Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Damned snow storms.... it's so cold and miserable. I'm happy to be in the house with the heater cranked up and blankets wrapped around me.

So I managed to convince my friend Branwen to get her blog made. Yay, go me! No we can work together to prod and poke Brennon into making his. We'll be.. the three musketeers or something like that. I know Branwen from a mutual friend. We started hanging out and it's all been awesome since. We'll likely going to the same college after she graduates so we'll (hopefully) get to fight through some classes together, which is spectacular, really.

Anywyas, I'm going to dive back under the covers and cuddle up to Brennon and try and wake his lazy ass up. We have errands to do... I hate the idea of going out in this crud, especially knowing there are over 400 closings reported. But we need groceried. We've waited out the storm as long as possible we need some of those necessities that people need... like.. you know. Coffee.... and stuff. I need my coffee!

Catch ya all later! Blessid Be,

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