Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me.

I just can't sleep. On a lot of differnt account and reasons. One, I just can't sleep. I'm still creeped out and unnerved by the whole Slender Marathon we had lastnight. I usually do NOT get creeped out this bad. But yeah, here it is. Make matters worse, Taben's son forgot his plush. I was kinda pissed off to go into the room Bran had stayed in to tidy up and once again found that fucking doll placed on the pillow as though it were expecting her to come in and see it.

I'm sorry but I'm still pissed off and wondering how that happened. Did Allen do it and just meant it all friendly like? But then how the hell did he get it out of our closet without us hearing? Brenno sleeps like a back of rocks but I'm a really light sleeper, the smallest things wake me up. The cats will be downstairs eating from their food dishes just a bit too loud and it wakes me up.  I sleep *that* lightly. So hoe can someone get into the closet. RIGHT beside our bed and move that doll in with Bran? I'm still incredibly upset about that. See, Bran's awesome and sweet and she has this fear of the paranormal. Feel sorry for her cause she also loves the good bit of creepypasta. It's a lose/lose situation there.

Blah this has me so flustered. Well... everyone had a good time here lastnight. And after Bran left I gave the guys a good ol run of the mill interrogation of what happened. I've never had anyone be able to look me in the eye and lie to me without me catching on it's a lie. I don't believe anyone lied to me. Ryan wants nothing to do with anything Slender related so I completely believe him there. Brenno knows of her fear and wouldn't do that to her. Well okay maybe the first time he would have, but after a reaction he wouldn't do it again. But he swears up and down it wasn't him. And I believe him. Taben doesn't believe in scaring anyone in that way. He's the kind that will hide behind something and jump out. he doesn't use a fear he knows you have against you. He's had too many bad run ins with his fears and getting injured from.. well trying to run from them. He'd never do anything to scare someone to the point of tears. I've seen some of Taben's dealing with clowns, which are a big fear he has/had (he's working on getting over it) so yeah I know he wouldn't do that to someone. And I know he and Bran were talking about paranormal stuff for a while there because Taben has a lot of interest in it (other than the Slenderman thing, like the real things and all).

And I'm rambling. .. anyways the last person to talk to was Allen, and all we could get from him was his temper tantrum because someone had taken his Slender Man plushie and he wanted it back. Which brings me to another train of thought....

That kid was clinging to that plush for dear life when he left here today. I remember seeing him make sure he had it and sitting it beside him in the car when they loaded up to head out.... so... how the fuck did this thing get back here?

Bleh, I'm getting too into thoughtfullness shit right now and it's eating at me. I think I'm going to cuddle with Brennon and see if he can help me get to sleep. Maybe I'll trade sides of the bed with him. Bleh. just realized. jst got a little more than a week before I start back to classes. I've got a college writing course and an art history course. Just two this semester. Wanted to go a bit easier on myself since I'll also be doing a summer course if I can manage to do so. I want to get all this college stuff done and over with and get the papers that say I'm golden :3

Ok. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. yay. I think I'm gonna draw tomorrow. Or go and photograph... or something... something fun to clear my mind off all the creepy pasta stuff.

anywyas till then may all you invisible readers rest well.

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