Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drama drama drama

The confusion never ends. Does it.

I just had a very angry foreboding Slender Man appear in the room and... well that was pretty fucking scary to have him as angry as he was.

So, it appears that Slendy isn't the one that took Taben this time around (he didn't deny it the first time). Looks like we have a case of It. Well. Fuck. Slendy's not happy in the slightest. But for fuck's sake he doesn't have to scream at me like this. I'm sick of it. Oh, to make matters worse, Slendy says he's 'misplaced' Allen. I hope to hells above this doesn't mean It has him as well. Seriously. I'd like some normalcy... a break from drama, but it seems like it's not likely to ever come. Well. Fuck. So unhappy right now. At least I have Malkin's company. I don't have to fight off the loneliness with the computer. Perhaps that's one plus to this revenant thing. I'm going to do the same with Taben as soon as we get him back. I've found Slendy can't exactly force himself in on my charges. So this may work out for the best. It's just a matter of being sure that Chas is spared.

Well, off to search. Wish us luck.


  1. If slendy decides to come for Chas then I'll kick his ass into the ground once I've got my Revenant powers >:(

    Slendy's kind of a whiny brat, isn't he? Also, how could he have "misplaced" Allen? That's ridiculous...

    The sooner we find Taben and fix him the better. I hope it isn't too late...

    I was thinking, though...Taben's clearly lost the will to live. I don't know if this will work if he doesn't add his own strength to help fight off the taint that's in him. I really hope that that isn't the case...all we can really do right now is rely on a hope.

  2. Taben's not been taking his medicine. His anti depressants. He also isn't kept busy like college kept him. The best thing for him would be to get back on his meds and get back to school right after we cure him. He still has Allen (I hope), so that will give him enough to go off of. If we loose Allen though, all bets are off I'm afraid.

    Let's just keep going off hope. It's a very strong thing to have.