Saturday, July 9, 2011

Missing the mind

Everything's been kind of quiet, not much to really update on. Taben's been kinda taking the whole loss of Mateo a bit harder than he was at first. And we've been going with it and doing fun filled stuff with him where we can. The last few days Taben's been taking Malkin and myself down to Massillon where we've been hanging out with his friends. It's been nice and it's weird to have some sort of normalcy. These are people that don't have Slender Man following them and just kind of joke about the whole thing with Taben. They didn't really do the joking stuff lastnight which is fine.  They did what Taben needed though. They gave him the extra love and support that we can't give him. We laughed and we had fun. We went out to dinner and Tabne saw old friends he hadn't seen in a while. They gave Taben a shoulder so he could remember and cry and then we went back to just having fun. Slendy was there, but he was always in the distance. I realized after we got home last night just how much Taben seems to be owned by Slendy. It's kind of... scary to see. Taben was always the one that was defiant about being controlled. I remember one of the arguments Taben and Ry got into dealt with the fact that Ry was trying to control the way Taben scheduled classes in college.  Now when Slendy shows up, Taben has this look on his face. It's excitement, but it just doesn't seem genuine. I can't feel his emotions or speak with him anymore so I'm not sure how he truly feels about it. He says he doesn't mind and he kind of enjoys it. So. I dunno.

Allen's spending the weekend with Taben's mom. She was kind enough to ta him so that Taben could figure out what to do about one thing or another. Taben's going through Ry's stuff and debating on what needs to bee kept and tossed. We're working on cleaning up the room that was Taben and Ry's and moving Taben's stuff into our room. I dunno how Taben's really taking things honestly. He's so closed up so often that it's hard to tell.  He's not one to openly throw out his emotions at you. So it's just a matter of keeping my eyes open and making sure he's well. Thankfully he and Malkin have been getting along really well and I'm thankful he's got the extra support with him here. Malkin's a really great guy. I just wish there were more we could do with Chastin who's just a big hardheaded dorkus. We'll see. Something may come up yet.

Anyways, I need too go. I'm due to work with Alex/Todd to help him with his abilities. At least I still have him as volunteer help. Kinda miss having Taben there as well, but I know Taben' still there for me no matter what. Just miss the closeness I guess.

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