Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let me tell you...

About my wonderfully eventful evening! I have time to kill before we leave for classes so I'm just going to sit here and tell you about the AWESOME that happened lastnight.

And by AWESOME I mean of course NOT SO AWESOME!

So we got home from our last load of boxes for moving. Brenno had come and helped us. He showed up and was obviously really upset but didn't want to talk about it. So we load up the vehicles and bring the loads back. At this time Taben announces he and Ry are gonna go get food. It's decided Pizza. And so we can save a buck he's gonna go pick it up. Gotta love Pizza Pan. Buy one pizza get two free with pick up. So Ry and Taben call, order and leav to go get the food stuff.

In the meantime, Allen asks to go outside. I decide what the hell, help the kid into his snow gear and go sit on the back porch and let him have at it. he starts making a snowman and i tell him to stay there i have to pee. So I go to do this. This is where the AWESOME turns into NOT SO AWESOME! I go and empty my bladder and then return. Allen's missing. I look around and see littel foot prints leadng off to the woods. Oh, did I tell you? We have a large woods in the back yard. This is perfect.... NOT! I spazzed. I fucking spazzed I got Brenno and screamed that He had taken Allen. Brennon goes and gets his stuff and we grab a flashlight (it's starting to get dark and all; damned winter darkness). We get ready and come down off the porch and there He is. WITH Allen. He's got Allen by the hand and is walking him down the path and out of the woods. Allen is a bit sullen like he's upset or you know that look that a kid has on his face when he's caught being bad? He gets this pouty face and looks up at Slendy. Slendy looked back at him and pushed him towards us. Allen fussed, he wanted to play in the woods. He shook his head no and pointed at us. (By the way it's REALLY fucking creepy seeing those long arms and that pale hand pointing at you) Allen obdiently came over to me and just started crying saying ":I'm sorry I'm sorry I want to see the woods" I look at Slendy. He just looks back at me. I'm fucking confused. Confused as fuck. He tilted his head to the side looking at me. I swear I pissed my pants. That's the freakiest fucking thing ever. I guess it's cause in the movies they worked it out to coincide with the whole "Imma gonna kill you thing" But I dunno. I didn't get that from him. It was more... curious? I looked back to Brenno. I'd never seen him so pale or with such a blank expression. (I think he believes us now Bran). He seemed to start and I looked back. Slendy was right fucking thre. I was a bit startled and just looked up at the giant. He looked back at me. Then Taben burst through the back door screaming his head off. Slendy looked at Taben then turned to start leaving. Pretty quickly. I dunno why. Taben took off after Slendy, he jumped on Slendy and started punching the crap out of him. Then those tentacle things... those fucking tentacle things are pretty creepy, this was the first time i saw them. They just kinda snaked themelves out grabbed Taben, picked him off of him and dropped him to the ground. Then Slendy turned around and walked into the woods.

Taben's alright. He's bruised to fuckig hell and back, it's like everywhere he punched Slendy, he himself became bruised. Gotta love what a mother bear does for it's young. Though really. I don't think Slendy wants to hurt Allen. I don't even know to be honest. I'm still trying to figure this shit out.

What the fuck is going on? Slendy takes kids, right? Is he 'hallowing' out Allen? Allen doesn't even seem fazed like a hallowed would be though. I want to belive that Slendy's being a bastard and trying to use Allen against us.... But there's just... something deep in me that says that's not the case. He seemed more curious and... and friendly than anything... which is kinda... weird... I mean after everything I've heard and read and all. I don't even know what to make of this junk. I'm so confused.

Anyways need to get my ass moving. Taben needs me to drive, his ankle's acting upfrom when he got dropped. And, well he's brued and beaten to hell. I guess it serves him right. Hell he got me into this whole Slender Man shit. Sometimes I hate him for it, really. But yeah he knows how Slendy works. Why try and beat the crap out of Him? Then again. A mom's gonna do anything they can for thier kid. I just wish I could explain that Slendy likely saved Allen's life. Allen could have gotten lost in those woods, all a lone.

Dude, I'm supposed to fuckin' hate Slender Man, right? Why the fuck am I feeling this way? I'm feeling greatful towards the dum fuck?! God dammit...

I'm out. See ya all later...


  1. This is completely weird. And I'm feeling all kinds of weird and confused about whose side I should be on here.

    He was being...completely benevolent? I don't...I'm going to ask for a behavior report from Seth and Sammi. They've been the closest.

  2. Yes, at least it seemed that way. He was fine and dandy. I think he left only because, you know he saw Taben storming out. He was not so kind to Taben, but in hind site, Taben was trying to beat the tar out of him.

    I'm wanting to ask someone about this... I'm just I dunno. I know the group with Sandra deals with Him but, I dunno if it's on this kind of level. What's so special about Allen? I'm just so confused.. this has been on my mind al freakin' day! HELP! D:

  3. I would talk to Sandra then. I kind of envy you. I wish we were having that behavior.

    ...although it's still hard to gauge...

  4. Yeah... it is.... heh I woder if giving him a whiteboard to write with would get anything from him. Sandra's chalkboard works for her when she needs to communicate with him... I dunno though.

    Still really hard to tell what's going on and how to take this. We took the evning off to chill and eat leftover pizza and just socialize and stuff. Poor Taben's so beat up. Ry's pissing us all off cause he sees Taben bruised and battered but doesn't believe Brennon, Taben and I when we explain it to him what happened. He's the only one of us yet to see Slendy.

    the whole talking to Sandra thing means I have to admit He could be a threat. I don't like the idea of that. It's also like... a weakness. I'm far from weak. So. yeah.

  5. Aiden.

    Just talk to her.

    And next time he shows up, politely ask him to stay put, find Ry, and then be like, "LOOK. THERE HE IS."