Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home and mostly safe

Allen is home and safe and sound. Taben is.... well he's worse for wear, but alive. Bruised, cut, slashed and bandaged all over. I think he'll be alright. He's strong. He loves for that kid and as long as Allen is alive and well, so will be Taben. I miss having my tiger at my side. I guess now he's Da's tiger. Now I have a kitten? I dunno. I asked Malkin what he'd identify with, I don't think he took me seriously. He just shrugged. I dun blame him though, if something bad happened between Brennon and I then Brennon came back and apologized and admitted his wrongness I'd be spending as much time as I could as well.

I'm glad hes back. Chastin I mean. I'm glad that Allen's back, but happier that Chas is. Though I dunno if Mal told him about out... connection. I hope he doesn't take that news to hard.

In other news. I'm going to run an experiment. I'm not going to say what it is, but I'll keep updates going. I'm turning into an inhuman monster... so I guess it's time to see how inhuman I could become. It's what They want after all, right?

I'm still going to kill It. I swear. I can't even call It 'It' No. It's a Thing now. Thing makes me pissed. Angry. Furious. I see Taben's feeling reflected in his eyes. He feels the same. Thing too Ry from him. Thing took Mateo from him. And now it's tried to take Allen. We'll fight it, man. We'll fight it. I swear. Thing will never take Allen. Da and everyone else in this house will not allow it.

Also, I'm sending Sam and Dean away. We discussed it at length last night, Brennon, Sam, Dean and I. They fought it. Fought it real hard, but we finally came to an agreement on it. They're going to go. Travel. I'm going to talk to Allex/Todd at length, give him the keys to my van, sign the title over to their name, and send them out. First though, they have to get their licenses. They're working on it now. Good ol' 16. I remember being happy and carefree.. and in love.

Sam and Dean may never get that because they've been thrust into this nightmare. I know they'd be safe here, but, something tells me this won't be a safe haven for much longer. If Thing can find loopholes, come in and takes someone out of the property limits, then it's likely to find other loopholes. I don't want to take chances. If they're gone and away they'll have a better chance of surviving. If I can just help them to live and be... them. Maybe they'll forget all of this. I can only hope.  Maybe they'll forget, and then be safe.

We all know those sorts of fairy tales rarely ever happen however. One can hope and pray though, yes?

I guess we shall see how things go. I just wanted to take time, update you all on the previous situation and make my way off to conduct the first of my experiments.

Stay safe, eyes open.

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