Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the mend?

It was late last night, but Taben came from his room and came down to eat. I was doing some chores in the kitchen when he came down. He was hungry. I made him food and we sat and talked for a while. I want to than Xirena for talking sense into him. He really needed it. He realizes he's got all of us here for him. And I've told him we're going to have a very nice Forth of July party with all our friends. And we're going to make a cake for him. We know he'd enjoy it and all. We want to do things for him. He was happy with that, and then asked to sleep in with me and Brennon. Brennon said it was fine so we've got three in our room now. Which is fine I think. Thank goodness for us having a king bed. We're gonna work on switching things around and getting Taben into our room. Doing this will open up a master bedroom that we can give to Chas and Malkin if they want it. I wouldn't admit it outright to them but I'd not mind having more roomates. But then I know that Malkin's in college and stuff so.. yeah. I dunno. I'm just rambling now.

Things have been busy and we've been doing a lot secretly behind the scenes. We did inform the authorities. They've been doing full searches through the woods. It was a big surprise to us when they actually found someone that was all gunned u and looked like he could have done it. We were even more surprised when the person admitted to it. We'd never seen them in our lives. But the cops said it'd be a quick convict, little court time and a big happy settlement or some jazz. I don't know court stuff much. I'm just happy something's being done for Taben. We're trying to throw together a quick plan for a wake. We had to get the obituary made, thankfully with Brennon working in the whole working at the newspaper business, it was easy enough to do. We've informed those of Ryan's family we could contact, but his mom is really hard to get a hold of. and we didn't have his brother and sister's number. Add in we don't know if we should contact his father at all. There was an extreme falling out there where his father went off on Taben and Ryan dismissed his father from his life. We don't need that being pushed on Taben. It's bad enough already that Ry's mom, who hates Taben is going to be coming. We've set a date for a wake/funeral to be after the 4th when travel will be cheaper and easier on everyone. It's just been hell. But things are on the mend. Taben's waking up and getting active. He's been spending a lot of time with Allen trying to explain to Allen what happened and where Daddy is. Allen's been asking fr Daddy and not taking our answers as truth. Hearing it strait from his mom's mouth helped. Though now we have a very sad little boy. Maybe Ry realizes now how much that little boy loves him.

Well, I think I'll stop there. I need to get to work on house chores. Then Taben and I are going to head out on errands. We're gonna get some boomies for the fourth then get some groceries and just enjoy some time out. Taben needs out of the house and back into nature. He's so at home there, I'm hoping a walk in the park will help him.

I want to thank everyone for the continued support. It means the world to us. We just don't know how to handle things. I think we're getting better but, we're still missing someone from the family. Someone that meant the world to us.

Even so, we're slowly, on the mend.

Stay safe everyone. Lots of love. and eyes open.


  1. Nice to meet you.

    I've read about you.

    Sorry I couldn't come to wedding.

  2. No need to thank me. I simply did the only thing I could do as a friend. You and Taben are both are dear friends and I wanted to help.

    I'm glad that Taben's getting more active. Hearing that he's coming out, eating, and socializing some makes me feel better. I know he's going through a hard time and I'm proud of him and the rest of you.

    I know that Ry meant the world to your family and that things aren't the same without him, but he'd want all of you to live on and be as happy as you can be. The pain of your loss won't end, but as time goes on it will be easier to carry.

    Hugs and stuff.

    I hope the 4th goes well for you and that all of you have lots of fun.


  3. Ai, I would love to live here. Your house is awesome. I wonder if I can transfer schools? That'd be fun.

  4. Oh gosh. Good. He's getting better. That's the most important part.

    Allen's a smart and tough little kid. He'll be sad, but I know he'll be okay.

    I'm both excited for and dreading tomorrow. I feel like something bad is going to happen, or at least something hindering or annoying.

    ~ Branwen

  5. Shhhiii...not tomorrow. The 4th.

    God I'm tired.

    ~ Branwen