Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh boy...

This is gonna be fun.

So lastnight over the awesome dinner that Taben made, we all sat at the dinner table and had a nice long conversation. Here's how it went.

Taben: "So.... uhm... I was having some friends come visit me for my birthday.... Is... it alright if they still visit?" He's playing in his food looking at myself and Brennon
Ryan: "Why wouldn't it be?" He says this dismisively. He's still annoyed from the sudden uprooting and moving. Brennon and I are just looking at each other. We wonder if this is a good idea.
Taben: "Well with all the incidnents and all. I mean one, she's got her plane ticket already. She's the main one I'm concerned about."
Ryan: "You're not still going on about that Slender Man crap, are you?"
Taben: "If you'd open your eyes and look outseif you'd know that YES I'm going on about that Slender Man 'crap'" Taben wildly gestures to the back door that looks out over hte porch and woods. Brennon and I both look. And Spaz. He's right there looking in at us.
Ryan: Shakes his head groaning and doesn't look. "Whatever, have fun with your fantasy" He finished his meal and took his plate to the sink and went off to his room. Taben's livid, his face is turning red. then he starts yelling at Slendy.
Taben: "Star showing yourself to my husband! You're gonna fukin' kill my relationship! Show yourself to him so he doesn't think I'm fucking insane!"
Allen: "Don't yell at my Slendy Man!"
Taben: "Sorry... he's making mommy mad." Brennon and I are kinda beside ourselves uncerstain what to do. we change the subject back.
Me: "So who's going to be coming? Just one friend?"
Taben: "No, there's two. you kinda know Matty, I don't think you know Rizzy though."
Me: "Matty's already infected, right? What about Rizzy?"
Taben: "She's kinda like Ry on it. She doesn't believe in it and thinks its silly. I can't get her to watch the things onlie. She does help feed my obsession though."
Brennon: "We'll work it out, not like we don't have the room. Tell them they can still come. We'll have a big biurthday bash.  it'll be fun." I'm not so sure about this
Me: "Uhm... is that a good idea? the last thing we need is for others to be dealing with our uninvited guest." I gesture to Slendy and he jut kinda tilts is head. He knows we're talking about him.
Brennon: "Well if Matt's already kinda infected he'll be fine. If the other one is anything like Ry, she'll be fine. Beside. I haven't had a party for my birthday in a while. It'll be fun."

At this point we're distracted and a bit freaked out as Slendy starts tapping/knocking on the glass of the door and Allen wants to go out and play with him and yeah...

So... it looks like in a few weeks here we'll be having a couple of guests in our home and will be having some awesome birthday fun. They'll be coming in February 17 and staying through the weekend. This will be interesting. I know Matty vicariously through Taben. Remember that platapus post I made a bit back? Yeah, that was Matty. It'll be nice to meet him finally.

Anyways in other news... there's not much more to say. Gonna get the last couple things from Taben's place, then get a moving truck and take the left over stuff to the local goodwill. Then it's cleaning and they're done. Taben will just have to return the keys on Monday.  I feel a bit sorry for Taben though. He came over here expecting to be safer. We thought he'd be safer. He said before bed lastnight that he's seen Slendy more here than he ever did at their place.

Bad move? Good move? I don't even know. I guess time will tell.


  1. At least he'll be safer being surrounded by others, especially people that know what's going on.

    Tell Ry he's being a huge douchebag and I'm going to kick his ass if I see him again.

  2. Who do you mean by he?

    And yeah, we're all getting pretty grumbly at Ryan over this whole thing. Please do come up and beat the tar out of him. Please?

  3. Matt. And Rizzy too.

    Don't worry. I'm prepared to tackle him.

  4. ok, wasn't sure. Rizzy, as I understand is female. I'm gonna try and get to talk to her some on IMs and stuff.

    Lol thanks for posting about me and getting people stalking me. I'm all nervous and shit now XP. incidentally Brennos pissing a moaning that people are following him now to. I can't help but lol.