Saturday, January 8, 2011


Nice long nap, now I'm up and wide awake. I don't think I'll have a problem getting back to sleep though. Still feeling tiered... but really hungry as well. So I need to get something to noms, and Brennon has made his wonderfully nomlicious chicken soup. he makes it all from scratch. Nom nom nom. And he made his dumplings in it as well. I'm in heaven. This man spoils me more than I deserve.

So yeah, let's not do the hospital stuff again. I got home and was greeted with a simply wonderful fact. Brennon's finally gotten a journal. I'll have to prod him to keep it updated. Oh, my friend Taben? He has one too, though he's yet to post to it. Bloody bastard >:[

Can't think of anything else to say. Bleh. I'm hoping to be feeling better tomorrow. I really wanna go to the park and do some photography... the snow's so gorgeous and wonderful.

Oh yay! Brennon's said the soup's done! I'll see ya all later.


  1. No, unfortunately... or is that fortunately...? :p