Monday, January 3, 2011

That's just.... great...

I've gotten so little sleep/ slept so poorly latly that I'm now frackin' hallucinating. WTF mate... WTF... I may need to see about purchasing a sleep aide so I can sleep. I need sleep so this crap stops.... this is just... sucking.

Also, Taben sucks. I'm not happy with the damned bastard right now. Maybe it'll change but right now. Just... not happy.


  1. Figured I should come here and reply and explain.

    Taben thought it'd be cute to make me a Slender plushie and give it to me. I wasn't happy with it. see he put it in a box and mailed it to me and made it look like I hada crazy stalker person. I was pissed and scared when I got it. Then he said that he had sent it and I was piiiiiiisssssed.

    But I've forgiven him. Kinda actually grown fond of the plush. I feel a bit... safer with it? I guess? It's weird. I'm a grown man, and I'm sleeping with a plush. Well he's sitting on the bedisde table on my side of the bed but.. yeah >->;;