Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Nude Deer!

I really shoulda posted before bed lastnight but we were all kind of on edge after the marathon of creepy. Well. I should say Bran, Taben and I were. Ry and Brenno stayed in the game room geeking out their games and haveing som gaming time together. Ry refused to watch it and while I had Brenno pretty much in the bag to watch it with us, Ry convinced Brenno to come and game with him. So it's fine really. They enjoyed themselves.

It took us just over four and a half hours to watch Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID. The three of us were just sitting kinda spacing and creeped out and debating if we should go for Tribe Twelve and Johns Club.  Taben finally convinced Bran and me us to start with Jonclubs113When the litle kiddo who we had though was asleep jumped out of hiding screaming "Slender Man will get you!" throwing the creepy slender doll towards us. I think we all screamed and Taben chased after his son. By then it was the New Years and we chittered and just hung ut for a bit. Allen's little scare had us worked up and the guys came down from their gaming haven to share in the new years festivities with us. It was nice. At about 1am the guys went up to go to bed. Taben did a double check to be sure that the kid really was in bed and we took the Slender Man plush and hid it for good measure. Then decided to go with Tribe Twelve. that lasted a whole hour and thirty-five minutes of creepiness.... the visuals are very very creeptastic in that series. Finally we finished it off with Jonclubs113. A tad over an hour later we finished... but the final video made us really wondering if we'd be able to sleep.  It's about 4 in the morning and we're all tiered at this point and afraid to sleep.  We finally said screw it and went to our respective rooms/designated sleep areas.  Bran was given the second guest room while Taben and Ryan and the kiddo took the smaller guest room. I was cleaning up in the bathroom when Branwen stormed from her room screaming and totally pissed off.

I can't understand her and she's almost in tears. I go to check and see that someone had taken the Slender Plsh from hiding and sat it every so carefully sitting on her pillow in her room. I couldn't help but chuckle cuase damned that was a pretty good one but still... poor Bran. I took the plush and put it in mine and Brenno's closet and help her get to sleep.  Poor thing I feel for her.

Especially since she just woke up a few moments ago annd came into the room screaming and throwing the plush at me.  Brenno and I just woke up ourselves so how the plush got in her room and "in her arms" as she said leaves us stumped. I know I didn't do it. I'll question Taben when he wakes up. For now I'm gonna get off here and go get breakfast started and make sure Bran's alright. Not too happy with people fuckig with my friends when we're already a bit creeped out from the scary videos we were up watching till the butt crack of dawn, but that's our fault right? We got hooked, we watched, we got the shit scared out of us :p Needless to say, I don't think any of us will be sleeping well the next few days. The fact that Taben watched this all ahead of us and is still creeped out is not much consolation... heh.

Anyways, I'm out for breakfast. Hope everyone had a new years even and has a great new years day! And a wonderful and prosperous new year!

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