Monday, July 4, 2011

Grand Finale

Grand Finale my fucking ass. I wonder how long It's been planning this bullshit. This is just fucking ridiculous and I'm sick of this shit happening on my property. There was a fucking truce made. A TRUCE dammit. I guess it goes to show truces mean nothing to faceless eldritch abominations.

I'm sick of fucking tragedy. I'm pissed that I have to tell you about another tragedy, but at least I get to tell you about the tragedy that did NOT happen.

So as you all know we've been having a nice long Independence Day weekend party. Something that's much needed. Something we all needed. Especially Taben. I was surprised when he showed up with Mateo but I wasn't going to argue. Taben had a lot of needed support from him. And hell there was a hell of a lot more fireworks with him bringing his bunch of boomies along. It made for one hell of a display. Neighbors were coming to watch, we had a cop come and make the comment that we had one of the best displays yet and to carry on and not disappoint the audience.

So we carried on. I figured with all the spectators that nothing would happen. We had a hell of a hopping party. neighbors from around the block showed up and joined in the festivities and came to watch the show. It lasted for about an hour and a half. Then Mat brought out the big guns. A 200 shot repeater called the "Grand Finale" Mat shot it off and it started going. near the end it got close together and the light was constant on all of us on the ground and in the forest. And that's when I saw It... and a gang of Its groupies with weapons snaking out of the woods. The cawing and creeling of one of them as they ran out. I saw the feathers. A Crow mask. Red and Black. Morrigan. They rushed out in a wave. It ran for myself and Taben then diverted it attention as Morrigan ran up to spectators that had come. A child. A freakin' child. That was her first victim. First fucking victim. Then the child's mother then she started laughing this horrid laugh. Her weapon? A bat. A fucking baseball bat. Likely the one she killed rat with. She charged after one person then another. I lost track of her when I heard Taben screeching in anger. It had turned on Mateo. Mateo... my gods Mateo. Why him? Why Mateo? All I saw was the blood and the entrails and the body dripping in a tree. Allen was screaming and he got angry. When that child gets angry you need to get out of the way. Allen started charging It with a stick. It tried to grab him. I saw the jagged tentacles of the bastard grab Allen then it dropped him as Taben jumped on and attacked It. And then Slendy appeared and helped Taben. There was a screech from it and there were explosions and then everything went dark and there were gunshots and, I don't even know. I lost sight of most everything aside from the battle between Slendy and It. Slendy was pissed. It wen for Allen. It wanted to kill Allen. Next thing I know someone had jumped on me and was attacking me. I was fighting them off. I think I threw them off. I've no idea how but I did. I was so angry. I could feel it. Fell them. I hate them. They make me feel so inhuman. Tendrils of darkness. The one thing I hate so much that ties me to Him and It. I hate it. I hate it so much. Hate them. Someone else was on me. Got me from behind. I remember seeing a bright light and my head hurting. Next thing I know I wake up in an ambulance being looked over by an EMT. The cops had been driving by and had seen what was going on and stopped. Two of the people had been gunned down. Two of It's minions dead and out of the race. Though we all know more will come back.

Due to all the issues we'd been having and the fact that everyone in the household is gay or gay friendly.... well the cops are treating all of this like a hate crime. They're swearing up and down there's a gang here that's just out to kill/rid the world of gays. As much as I hate to say it, I wish it were just that simple. I wish that were really the case.

It'd be so much easier to face problems with hate crimes than what I'm really handling. Now our July 4th celebration is just... nothing. It's turned into a crime scene. Over a dozen people dead. Matty one of them. Taben's... different from this one. He's pissed. Angry. He seems so dark. I can't even feel him. Though, now I know why. He's no longer what he was to me. He belongs to Slender Man now. I can't help but feel uneasy about that. It's worrisome. I feel helpless. But then again, maybe it was a worthy sacrifice.

Chastin, Malkin, you're safe now. And under my protection. I declare that right now. You're not longer Slender Man's prey.  I... guess in some freakish way... you're mine now...

I'm sorry. For everything.

I'm going to get the fuck off here and go and tend to everyone. Bran and her crew. My Gods. No one should ever have to see what they saw. And now.. now they're in the police interest again.

I'm sorry everyone. I'm sorry I have you all stuck in this mess. It's unfair. So unfair.

And I'm sorry that you all have to see and deal with the stench that's me.... these fucking tendrils. They've never dripped this black ooze like this before. I have no clue what it is. I just.. want to chop them all off and be rid of them. I don't fucking want this anymore. I don't want to be this thing. I want to be normal. Jut a normal human being. That's all I want to be.


  1. The powers you have aren't bad, Ai. They let you protect the people you care about don't they? Yes, they're a burden, but it must be worth it to know that you won't be powerless when something threatens your friends. They certainly saved your life.

    Unlike most of us, you have the power to stand up to evil. Being a normal human isn't that great, especially not in our situation. All we can really do in response to slendy and It is have courage and keep our minds strong, but what happens when our courage fails? We die. You, on the other hand, have a weapon that can hurt them. You can turn their power against them. That makes you much better off than the rest of us...

    Once this is all over maybe you can be human again?

  2. Once this is all over I'll probably be dead.

    After this is over everyone I care about will be dead and I won't be able to live without that.

    I just want to end it all. But I can't. I've gotta keep myself moving. I need to watch out for all of you. But for now... I'll just hide. I can't make them disappear like I could before. I want them to go away. I hate this. I really hate this.