Sunday, January 30, 2011

Uneventful mostly

Ryan is a turd. He went to do laundry today at the laundry mat. We have a fucking washer and dryer. what the fuck? Well... it's forgivable since he brought us all Starbucks coffees home.

Also amusement ensuded. Apparntly Taben only ever gets texts messges whn there's an emergency. Taben's on the pot and in comes a text message. he yells at Ry to give him the phone. Then upon checkin the phone he begins to spaz out. We all spazz cause we think something's really bad. then the phone rings. Taben throws the phone at Ry who answers it. He tells the caller to call back in a few minutes. shortly after Taben comes barrling out grabbing the phone from Ry his pants barely pulled up:: "YOURE NOT GONNA BELIEVE WHAT MATTY SENT ME!!"

Well.. here's what Matty sent him. Apparently he only lives like 2 hours from this place. One was sent via the text today. the other with the symbol was sent a little bit ago via IM. Taben's spazzing and wanting to go and see that place now. I'm just... really wondering about him. One moment he's spazzing cause Slendy's 'after' his son ( I still don't think that's the case), the next he's wanting to explore more get closer check things out and learn. Dude's bi-polar or something...

Well without futher adue, the pics.

In other news, nothing to report. another nice relaxing day. I can get used to these. They nice :3


  1. I am consumed with both jealousy and fear. I think I understand Taben. I'd love to check it out. Except it's probably insanely dangerous to do so.

  2. Um... Is it just me or is that the Tower from Marble Hornets? Or did you already know that :PP

  3. @Bran: Yeah, but, you know Taben and his craziness. he's saying we have to go down on spring break and I'm all "I dunno..."

    @J: (lol nice name dud? related to Marble Hornet's guy at all?) Yeah I know what it's from. And it's just weird to me to see someoe sending me this that's not involved with the whoole Marble Hornets stuff. It's just.. yeah. I've no words. It's just that awesome.

  4. Haha, thank you. Nah man, my names Jenn :PP And good for you, haha.

  5. Oh, my bad. Wow I feel bad. I just kinda found people are watching me other than my couple 'crew members' I need to go and get to reading through other people's blogs.

  6. Ohh, don't feel bad! I'm following quite a few Blogs, (most, if not all, pertaining to Slenderman) So if you want to see any of those just look at the ones I'm following, lol.