Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleep calms me

Brennon said he's going to make a post today on what happened with the girl yesterday.. stupid bitch chick. Sorry... but lame excuses like that don't make me any more trusting of her. Grr.

So yeah... after all that happened and I made my last post and fumed... it was decided that I need to escape the house today while Brennon does his school/work thing. This is his last semester so he's really crunching. Good thing is he can go into an even better paid jobe at the newspaper after this her graduates. The pay jump from now to what he'll get when he's hired after college is.. well it's phenominal. He's really pleased with the prospect and is all over it. Keeps tlling me I can stop college. No, no thanks. I'm going to go after this art degree that I've always wanted. :p

Anywyas... uhm. Yesterday was first day of classes for me. Taben was nice enough to let me use his notes so I could get everything that I've missed.  and the teachers were pretty lenient and understanding. I guess showing them hospital discharge papers show how bad that it was for me. Heh. So yay for having that on my side.

Kinda worried about Taben. He seemed pretty distant yesterday didn't talk much and kept his head in his drawing and stuff. I just let it go after a while and caught up with reading. We have a couple hour break between Art History and Writing class, we just go to a table in the downstairs break room/study room and just sit there. we get from the vending machines and sit there relax and chatter, draw, do homework, whatever. Like I said, Taben was pretty silent. I'm guessing he's just upset cause he and Ry got into some argument or he's just silently spazzing over some home problems. With the little one being special needs and all, I know that Taben's got his mind on those kind of things a lot. I'm hoping to have gotten through to him. I told him to stop by my place and we'll go to the park together. He seems to cheer up a bit and said he'd like that. So. We'll see. he's supposed to be here at 9am and we're going to go together. We've decided since we're doing the same major we're going to try and keep the same classes and get ourselves scheduled together. I'm a few classes ahead of him but that's fine. I'll just slow down and stuff. Feel sorry for the poor guy. Between his depression and his social anxiety I'm sure he's got a lot on his mind and just really needs this support. He's a great guy though so I'm more than happy to help.

Anyways, that's it for now I guess. I'm gonna go get my breakfast, and finish reading this bit. There's talk about watching this documentary that the Art History teacher suggested together. Taben's doing his research paper on Stonehenge and, wel being pagan and all, I want to see what they have to say as well. I know Brenno will like it as well. Anywyas. Gonna go, for really this time.

I'll see ya all later.

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