Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good morning everyone...

Really, I should be sleeping still since our morning classes were canceled, but... here's the reason I'm not. The Schools around here are close. This equals to a very excited 7 year old being up and running around the house. I feel sorry for Taben, I hear him trying to keep the kiddo quite, and it works, for about fice minutes. Ah, the wonders of an autistic child that has no idea or means of understanding how the word around him works. I'm glad that we're all understanding individuals here, and that Ryan can sleep through anything and everything.

Speaking of, I have a really funny story for you. To put it simply, I think Ryan believes us now. The long part of the story? Is why I was up at 3am yrsterday morning and unable to get back to sleep and was so horribly tiered all day. So I'm sleeping, quite nicely. I've not slept as well as I did yesterday in a long time. Then there was this high pitched girly scream. I thought it was Taben. Brennon and I both wake up and scramble out of bed to make sure everything's alright. We're scared to death thinking it's th eend of the line. Slendy's taken Allen and we're all next. So we barge into Allen's room Allen's asleep. No the sound's coming form the next room over. We barge into Taben and Ry's room. This is where the funny part happens. Ry's standing on the bed squealing and screaming and pointing at the window. Taben's yelling at Ryan to lay the fuck down and give him the blankets back. In the midst of all this. Slendy's standing there looking in the window. I swear to god He's amused as he's just watching all the chaos he's just brought to our house at this early hour of the morning. Taben finally pulls Ry down on the bed and he kisses him. It works.... weird but it works. Ry's calm. I've never seen anything like this in my life. No, seriously. Any other case Taben would be the one spazzing out while Ry's trying to calm him down. Or Taben would be spazzing as well. No, none of that. None of that at all. Taben's completely calm and managed to calm Ry down. Ry is now extremely guilt ridden and clinging to Taben. Taben grumbles and tries to convince him to go back to bed. We all try to go back to bed. An hour later all of us, minus Allen, are gathered downstairs at the kitchen table convinced we aren't getting back to sleep. Taben's started on breakfast and we just started discussing the events and what not. The whole time Slendy is now at the back door watching us.

So yeah, Ry believes us now... though this brings up another question. Can Slendy grow? I was under the impression that he could only make his arms grow. Or maybe he was standing on hiis arms at this time? See,the bedrooms are all on the second floor. Though, now that I think about it there are a lot of cases where people are stumped because he's looking into a second floor window... and then the next moment he's standing right outside our door just looking like an extremley tall, faceless, gentleman. Is he a gentleman though? Is he? There are so many stories of him stalking people, driving them crazy, causing them to commit suicide or just ripping their guts out. But this Slendy seems curious, interested. He seems to protect Allen, he seems to be interested in who we are and what we do. When Taben was beating the crap out of him he could have easily turned on Taben and killed him right there, but no he simple moved Taben from him. The only wounds Taben recieved were the ones that he had inflicted on Slendy, and even then they were only bruises and there weren't many of them.

Maybe I'm entering risky territory here by doing this... but... maybe this is a chance for me to just kind of... study Him and get to know Him, see how He works. Figure Him out. Yeah, maybe it's a suicidal mission but I'm curious. I mean how many others have actually done this? I know people have studied him and experimented from afar, but not up close. Other than Sandra, I know of no one else that is this close to Him and still alive. And yet here we are, five of us living togetehr in this house and we're all find and dandy. I mean, seriously? What give? I'm greatful to be allowed to live but what makes me and everyone else here so different? The fact we're not completely scared? The fact that Allen's attatched to us? I'm also curious to see what will happen when Slendy meets Rizzy and Matt. Will he attack or hurt them? Will he leave them alone? I'm kinda worried and at the same time curious.... and I feel extremely fuckin' guilty for feeling that way.

Oh yeah, I want to beat Taben oo. apparently he's infected Rizzy and her mom. And he's proud of himself. I want to beat him for being proud, but that'd be too easy. I want to push him outside and feed him to Slendy. Dunno what Slendy would do, but yeah as far as I can tell, Slendy's still not happy with him for the way Taben beat him.

My brain just derailed and I forget anything else I might have wanted to say. So I'm gonna stop this here. Will be an intereting day with a kiddo off. Maybe I'll skip my class since my morning class was canceled and I really dun wanna go in just for one class. That's a waste of gas D:


  1. ...this...this is odd.

    I have a theory. I'm not sure if I'll be able to test it for certain. But...would you mind if I brought Seth with me to you party?

  2. Don't mind, the more the merrier. Thogh what is this theory? You have me curious.

    He's still here by the way. It's interesting. He doesn't leave footprints in the snow. I watched him as he was moving. He walks ON the snow. Is he like super light? or is it just the super natural thing?

    Allen wants to go out and play. I'm uncertain if we should let him. Taben's out running errands and stuff, so it's hard to say. I don't want him to come back and kill me for letting Allen out to play. But Allen's on borderline tantrum because h wants to go outside and play. Ry's involved in getting his desk rebuilt and put together so he can work on the project stuff.

    rawr. I don't even know anymore. I eed to stop sitting on it and see if I can talk to Sandra and her crew.

  3. Just something I've been thinking of. I'll let you know after I've tested it. It's psychological and I don't want to ruin the results by risking Seth finding out.

    There's no animals there right? No dogs? Just the five of you?

    And he gets close to the house?

  4. We have a cat, a fish and a spider now that Taben and Co. are with us. And yeah, he's right up against the windo sometime. and rembmer how the kitchen's situated with the sliding glass door that leads to the back yard? he's right up there on the porch looking in most the time when we're not in our rooms or outside and he's around and wants attention.

    It's just.. really bizzare.

  5. Be careful with this experiment of yours. He is, after all, a killer.

  6. I know he's a killer and all... but... if that's the case why hasn't he killed? And I've not heard anything of local disappearances or suspicious deaths or killings or anything.

    I'm so darned confused right now with all of this. Why is he so 'friendly' towardds us? I mean other than scaring the piss out of Ryan lastnight he's never been malicious.

    I. Am. Confused.