Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a quickie..

I've been busy so I've been unable to post much.

1) There's college. It's been.. challenging. Not because of the work being hard, but because I need to keep Taben in check and from spazzing out. It's hard to assure him that everything will be fine, that Allen will come home. He's doing better than he was initially. At least he's taking care and all and he's being really careful. I might slink out of this shell and see about asking someone that knows Slender Man. this is kinda hard to do though, for me anyays. Cause it means I'm admitting to having this creepy ass problem when really I'd just rather.... ignore it and love my life?

2) We're moving. No not us but we're helping move Ry and Taben into the house with us. We finally managed to convince them to move in with us. I wish the circumstances were better but, meh. Whatever. They're moving in, we're happy and content. Ry's been wanting to move out of the place they were in. It's a matter of just figureing out what's going to happen to all of their furniture and stuff. I mean there's some that will come but we don't need another couch, or table or ET center. We're working on a plan to make the basement a Studio/computer/gaming area thing though so the second ET center may be nice for that.  It's been a lot to go over though. And when we're not in school we're at Taben's place helping them get stuff packed up and moved out over here. So it's been for us. Go to class, go and move stuf. slee. go move stuf. come hoime sleep. get ups go to class, go move stuff... yeah pretty boring there. But it's moving along. Will be happy to be done with it all. But my GODS Taben has a lot of shit. Ah, the life of an artist... makes moving so much harder :p

3) The girl that I reported/got pissed at a few journals back hasn't been coming aroud... that or I've been so busy I've not noticed her. But there's nothing to report there.

4) Allen's doing fine. We've been giving him lego sets to keep him occipied. He's not asked of Slender Man though he keeps that creepy push close. There's been no siting of our tall friend but I'm sure it's a matter of time. Again maybe he's been there we've just been too busy to notice. I'm just trying to keep calm, keep Taben calm and just get us all situated and happy. It's nice to have more people in the house so it's not so empty. I think Taben likes this too. Ry's still nervous, but I understand. He and Taben have been burned so many times by others. It's only natural for them to be hesitant.

Anyways that's my quickie... which wasn't so quick but oh well. I'm gonna head on over to Taben's place. He's already there and expecting me. He had to go over there and get Allen off onto the bus and stuff. They're still working on getting all of that changed around and stuff.  Ok.. for real this time, I'm going. Talk to ya all later.

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