Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No, Slender Man didn't get me...

...sorry to disappoint :p

Been scarce because a) I've been to tiered and weak to get to my computer, and b) Brenno stole the laptop away from me. Seems someone gave him the idea of taking it away from me *coughBrancough*. I'm feeling better... since I couldn't get out of the bed for a few days and had nothing else to do, I just... well slept. It sucks that I have to be quarentined out like this. Suuuuuuck. Though I dun think I'd be able to do anything if I wanted to. I'm barely able to sit here at my computer and type this.

Really, just thought I should give everyone (well Bran) and update on what's going on. Sucks I've missed my firt week od college because of this. At least the professors ar understanding, I've sent them e-mails and they pretyt much told me to stay away from them until I'm better :p

Anywyas, I'm going to shower and see if I can start getting my strength back. I finally feel well enough to be able to eat something solid and, well I'm sick of just laying in bed.

Anyways gonna go, eat and then see if I can't find something productive to do. Maybe get my assignments and get to work on any homework that may have already been handed out. Anywyas, see ya all later (by all I of course mean Bran, since she's the only one that reads this :p )

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  1. 1.) You needed to get better, sir. Mom always yelled at ME for being on the computer while sick, so suck it up. :P
    2.) Good! Now don't over exert yourself. H1N1 likes to fool you into thinking you can do more than you can. Because H1N1 is a huge bitch.

    ...bluh bluh.