Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ramblings of a hatchling

Does Slendy ever get lonely?

I sit here now with Taben, keeping watch over him. Malkin offered to sit with me and keep me company. Chastin joined us as well. I don't think Malkin's told Chastin yet, that or Chastin's taken it a lot better than I thought he would have. I feel bad, there's no way for him right now to get the answers he needs. I'll have to call Da' here sometime and we'll have a nice big group chat. Maybe tomorrow evening. Er... tonight. Heh, loosing track of the days from not sleeping. Everything blends together so much.

I think Malkin had planned to sit up with me. I'm sorry dear, you're not a Revenant, you don't have the ability to stay up. I won't take the chance of ruining you. Still it was cute seeing the Chas and Malkin fall asleep sitting together, even if Chas's sleep was bothered. Chas woke up and took Malkin in to their room a little later. I smirked and told him "Kitten needs his sleep" He gave me an odd look and smirked and left. I don't think he knows.

I notice, I'm most rambly at this time of the morning. When everyone's asleep, and here I am awake. It must get lonely for Slender Man. Stand around staring at people. Watch them sleep, have them ignore you. Forcefully so at times. You're just not wanted. It must be really lonely.

See, you may not realize it, but I'm a social butterfly. I have to be around people. I get depressed and sad really easy if I'm alone and left to my thoughts. I'm probably the worst person to be chosen by these things to be 'one of them' I will never be like them. Ever. I am me, and that's all that I'll ever be.

So, yeah. Tough luck Da', I know I'm your prodigy and all. But I'll never be what you want me to be. I'm not going to be a murderous controlling monster like you. I'm going to be me. Aiden. The person that loves and cares for all. And that' exactly why I'm going to work with KK. We're going to work and find an answer. We're going to find a way to get rid of you. Forever.

I know what it means, and I'm afraid. But... whatever. It's for the greater good. When it's all said and done I'll just be happy that people will be able to rest in peace and not bear the burden of knowing of your existence. So I do this, for the stalk, for the proxies, revenants, hallowed. For those tht have tried and died in vain. I do this for Rober, and Zero, for Ryan, for Taben. For Zeke and Celeste and Violet and Ava. For Frap and Joce, for Ygg and all those others that have gone before us. I don't care if it means I'm going to die in the end. But I'm going to do this. I'm going to fight. And it will not be in vain. Never in vain.

I love you guys, all of you. I'm hear for you. Just hang on. We'll get to the bottom and the end. Life will get better.

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