Saturday, January 8, 2011


So a few posts back I was pissed at Taben. I commented on that post and explaned but figured I should repost. and since I can't sleep cause I've been sleeping all day, I figured that I'd just go ahead and post it here.

So, Taben thought it'd be cute to make me a Slender plushie and give it to me. I wasn't happy with it. See he put it in a box and randomly dropped it off at out house. He made it look like I had a crazy stalker person. I was really friggin' creeped when I got it. Then he called and aked about if I had gotten my 'present' said that he had sent it and I was piiiiiiisssssed and wanted to growl and beat him >:[

But I've forgiven him. Kinda actually grown fond of the plush. I feel a bit... safer with it? I guess? It's weird. I'm a grown man, and I'm sleeping with a plush. Well he's sitting on the bedisde table on my side of the bed but.. yeah >->;;


  1. I would also be pissed. And I would get rid of it. But we already know my experience with those accursed things...

  2. yeah, when it follows you around the house, i can understand. I at first accused it of getting me sick. Brenno insists it didn't and kept me from dying. I guess I was pretty bad there...? I dunno he said I was halucinating like no one's business and trying to throw myself down the stairs o-O