorrow when Bran gets here. OMFG! This is some seriously creepy shit....

Hope you're ready Bran... there's... a lot in store for you with these... for both of us... I'm excited to see more though. I have a feeling this will become my new obsession.

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