Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Losing Time.

Taben is, not me.

I came home to find Taben passed out in bed covered in blood. He was laying in our bed sleeping in a deep undisturbed sleep. I almost didn't want to wake him. But I had to make sure he was alright. I scared him when I woke him and he broke down sobbing and crying and clung to me. I'm not sure what exactly is going on. All I get is apology after apology. He's crying uncontrollably and then I finally coerced him to go take a shower.

When he came out we sat and talked. Judging from what he tells me, he's lost four days. The last thing he remembers was Da' having an electric shock attack, and then playing outside with Allen catching lightning bugs. Nothing after that. So, it's confirmed. He's definitely becoming Hallowed. And I'm willing to bet that Da had him go and help with a killing of some sort. This, in and of itself has me worried. Allen's still missing. Either he wasn't with Taben, or... well I'd rather not think about that. I hope to the Gods above the latter thought is NOT the case. How would Taben even handle that.

In either case, the point is. Taben's Hallowed. We're losing him. It's time to work to keep Da' away. No Slendy. No... Slender Man. I'm done with sounding like I have a relationship with him. In a way maybe I do. But I'm sick of pretending. I do not appreciate him. I hate him. Between Him and It fucking with me I'm becoming more and more inhuman.

Oh, and that's another thing I should. I'm ready to report in on experiment number two. I've not had anything to drink since I began my experiments. This is Thursday, July 14th. That is the last day that I drank anything. I guess I'll go ahead and say that I've been working with experiment number three as well. I've not eaten since the same time. The post where I state that I'm starting experiments is the last time I ate, drank or slept. A human can only go about three days without water. I guess I've ticked off another aspect of being human. I guess we'll see. If I can make it past two weeks without food. Well, we'll see what happens. I'm not feeling to good about any of this.

Oh, and Malkin, we need to talk. I've got some ideas that we need to take into account. Perhaps we can talk with KK and get her opinion on things? I've just got some... very necessary questions and some grand ideas... if we can make them work.  I'm just afraid. I'm afraid if I tell you or anyone else, Pale faceless will be able to suck it from you. I can keep him from my thoughts. But I'm unsure about anyone else.

And with that, I'm going to go. I'm gonna get Taben fed and try and talk to him and figure out what's going on. I'm also gonna inquire about Allen. He's said nothing about him since he's been home. So maybe he has him somewhere safe.... that or... maybe he doesn't realize Allen's not here.


  1. Since I'm your proxy, I'm sure you can shield my mind from his. Hell, he has trouble getting at my mind anyway so I should be ok hearing the plan. KK, on the other hand, I'm not sure we can share all of it with. She's got her own problems right now anyway.

  2. I probably can, it'll be difficult. And I can look into researching what I'd need to talk to KK about. My concern is someone over hearing us. I'm not all to hot with being able to block off other's prying 'ears' when I contact others via mental abilities.

    We'll get it all figured out. But I think I have an idea on a way we can fend Slendy off from Taben long enough for us to help him. I'm just... hoping it's not too late.

  3. I'm sure it's not too late. He isn't too far gone yet as far as I can tell.

  4. Hopefully it works. Seems we may have KK on our side to help us as well. Been talking to her while hiding in here keeping an eye on Taben. I'm worried about the dreams he seems to be having.

    Odd question. Do you have any sort of taser in your belongings that you brought with you? If so, I want it. When you all go to bed tonight I'm going to keep watch over Taben. Da' tries to bother Taben, he'll have a little... shock coming to him. Since apparently electricity does work against him.