Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's get this party started!

Been talking on and off with Malkin about some concerns he's had. Been keeping an eye on Chastin as well. We're hoping he'll be awake to see the celebration and see how laid back and how much fun we're all having. Maybe the sense of normalcy will help him feel better and more comfortable. We can hope, right? Also spoke with Slenderp to clear stuff up. We're keeping a perimeter up around the house. We'll know as soon as somone we don't want crosses over to inside. I'm trying to get him to work with us instead of against us. We all hate ///It/// so we need to work together before we loose anyone else. I hate myself still. So long ago I had thought of forcefully turning Ryan, but I didn't. I didn't want to betray my trust with him or the trust I had with Taben. Now... I wish I'd know. I'd have been able to keep him from running off. Too late now. I just hope I can overcome the guilt I have from that.

Haha! Sam and Dean just ran outside with water guns and are attacking Allen and Taben. The happy screams of laughter is a really nice sound to hear. Pffft What the fuck am I doing in here. I'm off to have fun with everyone else. We'll see everyone as they get here. To everyone else, don't expect much from us. We're gonna be having some fun. We all really need it after the week we had.

Stay safe, eyes open.


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