Thursday, December 16, 2010

No, that was awesome...

Somehow the alarm got flicked on. So the alarm went off and I just started doing my routine and getting ready for class... thing is. I fiished my classes and exams last week! I am so awesome! Ah well, at least I'll be awake and ready for the day. Feeling a lot better as well. just have the cough part left to deal with.

Kinda lonely. Brennon's working today. He's got a part time job thing with the local paper. It's nice. He really enjoys it even if it takes him away sometime. Though really, it's all cool. He's happy so I'm happy. I'm debating seeing about doing some freelance photography stuff for them. Would be nice and would bring a bit extra cash in. Hmm... I'm gonna think this over more. may be something to help pay my way through college... yes?

Okies I'm done for now. I need my coffee. I might go crazy if I don't get it :p

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