Sunday, January 2, 2011


so, damned tiered.

I slept like the proverbial shit lastnight.... it sucked. sucked so bad and terrible. Also the warmth we had for a while is gone and now my body's reacting. my cough's getting pretty nasty. I'll have hacking attacks. It's sad that most times they make me paranoid.

Brennon keeps teasing me and poking fun that I'm so worked up after all those videos. I'm glad to say I enjoyed myself though. throughly. I'm just still bothered by the whole doll thing. Taben came and got the damnable thing. He's about as much of a clue as I do as to how it got back here. we're guessing we mistook that Allen had it on the way home. Ah well.

Mreh I'm really grouchy and on edge from lack of sleep. I can't draw and that makes me more grumpy. Grr grr grr. I think it's going to be early to bed for me tonight. This suuuucks. I'll be happy when everything fades to the back of my mind....  then again... I just used Holiday money to get some books for myself. House of Leaves  and Scary Story Treasurey. So... well maybe I will have it for a few days till it gets here. Found out my mom had tossed my scary story books so we no longer had those. So I needed to replace them. Then I was reading through some Slender Man creepy pasta and heard tell that Slender Man was inspired bu House of Leaves. I also remember the book being mentioned in EverymanHYBRID. I like me a good creepy story so I figured why not. I'll just loose more sleep. Right..? ...Right?

Ok... now I'm going to... well I'm just gonna go. I have a couple books to finish up here before I get engrossed in new reading. Warriors: Omen of the Stars book 3 and Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The First Collier. Yeah, I get reading ADHD, I'll read one book then start another as well. Happens a lot. just like projects. I'll start on one then begin another. It's an ongoing battle for me. Ah well. Anyways, gonna go and... do something... or maybe just space out. Or hell maybe even read. Something like that. Ah well.

See ya all later. (I keep saying that even though Bran's the only one that reads... oh and Taben but I dun think he relly pays much attention).


  1. I just go the first two Guardian's books. :3

    I stopped reading those Scary Stories things after the illustrations decided to haunt me in my room from my overactive imagination. >.>
    That was forever ago.

  2. The Guardian's serious is really really nicely done. I really like 'ems :3

    The Scary Stories thing, the pictures are creepy as hell. But, fits some of the stories. I never realized there were THREE books. So... looks like I'm gonna have som new stories I never read in my child hood to be creeping me out. Cause you know, I totally need to be creeped out more.