Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's on, Thing

So, Allen's missing.

I wa taking a nap and was woken to Taben screaming and going insane. It was shortly followed by dear ol' Da going insane. Ever heard him yelling and pitching a fit while angry? Oh it's not a pretty thing. Not at all.

Actually it's the scariest thing I've ever seen next to Taben's Temper. Taben doesn't get mad often but when he does. You'd better look out. Tonight was one of those times. To be woken by Taben, then hear Da going off and just.. yeah scary shit. All around.

I think the part that pisses me off most is the part where I was totally dissed and told to stay home cause I'd 'get in the way' I know Taben's just upset, but... it really hurt. The fact Da' agreed kinda miffed me as well.

Even so, I'm staying put. We know this was Its doing. So... it's a matter of waiting and going freak out mode on the damnable thing.

You don't mess with my family and friends. Especially not the youngin's. You come near me, Thing, you're so fucking dead.

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