Friday, January 21, 2011

The Park...

Yeah... sounds like some sort of action adventure movie. No... were this a movie I'd throw it in the same Genere as The Ring or The Grudge. You know those movies that aren't gorey but they creap the shit out of you cause they totally mind fuck you? Yeah, that's what "The Park" would be.... if it were a movie.... hell maybe someone will come alont and buy the rights to this from us and make us filfthy rich in the process. Hey that'd be nice, right?

Anywyas. Taben came over and got me and we headed to the park. I told him I was going to be shooting again and I wanted to get some mom/son shots in everthing. He shrugged and said alright. Allen's a camera whore so it'd work out.

We arrived and the whole first part was just.... this was the Taben I'm used to. happy, cheerful laid back. He was keeping close to Allen and keeping an eye on the kid, but that's normal parent stuff. Maybe he was a bit more attached than usual now that I look back at it. As I came to find he had good reason to be.

We get a bit into the park and i tell them to stop and i start shooting. get a picture of Allen who's trying to make snow balls with the dry powdery snow. I get a picture of the two of them together. pictures of the surroundsings. We keep moving and Allen just queals with pure delight and Allen takes off ahead of us. She stops and points at something behind us and we turn to look nd when we turn aroun he's far off down the trail. Taben screeched bloody murder for Allen to stop and taks off after him screaming for him to wait and not get too far ahead. One wouldn't think anything of it at first, but then keep in mind. I've come to the park with them plenty of times. Taben often encourages Allen to run ahead to find things and identify things and enjoy himself. He's NEVER this clingy to the kid. I manage to run up ahead and Allen was just being quiet and looking down knowing he'd scared his mom half to death. I managed to lighten the mood by pointing out there were some birds coming down for food. Taben being Mr. Naturalist man pulled out his bad of sunflower seeds and we began to feed the birds.

We do this for a bit then decide to move on. As we do Alen squeals and runs off again. Taben runs after him. I sigh and just take pictures along the way and what not and stop. we're at an intersction like thing in the path where the path Vs off to a small clearing in te woods that just goes to a place were they dump dirt and gravel in the spring/summer monthes when they're regraveling the paths. llen's running down this way, Taben's frozen at the end of the path screaming for Allen to come back. His eyes are wide as saucers and despite his face being nearly frozen he's pale and scared looking. I get over there and take pictures. I see nothing for Taben to be screming ot spazzing about. Allen's stnding at the clearing looking back at us. I just click away taking pictures. Nothing's showing in the previews. So yeah. Tben's just spazzing about nothing as far as I can tell. Allen just turned and stared seemingly in a trance for a but longer then nodded waved and came back. Ok... that was weird but I think nothing of it. Allen comes back and the birds had followed us so we're feeding birds again. Taben's staring down this little path there's a growl in his throat and I swear he'd have been hissing if he wasn't trying to not scare the birds. He helped Allen feed the birds. I kept getting pictures. Taben was distraced horribly looking doen the path towards the clearing almost constantly.

Finally Allen proclaims he's cold. Taben says it's time to go. So we get up and start to go. Taben gets up (he's been kneeling behind Allen holding onto him) As he turns to look back down the path he's just starts and yowls and then starts hissing and standing in this extremely defensive posture. He yells at me to take Allen to the car and throws the car keys at me. I just do as I was asked and start going. Allen's yelling for Taben to follow but Taben just stands there staring, growling, hissing and being defensive. I'm effectively creeped out by this time and grab the keys and haul Allen to the car. I look over my shoulder now and then and Taben's still standing there, same posture and all.  I get Allen back to the car get us in. Allen's calling for Taben, complaining cause he didn't get a map of the park and just, well being a seven year obsessive compuslive austistic child (which he is this isn't mean trying to be insulting by laying adjetives that don't belong).

It's about 15 minutes later when Taben finally comes into view. he's moving pretty fast looking over his shoulder constantly. He gets in the car takes the keyes without a sound and starts the car and drives off. He pulls into my drive to drop me off. I move to get out and ask him to come in. He just shakes his head and says
"No time." I tell him I'll see him later ask him to go tomorrow we can go to the park. He says he'll think on it. I try and ask what's the matter and what's going on but I'm interupted and he looks at me with this serious look on his face and says
 "Don't look at those pictures if you can help it. If you do, delete them right after. Don't show them to anyone. Please. Just listen to me and do as I say. Promise me you will." I'm a bit flabbergasted by this but agree and again try and ask him what's wrong. He just shakes his head and says maybe tomorrow. I tell him alright. That I'm holding him to it. I got to close the door and he stops me calling to me.
"Aiden, I love you. I really care about you. You're a great guy. Don't forget that. I love you." I'm taken back by this and simly nod and say "I love you too." I close the door and come into the house and just go to relax. Do a few house chores and then here I am resting at the computer.

And then I saw thes photos.... and I really want to show you guys these photos... but I don't want to break my promise to Taben. There is something going on. There is something going on. Allen seems to be a key to this. There.. there are pictures in this card where HE IS RIGHT FUCKING THERE!

Where Allen ran down that path? He's there.. standing right in the middle. Allen's holding his fucking 'hand' and smiling up at him ans talking to him. Allen's wavings... he's waving back as Allen runs to Taben. He's standing right behind Allen and Taben as Taben helps Allen feed the birds. HE'S RIGHT FUCKING THERE IN ALMOST ALL THE FINAL PICTURES! I can't deny this shit anymore. I can't deny anythin anymore. He's after Allen, and Taben. Allen knows he's there. Allen talks to them touches him. And just...

I have no words right now. I want to fucking scream and cry. Why did Taben not fucking tell me?! Brennon can't argue that there's nothing in these, or that it's a trick of the light anymore. My fcking Gods. My good fucking Gods. I can't believe it. I know the paranormal.I've seens spirits. I've spoken with them and helped them before. Hell we have a couple that live in our house... but this... something like this is just... I don't even... I really don't even.

All I know is... I'm not giving up. I'm not abandoning my friends. I'm not abandoning my life. I'm going to live my life to the fucking fullest. I'm going to continue to go to college. I'm going to marry Brennon. I'm going to hang out with Taben and Allen and my friends. I'm not going to let this bastard scare me and run my life.  This is my life. And what I do is my choice. If the mother fucking Slender Man is going to come and fucking take me, then he's going to have to come and take me. I'm not coming to him and I'm not stopping my life for him. I'm not giving up on my family. So all I can say right now is fuck you Slender Man. Fuck you and your tentacles hands up your ass.


  1. Oh hell...

    ...I have yet to go through mine. I've been talking to Casey about taking pictures, and she says she has some weird ones to show me.

    Aiden. You take good care of yourself and Brennon. You be careful, you lovely defiant bastard you. Show Him who's boss.

  2. I just didn't want to believe any of this crap, I seriously didn't. It's all make believe. I kpet saying. I can't keep disprovomng it now. I wonder how much longer I have before he starts showing up in person.

    Brennon, Gods I love him. I showed him before he left this morning and he jus laighed and said "who'd you pay to do that and how much did they want? You should find out where they got the stilts from too. maybe you should get some for your costume for Halloween this year." I just... I didn't have time to explain any of this to him that it's not real and just. yeah. Brennon still has no clue. I think I might want to keep it that way too....

    Stay safe. I wanna see your pictures. I'm gonna be talking to Taben today. I'm just going to drop in on him. I want andwers. I want to explain it all to him. And I want permission to post these and to just get his okay with this shit in posting him. I'm going t assure him that it'll be alright. As long as we all stay together it'll be fine. Maybe I can finally convince them to move in with us as well. Whatever it takes.... I want to keep them safe.

    My outstanding question... if Allen's that comfortable with Slendy? Why hasn't Slendy taken him yet? Is it the whole Taben's protectiveness? Or is it something more? And what took Tben so long to get back to the car yesterday? What was Taben doing?

    Take care, hun. Stay safe.

  3. I don't know, I don't like Allen being that close at all. But all of a sudden that doll stuff makes sense. I'd forgotten that happened...

    I haven't looked at mine...still. I've decided to live out this Saturday normally instead of giving myself a panic attack. I know...when I look...that nothing will feel the same. I can ruin tomorrow though. That's okay, I guess.

    I'm going to punch Brennon in the mouth. I don't even care that he has his own blog and can read this if he wants. My fist? His teeth.
    You see that, Brenno? Stop. Being. Dense.

  4. I'm sitting down and watching this stuff today, Bran. I just, I'm sorry? That's all I can really say. It's hard for me to believe any of this. I've talked to Taben and Allen and Aiden. Ryan's not seeing any of this stuff in th pictures and I'm leaning towards believing him, he's never lied and not the kind of person to lie and try and pull prank like this. I'm going to watch these shows after I get home from the morning story they have me on assignment for. It's the only reason I'm not still over at Taben's with Aiden (he stayed the night there last night).

    This is a lot to take in. I don't even see how it's possible. Aiden's trying to talk them into moving in with us. We've been wanting them to for a while anyways. It's just Ry who's fighting it. Funny since he's constantly bitching about where they live.

  5. sigh...

    I know, I know. Half of me is frustrated that you aren't getting this. The other half is relieved. Because I'm pretty sure you being dense is what's protecting you.