Thursday, January 13, 2011

I love my fiancee

So I'm sitting here talking to a friend on AIM. I tell him I'm about to fall asleep ath the keyboard. He links me to this lovely little song. I was so pissed at first because everytime I hear that song play it's stuck in my head for a frakkin' MONTH. I got to bitch about it to Brennon but all I see is him making the Slender Man plush dance around with the song.

I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing. I told said friend what Brennon was doing. Then he said this...

and this is the beat all win all picture in my head: *imagines Slendy with the platypus puppet doing the song*

I lost it even more.

So my lovely nonexsistant viewers (And Bran) I leav you with that mental image, that I am SO going to have to try and draw now. If I can get up the ability to. For now, I slink off with Brennon to cuddle and find the sandman.. and dream dreams of Slenderman being a puppeteer. :p

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