Friday, December 10, 2010

Nice Day

My first day away from classes until the spring semester starts in January. Unfortunately, I'm so used to the early wake up time that my internal alarmclock woke me up at the sam 6am as usual. I tried to get back to sleep but just tossed and turned. Bennon got pissy cause I was bothering the hell out of him so we eventually just said screw it and showered and got ready to start the day. Went to the grocery store for some food stuffs and then came home. It started to *really* snow. I loved it, so we decided to go to the park. I brought my camera along. It was very nice. I lov the park as it is.. but there was something so nice and serene about the snow falling and teh quietness that surrounded us as we walked. Just been a picture perfect day really. We were the only ones in the park... so that was a real treat. It's rare that we can go out and do something like that and be completely alone. It was really nice.

Afterwards we were freezing our asses off so we ran to the car and went home and i've just been lazing about all day. I'm still getting over the whole end of semester exams stress. I've been tiered and grumpy. Brennon's been really great about it. Really understanding. He'd do wonderful. Blah. I'm getting all sappy and girlie sounding. Hate when I do that.

Maybe I'll finally get an introduction in tomorrow. Something more about myself than being tiered and cranky. Will be nice to have the weekend just Bren and I without me slaving over school work. Maybe we'll do something nice. I guess we'll see.

Anyways, g'night for now Bloggers. Aiden out.

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