Friday, January 21, 2011


So I showed these pics to Brennon that have me spazzing. He says they're trcks of the light and shit... and.. well maybe. but the pavillion has no lights in it as of yet. So.. yeah... I'm going to try and run an experiment.

See we went to the park the other day, Taben and I. Taben spazzed out before we really got deeper into it and wanted to go. there were a few pictures, he fed the birds a bit. it was all cool. then he spazzed and said let' go. so we left and run around and stuff.

Brenno spurprised me with a whole lot of everything so i decided against getting the pictures off the camera. So I waited and got them off in the mornin as i was getting ready for school. Two of he pictures have me a bit shakey. Brennon says it's a trick of the light yadda yadd. I dunno... So... I'm gonna run an experiment. I'm trying to get Taben to go to the park again either today or tomorrow.  I'm going to take pictures like mad. We'll see if more creepy pops up.

Oh by the way. Taben wasn't in classes yesterday. He said the car doors froze shut. Which, could be the case... but before I heard him hang up he was yelling at Ry to get away from the window that it just 'teases' him. I heard Ry being dismissive and just, well Ry. When I tried to get Taben to talk to me and figure out what was going on he said "Don't worry about it, see ya." and hung up.

Something's going on here... and I plan on figureing out what it is. If this thing's really happening, having the support of a friend and a 'beiliever' is the best, right? t least... I'm starting to fit that category. I'm wondering if I just fucked myself by admitting that.

Anyways I'll keep ya all updated.

Quick Edit: I was on the phone before I even finished. Convinced Taben to go to the park. Allen's gonna be there too. So yeah gonna go and feed the birds. We'll see how this goes... wonder if there will be any differnt effects with Allen being there


  1. Be careful, you two. I ended up going by myself, but I have a 120 pound guard dog. Watch yourselves.

  2. I just got back. Everything was going great. Taben was actinlg like himself. he was feeding the birds with Allen... then... well it got really weird. I'm really pretty certain now something's going on here. didn't see anything in the pictures on the camera preview.... so... i guess we'll see what happens when I pull 'em off.

    I'll try and get some posted... and i'll include the ones from our previous walk as well. It all started out so well today and just.. yeah... pretty scary shit when Taben starts spazzing out like he did.